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Pam's Kind Of Guy
by Softly

Pam Berry, like her three older brothers, all star basketball players, was one of the tallest students attending Eufaula High School, Eufaula, Alabama. She too was a star basketball player. That was all that was good about her school social life. Being taller, at 6' 2", than most of the boys guaranteed that she was not invited to the dances, or parties. Not having any breast development did not help, nor the "Tom boy" image she had because her brothers included her in their basketball games and other rough activities. Through her senior year, she maintained a 3.8 GPA. Even thought she wore no makeup, some of the men teachers would comment to each other; " why don't the boys go after that one? She is going to be a gorgeous woman."

Fourteen Universities offered her a full scholarship to play basketball for them. After visiting all, she decided that she would attend the University of Vermont. The year before they had an undefeated season and were in the final four. UVM is located in Burlington, on the shores of Lake Champlain. Within twenty minutes, you can be hiking in the Green Mountains, or be skiing at Stowe, the best ski area on earth. With an enrollment of 16,000, Pam thought that she would not be just a number.

Her social life did not improve. She had no interest in drinking parties. Had no interest in boys that were immature, or only just wanted to "fuck." She dated a few times, but when a guy realized that everything that came out of her mouth made precise sense, it scared them, and they were gone. It was going to take a smart, self-confident, man's man to win this woman.

During her senior year, she moved off campus and bought a Labrador retriever, that she named, "Bo." She had a bad case of "Cabin fever", due to the long winter. She vowed that the first nice day, she would take Bo and climb to the top of "Camel's Hump", a mountain of 4,320 feet, that she could see out of her window.

Friday, April 2, after her 8 AM class finished, she changed her clothes and was off to climb the mountain, with Bo. It was one of those days that the temperature is 34 in the AM, 56 at noon, and 34 the next night. That was the Burlington temperature, not what went on at 4,000 feet. Pam was what is known to native Vermonters as a "Flatlander." This denotes a person that can not drive in snow, and has no understanding of the weather pattern changes that can occur in the mountains.

In the Spring, a series of intense low pressure systems march their way across the country. What will happen to the weather in Vermont on a given day often is decided by the path of the center of the storm, weather it is north or south of a given point. Venturing into the mountains, a Vermonter will include in their backpack, rain gear, extra shirts, Gore Tec hat, and plenty of food. Pam had none of this, and hardly had enough on for the 45 degrees she found at the top of the mountain when she arrived at 2 PM.

Pam found a spot in the sun, sheltered from the wind, She and Bo lay down on the moss for a nap. From the Northwest, a front of extremely dark broiling clouds advanced toward the mountain. The clouds shut off the sun, the wind changed and sheets of pouring rain struck Pam. Thinking that it might pass, she tried to keep dry by placing her back against recession in the cliff. Within minutes she was soaked. The temperature was down to thirty, and falling fast. She started down the mountain. To save time, she took the cliff side and had descended a few hundred feet when the freezing rain came, coating everything with an inch of the slickest ice you can imagine. The second time she fell, she begin to slide to the edge which would have resulted in a two hundred foot fall had she not caught a branch. She could go no further. Hypothermia would extinguish her life within 40 minutes unless something intervened.

"Buck" Chittenden was a fifth generation Vermonter. He grew up in the house that his father was born in. Dad had first taken him hunting on the Northwest face of "Camel's Hump", when he was age 4. He too was a senior at UVM, but it was on the mountain that he found his refuge from the pressures of his school work. He especially like to be near the top of the mountain when the Bears leave their dens with their cubs. He would find such a group and observe them from a couple hundred yards.

Knowing that severe weather would occur, he was prepared. Located two hundred yards below Pam, he had set up the two man tent, double tied the pegs and anchored his "fly" over the tent with heavy rope. He would be comfortable even if it went to twenty below. He laid out his three hundred dollar, big man's, mummy, down filled sleeping bag. It was designed for men up to 6' 8" and 250 pounds. Buck was 6' 7" and 200.

Buck thought he heard a noise above the din of the rain hitting the tent, howling of the wind, and flapping tent sides. Bo's nose was a few inches from his eyes when he peeked outside. At first thinking it was a bear, Buck fell backward, trying to get back. Then laughing at himself, he opened the tent a few inches for a better look. Bo was no run away dog. His bright red new collar and shiny coat indicated that this was a house dog. Buck knew that there had to be someone out there in the storm. His mountain man savvy told him that the someone had to be in dire trouble. It was funny no longer. Noting the coating of ice, he knew his life would be on the line. True to the Code of a Vermont Mountain Man, he vowed that he would find and save this person, or he would die trying. He carefully dressed, and put on small four point ice creepers to the bottom to his boots. They were not much, but they might help.

Bo was posturing like a dog wanting to go out as Buck emerged from the tent. Buck followed him to the base of the cliff ledges. Barely through the sheets of sleet, he saw someone sitting holding their knees above him. It took him fifteen minutes to reach this person, that turned out to be a woman. Her lips were blue, she was still trembling, ( A good sign. when they stop shivering, death will occur within minutes) Her eyes had a blank stare. She said nothing. Knowing that she could not stand or walk, he picked her up with a "fireman's carry." She was positioned with her body across his shoulders. He held her left arm and left leg. It was one thing to climb with your hands free to grab the base of small trees. It was quite another to descend with a 130 pound woman over your shoulders.

Buck started down to his tent. One slip and they would both slide off the cliff. Each step was a process of placing the foot. Then testing the traction given by the ice creepers, by shifting his weight slowly onto that foot. No one but an experienced mountain man could have pulled off this feat. Thirty minutes later, Buck lay the woman down in his tent. She was awake, but no longer trembling, so he knew he only had minutes to raise her body temperature before she died. Buck was soaking wet himself. He undress himself and the woman. Getting two people into his sleeping bag so that it could be closed so as to retain their body heat, yet still allow them to breath, was a feat in itself.

Buck had to get chest to chest to her to transfer his body heat to her vital organs. He ended up on his back with the woman on top. Her left leg was on the outside of his legs, and her right leg was bent up beside her chest in the widest portion of the bag. both of their faces pointed to the left so that they could breath. Using some string, he was able to run the zipper full closed. Bo was curled up in a corner with his eyes never leaving his mistress. It got dark and the storm became what is called a Northeaster. Buck guess that the wind was at least fifty, and he could hear the sound of heavy snow hitting the tent.

Buck warmed up and his mind wandered. He laughed to himself thinking that he was naked, skin to skin, with a woman that he had no idea of what her name was, and had not even taken a look at her face. He noted the change in her breathing and her body was much warmer, so he knew that the worst had passed. The mountain man in him knew that the only thing that stood between them and death was the tent and sleeping bag, since both their clothes lay on the floor wet. He fell asleep.

Buck awoke with a start. He had a "hard on" that had risen up in exactly the right place to be at the entrance to the woman's vagina. He tried to shift his position. Pop! he slid into her. He tried to shift again and five of his seven inches were in her. He was mortified. He stammered, "I'm sorry, I did not mean to do that. I'll unzip the bag and remove myself from you."

For the first time, he heard Pam speak. She was never at a loss for words. "Don't you dare pull out of me. How could I ever explain to anyone that the man that took my virginity was only in me for one minute?" Buck could not help himself. He started to laugh. His eyes filled while he shook all over. Pam continued; " God, what am I saying? I don't know your name. All I know about you is that you saved my life and my dog likes you." They both laughed for minutes. They lay that way for a few minutes. Buck had to pee. Pam said that she did also.

Buck opened the bag so that they could pee, eat, and he could give the dog a couple of hot dogs. It was quick. When he started to get back into the bag Pam said; "I sort of like the position that we were in." Buck's cock was erect as the zipper closed. Pam slid onto him and he left the hood loose enough for them to kiss. Buck had noted in the light of his flashlight that this woman was about his age, and had classy good looks.

Due to the constriction of the bag, the travel of his cock from its full inserted position was four inches in slow motion. It turned out to be just the right motion for Pam, as a virgin, to enjoy her first sexual experience without any pain. They were confined in the bag from 5:45 PM on Friday until 6:50 AM on Saturday. By midnight, Pam had orgasm five times. They slept until 3:25 AM. After a pee, and some more food, they resumed this sexual odyssey. In moments of embrace, between "fucks", they learned about each other. Buck had seen her play basketball. She now remembered seeing a tall good looking guy last year in her "medieval history" class.

Saturday broke bright and sunny. The sun warmed up the tent. Buck sat looking at Pam. Years later, Buck was at a loss as why he had the good sense to do it, but on the spur of the moment, he removed his ring, and the chain from around his neck. "Pam" he said, "please accept my ring. I want you to be my girl, and as I sit here, I think that I want to marry you." Our girl Pam retorted; " That is three proposals, and I'll accept them all!"

Pam and Buck became Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Austin Chittenden on August 27, 1999.

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