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Pardon My French Kiss
by Astoria Time

"Damn it!" Jake said out loud, banging his fists against the steering wheel as traffic came to yet another complete standstill. "Move you bastards!"

Undoubtedly, Jake would be late for his final exam. Despite his sudden chaotic work schedule, Jake vowed that he would complete the final semester of French class even though it meant going to night school. Jake needed to prove his ability to speak French fluently if he ever hoped to land the position he had his sights set on.

Jake knew he had a promising career in the hotel industry even though he was only 28. He was well educated, skilled in his trade, and had his good looks and charm working to his advantage. He wanted nothing more than to secure the Senior Management position of the prestigious Chateau de Fleurie in Quebec. Mastering the language of love was his ticket through the front door.

Frustrated with traffic, Jake fumbled with the radio trying to find a traffic update. He saw an opening in traffic and swerved into the right lane determined to get off the freeway and make the rest of his drive to the University through town. Continually checking his watch, Jake settled into the steady pace of the city traffic making his way towards the University knowing he couldn't avoid tardiness.

As Jake raced towards his classroom, he glanced at his watch again seeing that already he was twenty minutes late. Jake quietly opened the door to class and settled into the only available seat at the front of the classroom trying not to disturb his classmates who were already diligently working on their final exams.

"Jake, please come and get an instructional packet and final exam." whispered Ms. Jensen in a soft voice barely audible.

As Jake approached her desk, he couldn't help but notice that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her black silk shirt clung to her ample breasts outlining the contour of her curves, emphasizing dime-sized nipples. He felt a stir in his groin as he reached her desk. Jake was oblivious to her instruction as he took the materials from her, only able to concentrate on the overwhelming sensation between his legs.

As he returned to his seat, he held the exam in front of his groin trying to cover the evident bulge that had formed. While reading through the instructional packet, he caught himself looking up to Ms. Jensen often, catching glimpses of her buxom. Jake noticed how milky white her complexion was in contrast to her jet black attire. Her firm shapely body and long blonde ringlets of hair draped across her shoulders made her extremely alluring. Jake guessed that she was in her mid thirties and imagined that she was an experienced seductress.

Jake attempted to ignore the lust before him by concentrating on his exam. However, the steady throb between his legs was making it very difficult. Jake adjusted himself in his seat, and continued working on his exam, hyperaware of the vixen at the head of the class and each of her movements.

As the students began to filter out of the classroom once their exams were complete, Jake felt relief. The distractions had diverted his attention long enough to calm the stir in his Dockers. Jake didn't yet realize that he was alone with Ms. Jensen.

Ms. Jensen approached Jake, her buxom almost at his eye level "How are you coming along?" she asked softly.

Caught off guard Jake stammered "I'm almost done. I'm sorry I was late." Jake was sure he had seen a burst of pink nipple as she stood before him. Instantly, his cock again began to stir.

"It's okay. I have some time yet." she replied as she walked back towards her desk.

Jake watched intently as she walked away from him, her silk skirt clinging to her round shapely ass. Jake was convinced that she couldn't be wearing any panties underneath her tight fitted skirt. The thought of such caused his cock to swell once again.

Finished with his exam, Jake looked up to see Ms. Jensen standing at the blackboard erasing the instructions that had been written, her ass swaying from side to side in a manner he thought seductive. He tried to concentrate on something other than her incredible body, hoping his obvious erection would subside so that he could leave. Realizing his efforts were useless, Jake finally stood up and approached her cautiously. "Jake, I forgot to give you a Class Evaluation to fill out. Why don't you have a seat here and I'll get you one." Ms. Jensen stated as she pointed to her desk chair.

Jake sat down in her chair, feeling somewhat awkward due to the raging hard on pressing against his pants. Standing beside him, Ms. Jensen fumbled through stacks of paper, her erect nipples occasionally brushing against his arm. Finding the Class Evaluation form, Ms. Jensen offered it to Jake.

"I'm glad to see something in this class has intrigued you." Ms. Jensen said playfully as she eyed the obvious erection Jake sported.

Somewhat embarrassed, Jake blushed but did not respond. However, his cock reacted as it began throbbing inside his Dockers once again. Ms. Jensen turned away and began writing out instructions on the blackboard for her next class.

"Would you mind getting me a piece of blue chalk from the top desk drawer, on the left-hand side?" Ms. Jensen asked Jake.

"Not at all." Jake responded as he opened the drawer.

Shocked by what he saw, he closed the drawer quickly. To his embarrassment he had come across a six inch long, flesh colored, hard rubber dildo. What began as embarrassment turned quickly to desire. Jake's cock pressed against his pants aching to be released from the confinement. Jake opened the drawer again, this time grabbing hold of the dildo.

Jake spun around in the high back leather desk chair and faced Ms. Jensen. Holding the dildo up he asked "Are you sure blue chalk is what you really want?"

Jake eased the chair towards her so that her buxom was just inches from his clean shaven face. "Or would you rather have this?" Jake asked slyly as he began to trace her already erect nipples with the imitation cock he held.

"Perhaps this will answer your question." Ms. Jensen said in a seductive voice as she guided the dildo held by Jake to her mouth.

Using the dildo, she traced the outline of her rosy colored full lips. She wet her lips with her tongue and began placing soft wet kisses over the head of the rubber cock. Her tongue darted out and Ms. Jensen licked up and down the length of the rubber shaft until it glistened with her saliva.

Ms. Jensen's head fell back as she guided Jake's hand to let the dildo run down her chin and neck to her buxom where she flicked the dildo over her swollen nipples. She moaned softly as she continued exploring her body with the dildo that Jake held, bringing it over her stomach and across to her shapely ass. Her ass swayed from side to side as the dildo caressed it and moved down to her thighs.

Instinctively, her long legs parted allowing the dildo to slide beneath her skirt and work up to her already moist pussy. She moaned loudly as Jake moved the dildo over her slit, rubbing it firmly against her clit.

She pulled on Jake's hand, bringing the dildo back to her mouth. With purposeful slow motions, she licked and kissed her pussy juices off the rubber cock. Jake watched in awe as she savored her own juices.

"Care for a taste?" asked Ms. Jensen as she leaned forward bringing her lips to his.

Jake's tongue traced her lips tasting her femininity. Their lips parted and their tongues met, exploring each other wildly. As they engaged in a fury of passion, Jake's fingers worked quickly unbuttoning Ms. Jensen's blouse and exposing her ample breasts.

Jake slid her blouse over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. He began kissing down her neck to her full breasts. As Jake aggressively sucked one of her swollen pink nipples into his mouth, he pinched the other between his fingers, rolling it back and forth. As he worked furiously on her nipples, Ms. Jensen freed his aching cock.

Jake's cock, wet with pre-cum, throbbed as it was released. Ms. Jensen lowered herself to her knees between Jake's legs and began lightly kissing the tip of his swollen cock, tasting his pre-cum. Jake leaned back in the chair as she kissed down the length of his erect tower to his balls.

Ms. Jensen looked up to Jake and smiled as her tongue drifted over his balls slowly tracing their outline. Jake moaned loudly as she sucked his balls into her hot wet mouth and frantically moved her tongue in circles around them.

Slowly and seductively, she licked back up the length of his shaft, flicking her tongue on the ridge of his swollen head. She leaned forward slightly, holding her tits to his cock and guided her erect nipples over his balls and up his shaft. As she did this, she sucked just the head of his cock into her mouth, using her tongue to swirl circles around it.

Ms. Jensen positioned herself so that Jake's cock was nestled between her ample tits, the head of his cock in her mouth. She began sucking hard and licking furiously over the head of his cock, bouncing her tits against his shaft.

Jake felt the stir in his cock each time she sucked. He wanted to reciprocate but was in a position that he couldn't. Instead, he leaned back, watching the vixen work her miracle on his swollen member. Enjoying the sensations flowing through his cock, his fingers danced through her blonde mane trying to push her head further onto his throbbing cock.

Sensing that he needed more, Ms. Jensen sucked more of his cock into her mouth, letting her tongue flicker up and down over the sensitive vein on the underside of his cock. Jake's moans continued as she sucked and licked, taking his cock deeper into her mouth with each stroke.

"Oh, yes!" Jake moaned. "Suck my cock. Suck it good!"

Ms. Jensen began to expertly work on his tool at a furious pace using her tongue to stimulate his pulsating cock. Her head bobbed up and down as she drew his cock deeper and deeper into the recesses of her warm mouth. Her long slim fingers fondled his balls while she sucked hard on his cock. Jake's pre-cum leaked out over her lips as she slurped on his straw.

Ms. Jensen pulled away momentarily and licked the pre-cum from her lips. "My mouth isn't the only thing that needs a big hard cock."

She grabbed the dildo from Jake and proceeded to lift her skirt exposing her hairless cunt. Ms. Jensen grinned at Jake and proceed to use the rubber dildo to trace the outline of her pussy lips. With the head of the mock cock wet with her juices she began rubbing it over her swollen clit. Her back arched as she forced the imitation cock into her wet pussy. She moved the hand held cock in and out of her hole and began riding the artificial cock as she again sucked Jake's awaiting cock into her mouth.

Her moans vibrated over Jake's cock, sending a flurry of new sensations through his member. He could feel his cum rising as he watched her fuck herself and simultaneously suck his cock. Jake ached to have her bald wet snatch wrapped around his thick throbbing cock and was determined to have just that.

Jake pushed her away and stood up, his pants falling around his ankles. He helped Ms. Jensen off her knees and kissed her firmly as he pressed his hard cock against her. Jake grabbed the dildo and began fucking her with it using slow deep strokes.

"That feels so good!" Ms. Jensen cooed as she cupped Jake's balls into her palm and began fondling.

"I think it's time for a switch." Jake suggested as he withdrew the hand held cock from her wet pussy and again brought it to her mouth.

Without hesitation, Ms. Jensen licked the juices from her pussy off the rubber cock, proceeding to give it head. She continued to fondle Jake's balls and run her fingers over his throbbing swollen cock, aching to have her pussy filled again.

"Please, fuck me Jake!" she pleaded as the rubber dick slid in and out of her mouth.

"In time." he said slyly as he positioned her onto the desk so that she was sitting in front of him. "In time."

Jake sat back down in the chair, his cock standing at full attention, and wheeled it forward to the desk. He draped her legs over his shoulders giving him a full view of her glistening wet pink pussy. He watched her pussy hole stretch as it accommodated the rubber cock he slid in. Teasingly, he inserted just the head of the dildo, wiggling it back and forth a bit. He brought his face to her pussy and began licking her clit with slow circular licks. He nibbled on her pussy lips and let his tongue glide back to her hole, replacing the dildo with his tongue and massaging her clit with the tool. Jake tongue fucked her with a steady rhythm, lapping at her juices as they flowed over his tongue.

Jake felt her body tense and quiver. The heels of her shoes dug into his shoulders and he knew she was close to orgasm. Her moans of pleasure filled the otherwise silent room as Jake continued to please her pussy with oral delight.

"That's it, cum on my face!" Jake ordered as his own excitement intensified.

Jake grabbed hold of her bucking hips pulling her hard onto his tongue, flickering his tongue violently in and out of her wet hole. He felt her fingers digging into his well toned biceps as her body quivered and shook. Ms. Jensen's pussy began to convulse and tighten around his tongue as he flickered it in and out of her pleasure hole. Ms. Jensen stifled a scream while her hot liquid spilled over his face and her womanly scent filled the air.

Jake rose to his feet and brought his mouth to hers, sharing with her the sweet nectar she had produced. While their tongues exchanged lashes, Jake rubbed his 7 inches of throbbing manhood over her swollen clit, wetting it with her hot juices. He moved his cock back along her pussy to her wet hole and teased her opening with the head of his cock. Ms. Jensen's hips bucked furiously trying desperately to engulf his rock hard member.

Jake began kissing and nibbling down her long slender neck leaving a trail of redness behind as he reached her breasts. His tongue glided over her nipple working circles around it before he grasped it between his teeth pulling her nipple taut. Jake moved to her other tit, repeating his performance.

Just as her moans once again filled the air, Jake's eager cock filled her pussy as he thrust his hips forward driving his thick throbbing cock deep into her burning hole. Jake fell into a slow steady rhythm of pumping his eager cock in and out of her hot wet pussy as he sucked one of her tits and then the other.

Jake picked up the rubber dildo and began rubbing it against her swollen clit as he fucked her. With each stroke, he felt her hole tighten around his member as if she was trying to squeeze the life right out of his cock. Jake's pace quickened and his balls began slapping against her as he drove his cock in and out of her cunt at a furious pace.

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and dripped down his face as he fucked the sultry vixen, driving his cock with full force in and out of her steamy tunnel.

Jake felt his balls tighten and if possible, his cock stiffened even more. He could feel the cum rising through his cock and knew he would literally explode.

In one smooth motion, Jake pulled his cock out of Ms. Jensen's pussy and replaced it with the dildo. Using the dildo expertly, he drove it in and out of her hole, splashing her juices with each thrust. Ms. Jensen's back arched thrusting her tits forward as she hips bucked and humped the cock he held.

Firmly grabbing the base of his cock, Jake began stroking it hard and fast pushing the foreskin up and over the throbbing head. With each stroke of his own cock he used the dildo to further thrust into her pussy.

Ms. Jensen leaned forward, swirling her tongue around the exposed head of his cock while he simultaneously stroked himself and fucked her. She noticed how purplish the head of his cock had become and knew that he was ready to shoot his load. She opened her mouth wide, engulfing the head of his cock into her warm wet mouth and let her tongue wander over the contour of his throbbing head as he stroked his thick shaft.

"Oh fuck!" Jake wailed as his cum rose through his cock. "I'm going to fucking cum!"

Jake stepped back and without missing a stroke watched as spurt after spurt of thick white lava erupted from his cock. The hot sticky white fluid dripped off Ms. Jensen's tits as she quickly tried to scoop up the lava bringing it to her mouth to savor.

As if his cum were an aphrodisiac, the moment she tasted the bitter white substance her own body responded. Her hips bucked frantically at the imitation cock he used to continue fucking her hard and fast. Jake brought his own cock to her clit again and began rubbing it furiously over her clit causing pleasurable sensations to consume her entire body.

Ms. Jensen began moaning loudly and her body thrashed from side to side. Overwhelmed with pleasure, she squeezed Jake's biceps as a flood of wetness emerged from pussy.

Jake withdrew the dildo from her wet hole and ran it over her tits, mixing his cum with hers. He brought the dildo to her mouth and together they drank in the cocktail mixture they had created.

Jake pulled up his pants and straightened his shirt as Ms. Jensen laid spent on the desk. Breathing hard, he leaned over and whispered in her ear "Pardon my French" as he tongue kissed her deeply he tasted the last remnants of their encounter. "But you were one hell of a fuck."

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