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Pleasing Katrina
by Dangermouse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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A leather collar was around her neck with a light chain attaching it to one post of the large feather bed she sat upon. She was wearing a very expensive nightgown whose softness teased her still sensitive body, reminding her of the pleasures she had experienced. She thought no more of the past events and ate the meal patiently. Afterwards she sipped a nice glass of wine and sat back into the soft pillows, musing upon her new master and lover. She could not believe her mind. She was looking forward to his return. Slowly her eyes closed as she relaxed and she fell into a contented sleep. Her last thoughts being what new feelings she would have in her next lesson.

She awoke to the sound of a beautiful day coming through the barred window of her luxury prison, she was unafraid. He came in and led her to the large bathroom, for her morning routines. He brought her a lovely breakfast and sat next to her as she ate, filling her glass when it went dry, and catering to her every need. After her coffee, he grinned. "Ready for lesson two?" Katrina smiled in spite of herself, rose in front of him and bowed her head.

The shower in the bathroom was the most glorious thing she had ever seen. He slipped the nightgown off of her and led her inside. She noticed the eyelets in the white tile walls, as the small clasps from her wrist restraints were connected to them first one then the other. Katrina was starring at several showerheads surrounding her, as he gently guided her ankles into like restraints at the base of the shower. She stood open to all, spread wide and ready for her morning adventure.

The water was pre-heated as the showerheads sprang to life. Her body cascaded in the shimmering spray of the mist. Awakening every pore and nerve. He stepped inside, naked and smiling. His only words were "My sweet Love".

He soaped up her body, letting the freshness of the moment linger on her. She lightly struggled as his fingers massaged her body, she felt the sweat and tension run off of her, as the water trickled down her legs. He slowly ran his hands down her back, scratching as he went, following every scratch with his tongue as if benediction. Her head fell back as he nibbled on her shoulders, his hands gliding around her to massage her belly and softly caress each breast, where only the faintest lines could be seen from their past bindings, which had the delicious effect of leaving her nipples just as sensitive as they had been the day before. Ungagged she cooed her approval. His soft moans where all she could hear above the rush of the water.

He took a hand held shower massager and proceeded to run it all over her closely. Her body shook as tiny waves of pleasure wafted over her. He ran it down her back, lingering on each muscle group. Never had she been more relaxed. Lower and lower he went down her back. She was sighing peacefully as the streams of pulsating water touched her rear, the rippling of her firm cheeks betraying the pleasure that overcame her.

He parted her cheeks and ran the water directly on her inner area. She had never felt anything quite like it before. She saw the massager drop to the shower floor between her legs as his tongue slowly ran between her rear. Teasing gently with small licks an area of pleasure she had never had stimulated before.

She was gasping loudly and tugging at her bonds. His lickings were driving her mad with a feeling like none she had ever imagined. It was a bliss like none other. She felt his fingers replace his tongue as with one hand he deftly shut the water off. His fingers never leaving her rear, occasionally reaching under to give her clit a small tease as if reassurance.

Her lover unshackled her wrist from the walls and Katrina had a noticeable pout as she thought her lesson was finished. It was not to be. Before she could protest he bent her over and re-attached her wrists to her ankles, bending her over and leaving her most sensitive areas helpless to his erotic pleasures. She became nervous and struggled as it dawned on her what was to happen. He chuckled at her predicament.

"Please no!" she protested. But he calmly stepped out of the shower and returned with scented oils. She was struggling for all she was worth. She had heard that things like that were painful and horrible. "Please don't! I beg you!" She pleaded. But her pleas were cut short by a gag and a sturdy blindfold, cutting off all other sensations but for feelings.

"My sweet Katrina, I told you I would kill myself before I would ever harm you in any way. You must believe that. I will not lie to you, but you must learn about all the pleasures your beautiful body has to offer". He sounded so gentle and sincere that she gave up her struggles and resigned herself to her lesson.

The oil was warm as it flowed across her back. His hands working it into every pore and massaging her back and shoulders as she stood bent over awaiting the inevitable. His strong hands worked lower and lower, the sweet smells of the oils reminded her of lilacs in summer, as she felt his fingers work closer to her most private area yet. She felt the oils trickle around her rear, the sensation was more delicious than she could have imagined, and she felt her body relax to the moment as his fingers teased and massaged her in a place no other lover had ever experienced.

The pressure of his hard cock against her rear was almost orgasmic in itself. She was sure it would hurt but the feelings were anything but pain, as his cock slipped into her. She threw her head back as her body, bereft of all sight and sound, surrendered to the magic of touch.

He grasped her hips and slid deeper into her, she felt his balls rest against her pussy, softly brushing her clit as he slowly pumped with a rhythmic motion, and an agonizing pace that was driving her mad with desire. He reached around and toyed with her nipples, as her first orgasm rushed to her brain, making her bound naked body stiffen from the passion.

Faster and faster her lover moved. Each inward thrust bringing with it a sensation of a deeper bliss than the first. Her legs were growing weak from the moment and she could feel his strong arms holding her erect as his thrustings increased in tempo. She was pulling madly at her restraints wanting to fling herself around to him and fuck him like there was no tomorrow, when she felt her rear tense and her mind exploded in the most exotic orgasm she had ever felt. It was indescribable from any she had known. She felt him cumming deep inside her, his warm load filling her as her body went limp. Her mind reeling, her legs like jelly, her rear tingling and satisfied.

She was aware of the lesson. He had yet to enter her pussy, and had brought to her another awakening of a new and very different pleasure. She was learning so much about herself. It was a re-birth of her body and soul. Much like her lover was keeping her prisoner, she too had kept the erotic girl inside her a virtual prisoner as well. Never allowing the feelings inside herself the freedoms of the total pleasures her body had to offer, and the real gifts that God had given her for enjoyment.

The days drifted into one another, as lesson after lesson was learned and enjoyed. She grew to know the feathers well. The soft teasings of the vibrator became like an old friend coming to visit, and was looked forward to and well received. Many nights she would be bound in leather, spread-eagled while her lover licked her wet pussy. Falling asleep from the exhaustion of too many orgasms to count anymore.

Through it all he was never mean or evil. Katrina had become whole. She delighted in the sensations of being bound and at her lover's whims. To have no excuse but to enjoy herself. It was as though being bound she could rationalize letting go of her emotions by the knowledge that she had no other choice but to Love the feelings. Yet through all this time he had not fucked her. She did not know why, but knew the answer would come to her someday. Katrina had learned patience.

She awoke that morning chained as usual to her bedpost. Katrina had learned the joys of touching herself many days before, when he made her tease and caress herself to many orgasms with her own fingers. That was an awakening as well. He taught her that her body was "her" personal gift as well as her lovers, and never would she be longing for another to give her pleasure as long as she had herself and her memories. This morning was like many others as she absentmindedly caressed her legs, slowly bringing her hands up to her belly. Enjoying the soft scratches, the aromas of her wetness, and even the taste of herself, as she slowly brought her finger to her mouth seductively. "Yes" she thought, "it will be a good day." Little did she know how special the day would be. Today was to be her graduation.

Her lover spent the day just talking to her, getting to know better and deeper the girl who was Katrina. She willingly told him her most intimate secrets and desires. Her wants and her needs. She smiled as approval shown in his face. All the while she was his captive he had kept his word. She was never for want of anything. He had never harmed her, and even when he did things to her under her protests they were all gratefully welcomed after they were performed.

"We must get you ready my love" He said. She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes contentedly as he restrained her. He propped a pillow under her head so she could see between her breasts. Her Lover looked at her and grinned slyly. He wheeled a small serving tray over to the bedside where upon it was a basin and a mug with a brush. Katrina could almost read his mind as he lathered up the shaving soap.

Her back arced as the brush lathered up her beautiful pubic mound. The wetness of the soap combining with her own wetness, like a fine recipe. She tested her restraints but already knew they were secure.

She softly sighed as the razor worked upon her bush. Enjoying the sensations as slowly she felt his breaths upon her now naked wetness. She could feel the excitement growing as he rubbed a hot towel gently around her shaved pussy. Cleaning it perfectly and letting the breeze from the open window tease her to a new height. He replaced the towel with his mouth. She felt his mustache against her shaven mound for the first time and almost came. His tongue ran along her naked pussy, igniting fires inside her and making her squirm in her bonds. Thus the day went as the light coming through the window was soon replaced by the blackness of night.

She was blindfolded and gagged again as he led her from her room. They walked the hallway they had walked together so many times before. Katrina knew where they were going. They would soon be back in the mirrored "playroom" where her adventure had started a month before. She made tiny steps as she listed to the chains from her restraints drag along the floor. Her arms bound behind her back, making her breasts thrust forward seductively and open to his every caress.

She heard the heavy door open once more and stepped into the room. She smelled the familiar smell of the perfumed candles, and anxiously awaited the pleasures that would be coming so very soon.

She was seated in a wooden chair and bound to it in a fashion that left her legs spread wide. Her ankles chained to her wrists in the back. He slowly pulled her head back and connected a small chain from her collar to the back of the chair. Katrina's breasts were forced forward as she faced the ceiling. She tried to move but was held immobile. Yet she did not feel any fear. She knew her lover well now.

He removed her blindfold and on the ceiling he had stretched a banner that read "Happy Graduation Day". She tried to smile and talk to him but the gag was firm.

"My love today there will not be a lesson, today will be for pleasure alone. Today we will celebrate!" He said as she heard him wrestling with the cork from a champagne bottle. In a moment she saw the cork fly over her, and the unmistakable sound of two glasses being filled. She wondered when she would sip the cool treat.

Strangely she heard another bottle being uncorked. "Do you like red wine my love? If not I know you will soon!" he chuckled.

Her body strained at her bonds as his hands ran down her shoulders. Past her breasts, pausing only long enough to softly give each nipple a slow tease, awakening them proudly as if in anticipation of the fun that would follow. Next she felt something new. He placed a padded small clamp on each nipple, they were set with just enough pressure to excite her breasts and make her pussy tingle from the erotic delights of the contraptions.

She felt him kneel between her open legs and give her inner thighs each a small kiss. "Shall we begin?"

She saw the bottle with its dark red juices hover over her chin and slowly start to tilt. It was almost as in slow motion as the red wine dribbled upon her chest, creating tiny rivers of liquid passion cascading down her belly and between the lips of her vagina. The feeling was exquisite, and she tugged and struggled in her bindings for relief.

Her lover noticed her passion and with a loving smile became her rescuer. He placed his tongue against her pussy and proceeded to slowly lick the wine from her clit. Katrina moaned like never before as she watched drop after drop of the bottle empty upon her naked form, feeling the wetness as her pussy opened like a spring rose to her lover. Her lips parting and swelling as his tongue licked, and teased each petal of her feminine flower. As soon as one bottle was finished another bottle started to poor again. Till the floor was soaked with the wine and its smell mingled with those of her orgasmic aromas. She came violently the chair rocking in rhythm to her struggles, as wave after wave of passionate bliss hit her like a hammer.

Katrina was still, her heavy breathing was all that could be heard as he removed all of her restraints. She lowered her head and smiled weakly as he handed her a glass of champagne. She took a sip and he helped her up. For the first time Katrina and her lover embraced.

The kiss was long and passionate, their tongues merged and their hands moved along each others back as the two lovers became as one. He whispered in her ear "Please be mine".

Katrina gazed upon the floor at the restraints that lay soaking in the wine. She knelt in front of him and picked up the leather collar. He looked deep into her eyes and smiled as she placed it around her neck and locked it once again.

The shudder of the limo made her eyes open. She was still cuddled up against her date. His arm around her easing her sleep as she noticed they were home. Yes the date was grand. But the dream was indescribable. The chauffeur opened the door for her and her lover kissed her gently. She reached around to hug him and saw a leather collar on the rear dashboard. She took it and held it up for him to see.

The driver apologized. "Sorry folks, the last people who rented this must have left it behind. I'll put it up front."

Katrina smiled as her lover helped her out of the car, and held the collar close to her chest. "No need sir, I have a feeling it may come in handy".

The driver shrugged and drove away as the two lovers slowly walked arm in arm. Katrina looked into her lover's eyes, and placed the collar around her neck. He smiled at her, with a bewildered look.

"Do you ever have dreams?" she asked him with a grin. Katrina was answered by a soft kiss.

The End

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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