The Best Erotic Stories.

Phoenix Pt. II
by Trassik

We made reservations at this gorgeous hotel in Phoenix, actually in Tempe. Its located at the top of a beautiful butte, and is very cut off from everyone. We arrive on a Monday and are leaving on Friday, hoping that it won't be too busy during the week, and we're right. We are immediately shown to our room upon arrival, but we then notice that they're regular rooms are equivalent to luxurious suites. Looking around, we notice a large living area, complete with couch, love seat, and recliner, as well as a nice TV and VCR; we keep walking, and find the bedroom [the place we worry most about :-)]. Inside is a large, comfortable king size bed, another TV/VCR, dressers, and a bathroom, which contains a large whirlpool bathtub, and a shower, and a really nice, thick, large rug on the floor.

We get settled into our bedroom, and each take one long look at each other. You look up and down the length of my body, taking in the full view of me in my short summer dress. Its light blue, ties in back around my neck, backless(so I have to go braless), and hits about upper mid thigh on the leg. The ceiling fan keeps blowing the flimsy skirt, though, exposing a lot more including my tiny blue lace thong. You smile when that happens, and reach out a hand to put it on my leg, but I intercept it. Its now my turn to appraise you, and I grin at the sight. Just looking at you in your shorts and t-shirt makes me wet. I guide your hand to my tan back, and let you pull me in for a kiss. As you kiss me, my tongue caresses yours, letting you feel how much I want you, as my hands run up and down your back. I press up really close to you, raising my skirt up and exposing my thighs, so that I'm grinding against your obvious arousal.

I can feel my slit getting wetter as your hands start to travel up my thighs, checking for that moisture. You start to rub me outside of my barely-there panties, groping my inner thighs at the same time... I shudder with pleasure, and drop my hands down to unfasten your shorts. As I drop them down and off, you sigh with relief that the barrier of you shorts is no longer there. You pull me in closer for another kiss, this time grinding your shaft against my panties at almost full force. I shiver with delight, and help you untie my dress and slip it off. We do the same with your shirt, so we are both clad only in underwear.

We lie down on the nicely made bed, and start to kiss even more passionately. Your hands eagerly reach my panties, and the thin strips that go around my thighs, and slip it down the length of my body, kissing down my chest, around my taught nipples, across my stomach as you go. You lick around my most sensitive area, but never actually touch it, teasing me. You come back up to kiss my mouth after you slide your boxers off, letting your pulsing cock rest between my thighs. Not wanting to wait any longer, I roll you on top of me, and use my hand to guide your hardness inside of me. We immediately glide into a fast rhythm, our bodies pressed tight to each other. My legs wrap around your ass, pulling you in further, but you use your strength to pull out everything but the tip, teasing me once again... you know how I love to be teased.

I thrust my hips upwards, trying to get your shaft back inside me, but you pull yourself fully out and move down to lick me. Your tongue flicks in and out between my lips, swiping across my slit, then you concentrate it on sucking at my clit. You keep suckling, and join your mouth with two fingers, slamming them into me. I moan with pleasure, telling you that I'm about to cum, so you reenter me and share my orgasm. We thrust violently against each other, stimulating the other with our own passion. Finally, you unleash your entire load into my body, filling my tight pussy with your hot cum. My body tenses as my orgasm takes over my body, helping to squeeze the last of your cum out of your balls.

Finally you pull out, and we take a short nap before dinner. We then shower together, but are forced to behave ourselves so that we are not late for our reservations. We soap each other down, then rinse ourselves, and dry off so that we can get dressed. The restaurant is pretty dressy, so I brought a nice dress to wear. It is a fitted black dress that hits me at mid-thigh. The back is cut in a scoop really low, but there are criss cross straps that tie at the top. There are more spaghetti straps that hold it up across my shoulders, and they are attached to the plunging neckline that is barely covering the top of my tanline. Again, I have to go braless, and tonight I am wearing black silk panties with garters and thigh-highs. We have a wonderful, long, relaxing meal at the restaurant, and afterwards we decide to go relax more in one of the more secluded hot tubs.

We go back to our room to change again, and I slip into one of my swimsuits. I decide to wear my newest one; you have yet to see it. Its a black one piece, with high cut legs, a sharp v-neck, and holes cut out in v-shapes at the sides, exposing enough of my tan to be provocative, but not vulgar. We walked to the hot tub and lowered ourselves in, and I sat next to you with your arm around me, just enjoying being alone together. Soon, however, the heat starts getting to us, and we decide to return to our room. <BR>

In very little time, we peel the bathing suits off each other, and start to explore one another's bodies with our probing hands, tongues, and lips. We cannot keep up the foreplay for long though, our bodies are too hot. You quickly hoist me up a little against the wall, and slide into me. You slam yourself into me, knowing that I like it hard, and soon we are both well on our way to incredible orgasms. I wrap one leg around you, and am thrusting against you hard and fast. You are jutting yourself into my warm, wet pussy at the same pace, and soon we both climax. We are very tired after our wonderful day and go to sleep satisfied.

Another fine story by Trassik.
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