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Pool Love
by Melody Lane

It was a warm summer night, the sky clear with bright stars sparkling above. I had awoken, wrapped in your arms, and intently watched you sleep. Your chest slowly rising, and falling, your face peaceful, it seemed as if you were almost smiling at me. I thought of the wonderful dream that might have been filling your mind.

I unraveled from your arms, trying not to disturb your slumber, creeping out of our bed and tip-toeing from the room. I went downstairs, and out to the pool yard. I stripped from my clothes and serenely dove into the crisp night water. I swam silently, and then proceeded to float, closing my eyes, and relaxing my body. I could feel the ripples of the water caressing over me, when I heard noise from within the house.

I assumed you had awoken as well, and discovered me gone. I smiled broadly when I saw you approach the patio door, scanning the yard for me. Our eyes meet, and lock, as you open the door, and walk out. You come to the edge of the pool, smiling, you kneel down to greet me, as I swim over toward you. My body immersed completely in the water, you had yet to discover that I was without a swimsuit, or any other article of clothing. I pulled up, offering my lips to yours, as you sweetly kissed me. I grinned mischievously, as I wrapped my arms around your neck, and pulled you into the water with me. You laughed, and went immediately to get you revenge by dunking my head.

I slip away from your grasp, and quickly swam away. You followed, and grabbed ahold of my waist, getting a puzzled look upon your face, as your hands slid up and down over my bare flesh. You asked, coyly, 'forget something?' as you gently squeezed my breast, with one hand, my round ass, with the other. You leaned down, softly licking my lips, as you pushed your tongue into my mouth. I greedily sucked it deeper, playing with it, with my own tongue, as we sank deeper into the water. We drifted ourselves over to the steps, as we kissed passionately, our hands carressing one anothers' bodies. You gently leaned me back, the water splashing lightly over my exposed body. Your mouth moved from my mouth, down my neck, taking time to tenderly nibble, and kiss, before moving to my chest.

Licking the wetness from my tits, your tongue warm against my skin. You sucked a nipple into your mouth, as you rolled the other between your fingers. You continued, paying equal attention to each, making them hard, and perky....occaisionally, holding one with your teeth, letting it graze the sensitive flesh, making me groan to the sensation.

My hands brushed through your hair, bringing you closer to me. You turned my body around, your head over my shoulder, still enabling you to kiss me....I felt your hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass, nestling into it. Your hands wrapped around me, slipping down, feeling my hot smooth skin, under the water. Your finger went between my lips, parting them slightly, as they surrounded your finger, I felt you begin to stroke back and forth, over my hot slit. First you sank one, then two deep into me, stroking faster and faster, as I pushed against you. Your hips pushed your cock up and down my ass, increasing both of our pleasure.

You flipped me back over, positioning your body between my legs. I sat on the top step, my pretty shaven pussy just out of the water, glistening wet, inviting you to taste me. You bent down, kissing my bellybutton, pushing your sexy tongue in, and then licking down to my cunt. My body quivered under your tongue. You teased my clit, as your fingers parted my swollen lips, and slid your warm tongue down, tasting my sweetness, plunging deep inside of my tight young pussy. You curled your tongue around inside of me, feeling my heat.

You sucked my lips, into your mouth, driving my wild, as you carressed them with your tongue, hot and smooth against it. Your hands went under my ass, pulling my body tight to your mouth, my hips pushing hard toward you. I was twisting and pulling at my nipples, keeping them hard and erect for you. I slid my fingertips down my taut tummy, and then to your head, pulling you up to kiss and lick my pink little nipples. All I wanted, at that point, was to feel your cock, in me, completing me.

I wrapped my fingers around your shaft, stroking it slowly, before sliding it easily into my wet warmth. Your hands on my hot round ass, pulling me onto your cock, as you thrusted into me. We were so hot, and the water so cool, around us. You slammed as hard as you could in and out of my pulsing pussy. My fingers pressed into your back, my legs wrapping around you, squeezing tightly, as my mouth covered yours in a steaming lustfilled kiss.

Your hands moved again to my tits, nipples stiff in the chilled water. You leaned down, nipping at them, as I fondled your balls, as you continued to make love to me. I feel them tighten up, and you drove your throbbing cock deep into me, cumming, filling me up. As you do, I shake, screaming out in the night air, cumming with you.

You collapsed onto me, we were breathing heavily against each other, sweetly kissing and feeling each other. You took my hands, in yours, lifting me up and leading me back to the house. Grabbing the blanket from the couch, you wrapped it around us, your arm, going over my shoulder. Closely, lovingly we walked upstairs, crawling into bed, tangled in one anothers' arms, and fell, once again peacefully to sleep.

And lived happily ever after. *sigh*

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