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Poolside Massage
by Raven

The morning was hot. Just before lunch, you come out, and I find myself staring in admiration. In a marvelously revealing black and red two-piece suit, you are quite an eyeful. Your stomach is firm and flat, your breasts quiet curves. When you begin to put on your sunblock, I politely asked if you wanted any help. You accept my offer with a smile, and stretch out, face down on your stomach on one of the padded lounge chairs. I rub the cream into your shoulders and your arms, and the tanned muscles of your back.

Its only natural to suggest that you allow me to undo the strap holding your top on, since it was obstructing my covering your back with the sunblock. You are silent for a moment, and when you say "Why, sure!", there is a laugh in your voice. Your bare back is smooth and firm and feels quite erotic under my hands. The bottom of your suit is tied in a knot at one hip; when I suggest removing that also, you are silent for a little longer, and your voice even more amused when you agree, and raised up your hips to help. I start rubbing the lotion into your naked buttocks, running my hands greedily over the backs of your thighs and knees. I could feel myself beginning to swell, and I told myself it was time to get under control.

When I am done with your back, I start to re-tie your bathing suit. However, before I can do so, you turned over. Your stretched out naked on the lounge, reaching your hands up over your head. You are long and slim and tan, and my cock was not at all worried about our ages. "Now the front," you say calmly, and closed your eyes and smile. I swallowed hard, and apply the cream to your shoulders and your upper chest.

Your breasts move slightly as I rubbed around them, long dark nipples gradually coming erect. I do your stomach and hips, and you roll your legs slightly apart so I can get at your inner thighs. As I worked my way down to your knees and calves, I noticed that the soft hair between your legs is starting to get matted and moist. Mixed with the smell of the lotion was just a hint of the scent of woman. I decide I've missed some rather important spots, and put more cream on my palms, I take your breasts in my hands, gently working in the lotion, rubbing the tan skin, and running my fingers over your long nipples. You squirm slightly on the lounge, your face relaxed and happy. Your eyes open. "That was very nice; thanks!". I take a deep breath, persuade my hands to leave your body, and stand up.

"Now take off your trunks," you continued. When my eyes widened, you sit up and laughed, "Turnabout is fair play!" I turn away from you, slip off my trunks, and lay face down on the other lounge, hoping my cock would calm down before it was time to turn over. That was a vain hope, though. You gingerly straddle me energetically, your thighs warmly rubbing my sides, as your hands applied the cool cream. Now and then as you do my back, I can feel the hairs between your legs tickling the backs of my knees. When you turn me over, my cock springs up, but you are polite enough to take no notice. You straddle me again, and run your confident hands over my bare chest. I closed my eyes to shut out the vision of your naked body on top of me, and to try to control my lust. As your hands circled down my stomach and thighs, and one lightly caressed my balls, I seriously wondered what was going on.

Was this gorgeous woman just friendly and uninhibited about bodies, or was this as erotic for you as it was for me? At that point your lips slid around my cock, and I had no more questions. I gasped in surprise and pleasure as you take me into your warm mouth; your lips slide, soft and dry, over the swollen ridges of my erection. You slowly slide me out again, and whispered, "Do you mind?" I assure you that I don't and soon your expert licking and sucking have me rock-hard and aching.

You move up, your hot naked body sliding against mine, and straddle my hips, your thighs spread wide apart over my cock. I caressed your bare hips, your thighs, and your firm ass as you guide me into your open pussy. You are only slightly wet, and as I entered you, the flesh of your pussy sliding along my shaft makes me ache with desire. You rest on top of me, my staff buried deep inside you. Your breasts with their long dark nipples press against my chest, and your head is next to mine. You rock your hips gently, sliding yourself up and down my throbbing cock. Your breath is excited but controlled in my ear, somewhere between a gasp and a laugh. With my hands on your ass, I move slowly in and out of you, enjoying every inch of our touching sweating bodies. "Oh, you just keep doing that, oh just like that," you whisper in my ear.

"Yes, ma'am," I gasped back, smiling "yes, ma'am, oh YES ma'am!" Your pussy is so hot and deep, smooth and muscular; the pussy of an athlete. As I penetrated you more and more deeply, your body responds eagerly and hungrily, your muscles tightening and squeezing around my swollen penis. You began to rock faster, and moaned through parted lips. As your pace quickens, my cock grows bigger and longer, and the ache of pleasure becomes more unbearable. I can feel the cum gathering in me.

By unspoken agreement, we slowed down the pace of our lovemaking your hips moving as slowly as you can bear, your moans and sighs became more and more desperate. I thrust in and out of your sweet slit as slowly as my body will allow.

We make the pleasure last as long as we can, until you began to come with a long anguished moan, and close your mouth over mine, sharing our first kiss as the walls of your pussy squeeze and suck at me. As my tongue hungrily probes your mouth, and you pass over the peak of your orgasm, the muscles of my cock escaped my control, and I thrust into you faster and harder, provoking cries of pleasure as I swell and harden and burst and cum inside you. You move your hips fast and demanding, to bring every last drop of cum out into the dark softness of your pussy. Hot needles of ecstasy shoot through my cock, up my spine and into my brain.

Eventually, you slip your head down next to mine again, and we lay for a long time, just enjoying the hot silent pressure of body on body. My cock, spent, slips out from between your legs. After awhile, you kissed me gently on the mouth, and dive into the pool. I join you, and we spent the next hour splashing around, washing the juices of love from our bodies, and cooling off. Then we go inside to make dinner.

As you are slipping into your robe, I take you in my arms and kissed you, running my hands again over your delicious naked body, squeezing and pressing your flesh and probing your mouth with my tongue. You step back, shuddering with suppressed passion, untie your robe, and grin almost impishly at me as we start all over again.

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