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Punishing My Husband
by Betsy

This is Betsy Ginsburg, and I would love to express my side of this true lifestyle and activity.

I love Michael (and he hates being called Michael, he prefers "Mike") immensely, but he and I are both in agreement that he needs to be punished for his childish behavior. He doesn't mean to do wrong, and his misbehavior isn't usually real bad, but he an I feel "behavioral modification" is the best "medicine".

At times I feel guilty about kneeing him, and squeezing his balls as hard as I do, but he has accepted this as part of his punishment routine. Having him over my lap with his hands tied behind him arouses us both. During a over-the-knee spanking, with his erect penis hanging there just inches from my naked vagina, while I am exerting such power over him really turns me on. It's just funny how he starts to cry like a baby just minutes into a spanking session.

Our "makeup" sex is tremendous. It usually occurs, on the average, two days after a spanking session. His bum is usually still quite sore, and I'll usually insist that I am on top so his thrusting action into the bed gives him that special reminder of his spanking.

During a spanking, I also get "wet" looking down at his cute little bum.

I find it difficult to explain to our daughters, Wendy, Lauren and Sarah why their Dad has to be punished. This is since Michael and I feel it's inappropriate to involve them with the details of a "punishment period". So they know he cries during a "session" and is left locked in our bedroom alone, during the "cool down period".

I have decided to include four to five of my closest lady friends if I ever need to punish Michael as much as I did the day Carol helped me out. When I'd take Michael up to each of the ladies at the nudist camp, making him stand there with his purple bum and tiny genitals exposed, the shame on his face made me feel good.

One of the facts Michael didn't include in this true story, was that several of these ladies I forced him to approach during the nudist camp visit looked done at his crotch and then look at me, and ask something to the effect: "Well, I sure hope his technique is excellent, for he sure isn't equipped at all, is he??" These ladies were all, I'd say, in the late teens or early twenties. So they were old enough to know something, but young and inexperienced enough to not "know any better".

Sure enough, I was lucky to have a quick and good learner. He keeps me VERY happy on every level. He has showed me that I have never needed a man who was actually hung like a man. He is a great father to the girls, a wonderful provider, and keeps me happy both physically, mentally and emotionally.
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