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Phantom Lover
Ch. I: Phantom Finds a Soulmate
by Phantom

Ann stepped out the back door of her house to retrieve something from her car in the covered garage. She shivered a bit but it was not from the crisp December night air but rather from an uneasy feeling she had been experiencing lately. Ann had lived most of her life in the country and never had this feeling before. It was the same kind of feeling one has when someone is staring at you and, somehow, you can sense his or her eyes on you. Well, that's the feeling Ann had now. She was not really frightened, just a little on edge. She also felt mildly sexually aroused when this sensation came over her.

She located the small bag on the floorboard of her car, a Christmas present for her youngest daughter. She smiled. It was the latest sci-fi thriller from her daughter's favorite author. Suddenly, she felt it again. Her skin tingled. She felt like there were invisible hands gently moving over her hair, over her shoulders and down her back. Her nipples became hard and erect. She felt that burning hot sensation in her pussy. God! She was incredibly aroused! Her body shook involuntarily and she quickly turned around to confront whoever was behind her. Nothing! Her eyes scanned the garage but saw nothing. Damn! WHAT is going on?

She locked the car, turned off the garage light, and headed back to the house her step a little more hurried.

From the darkened garage, a pair of golden colored glowing eyes almost cat-like in nature could be seen tracking Ann's movement toward the house. They blinked once and were gone. Phantom stood in the dark shadows of the garage and smiled. He had found her at last! His soul mate. He had been looking so long. A sound came out of the back of his throat, somewhere between a purr and a growl. He continued to stare at Ann's bedroom window watching her prepare for bed. There was a burning deep in his loins and he could feel his penis begin to swell.

Ann undressed slowly her mind a million miles away. She absentmindedly unbuttoned her blouse shrugged it off her shoulders and threw it over the chair by the bed. She unbuttoned the front snap of her bra removing it and laying it over her blouse. Her skin was still tingling from her trip to the garage. Her nipples were still very erect, hard and sensitive. She gently ran her fingers over her ample breasts. She could tell her pussy was moist and desperately wanted release. She ran her fingers down to her wrap around skirt and quickly removed it along with her panties. She stood there in the dark by the window with the moonlight bathing her body. She was still quite a beautiful woman even though she was in her early forties. Country life had been good to her in that respect. It had kept her active and in good shape. She slowly ran one hand down her body across her stomach to her pelvic region. She couldn't shake the feeling that someone had run their hands down the back of her body. It had electrified her skin and put her in a highly excited state. She began to stroke the outer lips of her vagina with one hand while the other squeezed her breasts and teased her nipples. Good God! What is wrong with me? She thought. I'm standing in front of my bedroom window stark naked and playing with myself like some teenager. What's come over me? Ann was getting really hot and excited. Her fingers began to plunge into her moist vagina and then moving back and forth over her clit. She felt so good! It was almost like she had no control over her own body.

Unseen to Ann, Phantom was watching from the shadows and directing her actions enjoying himself immensely. Their special emotional link had given him considerable power over Ann's mind. Her pleasure was being felt by Phantom as he and Ann had a direct link now. In a sense, Ann and Phantom had become one being with one mission, pleasure.

Ann didn't know it but she had recently acquired a very special new on-line friend. She knew him by his pen name "Phantom". What she didn't know was he was no ordinary mortal. He was a member of a race of being known as the "Fantuum" who had existed since the dawn of time. Although not human in the strict sense, their development paralleled that of the human race in many ways. Millennia ago the humans had almost hunted the Fantuum into extinction and, now, they have learned how to hide in the shadows and practice their special powers under the cover of night. Ann and Phantom had developed a very special bond on line. She had grown to know him as a gentle but powerfully sexy persona. This special bond or link had enabled Phantom to find her. The Fantuum race had migrated to the American continent over a thousand years ago and they had secretly gone about their existence interacting with humans only when necessary. The Fantuum needed the humans for a special purpose. They needed humans to give birth to their off spring as well as to serve as sexual partners. The humans had been especially efficient in hunting down and exterminating the females of the Fantuum race in that dark time so very long ago.

But now, Phantom had found his special human.

Phantom moved out of the shadows and approached the house. He stood outside Ann's bedroom window gazing at her beautiful body. She could not see him even though she was looking right at him. You only saw a Fantuum when they choose to be seen. He willed Ann to slide open her bedroom window and step back. He was in her room in the blink of an eye. He now circled Ann who was in a trance like state. He drank in her body and felt a longing he had not known in a very long time. He guided Ann gently to the bed and placed her face down. Although Ann was compliant with Phantom's mental commands she was very much in touch with her feelings and she was in a highly excited state of arousal. Her whole body burned with intense desire stronger than she could ever remember feeling. She was not exactly afraid but rather apprehensive. She had no idea what was happening to her. She just knew it felt incredibly good.

Her unseen visitor had straddled her legs, which were hanging over the edge of the bed, and she felt a pressure on the bed on both sides of her hips. She still couldn't see ANYTHING! She suddenly felt a hand on her hair and she tried to raise up but felt the power in that hand as it pushed her head back down with enough pressure to let her know not to raise her head again. Her visitor didn't hurt her. In fact the visitor was extremely gentle but firm with her. Any attempted movement on her part was countered immediately with sufficient force to put her back just the was she was originally. She heard her name being spoken softly but lovingly in her right ear. "Ann, I love you. I won't hurt you. But I WILL have you!"

She began to feel one then two powerful yet gentle hands begin to run through her hair, then down her neck and over her shoulders. They began to play down her back stroking her sides and massaging her exposed right breast. She noticed something odd. The hands were covered with a fine coat of hair like you might find on a shorthaired cat or lion. She could feel nails which were more like claws than fingernails but her skin was not being harmed in any way. Then these powerful hands were at the small of her back moving down to her buttocks. They began to sweep across her bottom in swirling motions eventually probing the crevice between her buttocks. The fingers began to stroke her anal region before moving downward until the fingers contacted Ann's moist pussy. The furry fingers began to immediately probe her moist sweetness and transferring that sweet nectar to her clit massaging it up one side and down the other.

Ann was, by now, so aroused she couldn't hardly think straight. Her body was starting to respond to her unseen lover and was softly crying out "who are you, what are you?" Phantom would only softly whisper into her right ear "All in good time, my sweet one. Trust me. Open up to me. I will NOT harm you but I WILL have you this night!"

Ann felt herself being turned over so that she was facing upward. She still saw nothing but blackness above her. She felt those fur covered fingers touch her face with their claws ever so gently scraping her skin. Phantom ran his fingers through Ann's hair. He loved short hair on a human female and Ann's hair was just long enough for him to run his fingers through. This pleased him immensely. Perhaps on some level the short hair on human females was reminiscent of the Fantuum females lost so long ago. His hands played down her neck, her chest, and on to her breasts........God! She was so aroused! She suddenly felt a new sensation. She now felt a tongue, slightly rough but huge, much larger and wider than any man's tongue that have ever sampled the pleasures of her breasts and nipples. The tongue bathed first one then the other breast giving ample attention to her erect nipples. She felt her breast being sucked with such force that she feared for a moment that her nipples might start to bleed. She felt teeth that were much more pointed that a man's gently dragging over her nipples. This caused her pussy to spasm almost to the point of climax. She was afraid she would pass out from the flood of pleasure she was feeling!

She then felt her lover's tongue work it's way down her lower abdomen until it reached her pelvic region. She began to hear a strange noise almost like a cat purring but much more powerful. She could tell her invisible lover was breathing in her sweet aroma and tasting her tentatively running this huge tongue up and down the outside of her vagina. She felt powerful fingers grasp her thighs and move them apart so as to allow full access to her pussy. The tongue then began to probe further inward into the inner regions of her vagina taking every bit of her sweet nectar she was producing and thirsty for more. She felt a tickling sensation on the insides of her thighs, which she now realized was the hair on the ears of her mystical lover. Her lover obviously had a full body covering of fur as she was now stroking the powerful arms holding her thighs in place.

That fantastic tongue was now licking her from the top of her pussy to the area between her vagina and her anal region. She was having trouble breathing in her excited state. Ann began to hear a low growl and she began to shiver. Her lover once again reassured her in a very husky voice this time that she had nothing to fear as long as she submitted to him. This settled her down a bit. For some odd reason she trusted this invisible voice and sensed real affection in his tone.

The wondrous tongue bath suddenly stopped. Ann began to regain her senses somewhat when she felt a slight pressure at her entrance of her pussy. She immediately knew this was the penis of her invisible lover. She held her breath. A hand touched her cheek and ran its fingers through her hair. Then, the lover's penis began to slowly push into her pussy stretching the walls of her pussy and filling her completely. The massive penis begins to move in and out. Ann's body is overloading on pleasure. She could hardly think of anything except the feeling building in her pussy. The pace quickens and Ann felt one of her lovers hands move down her stomach finding it's way to her clit. While the lover's penis is working in and out of her pussy, the fingers are massaging her clit. In no time at all, Ann has a violent climax. Her lover is working in and out of her with a frenzied pace and she feels her lovers breath on her breast and then the side of her neck. She hears her lover's voice softly calling her name "Ann, Oh Ann, my special one!" She feels one of her lover's hands gripping the hair on the back of her head tightly. This takes her off guard and her hands go up and touch his powerful fur covered chest. She feels his face nuzzling into the small of her neck. Then, with a muffled growl her lover floods her pussy with his sperm for what seems an eternity. Her body is completely spent and quivering from the pleasure overload.

She feels pressure for a moment on the front of her whole body, the fur tickling a bit in places. She feels her face being touched gently and her name whispered in her ear in a voice that rang with desire and love. The voice warns her to speak to no one about their encounter and that all would be made clear to her in the fullness of time. The pressure is lifted and she feels that wonderful tongue licking and cleaning her pussy. She is so sensitive by this time that she quickly whispers to her lover to stop and she rolls up in a ball on the bed slowly drifting off to sleep.

Then, as suddenly as it began, her phantom lover was gone.

This is first of many adventures Ann will have with Phantom...


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