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Peggy's Night
by Fever

Peggy looked beautiful in her red evening gown. It had thin spaghetti straps, a low back, and was cut down the front just enough to show off the tops of her breasts. "You look gorgeous tonight!" Fred told her, "would you like to dance?" She said yes and they walked to the dance floor where Fred put his arm around her waist and let his hand rest in the small of her back. They moved slowly together, her chest just barely rubbing against his, and he could feel her breathing on his neck.

He whispered in her ear how nice it felt to hold her, and she answered with a kiss on his cheek, and pulled him closer. He could feel himself growing and wondered if she felt it too. His answer came when she reached between them and let her fingers slide across his hardening crotch. "Is there a place we could dance in private" he wondered.

"Only my room", she said, and took his hand to lead him off the floor.

When they got to her room, she turned on her favorite slow song and took him by the hand and began a slow sensuous dance. Peggy's mouth found his and they kissed deeply, their tongues finding each other's. Fred's hand reached up along the back of the dress and pulled the zipper down slowly, running his finger along her skin along the way. She wore no bra, and he could tell by the satin strap around her waist, she wore no panties either, just a garter belt and white hose. His hand reached inside the open dress back and rubbed her skin softly, she unbuttoned his shirt and played with his nipples.

When the music stopped, before the next song, Fred let the straps from her dress fall off her shoulders, the dress fell to the floor and she stepped out of it in nothing but the garter and hose. She was beautiful. Her breasts were perfectly round, nipples dark and hard, surrounded by the pink aureole. Her flat stomach led to just a thin tuft of soft hair above her pussy lips shaved bare. She reached out and undid the belt on his pants, unzipped him and let his pants fall to the ground. Without a word she got to her knees and put her hands along the waistband of his underwear, and pulled them down to uncover his cock, already hard.

Peggy stood up letting her breasts rub against his cock as she did, then pulled him close as the music started again. They moved together as though they were already making love, her soft pussy hair against his cock, her hard nipples rubbing against his. Her hands found their way to his ass and she pulled him close, his hands were circling her breasts getting closer and closer to her nipples with each movement.

He could feel the soft silk of her hose on his legs, her body was warm to the touch, her lips whispered in his ear "I'd love to have your cock deep in my mouth, filling it with your cum. I want you to fuck my mouth."

Fred leaned down while they danced and started to kiss Peggy's breasts, all along the top his lips left soft open mouth kisses, until he found the hard little nipples. He took each one in turn and bit down on them, his tongue circled the pink area around them and his hands massaged each tit gently.

"Let's continue the dance on the bed," Peggy moaned. She took him by the hand to the bed where she sat down on the edge. Fred stood before her, his cock inches from her mouth, she reached around his body and pulled him to her wet lips. Her warm breath was the first thing he felt, on his balls, and then along the length of his dick. She kissed the entire shaft from the balls to the very tip, letting her tongue poke into his peehole. Peggy sucked softly on his cock head, her mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft. He was ready to cum but she stopped his squirting by putting pressure with her fingers on the space behind his balls.

"I'd love to feel your mouth between my legs," Peggy said. Fred didn't need to be asked twice, he got to his knees and could see that Peggy was already quite wet. A drop of her pussy juice waited for him at the bottom of her slit. Fred let his hands massage her inner thighs while he put his tongue at the bottom of her cunt. The drop tasted sweet and the smell of her cunt was perfumed. He opened her pussy with his tongue and let it lick her from bottom to top, stopping only to put pressure on her clitoris.

Peggy reached down with one hand and held his head to her wet slit, the other massaged her breast and pinched at her nipples, she moaned softly.

Peggy raised her ass off the bed and Fred was able to find her anus with a finger. He wet his finger with her juices and circled her tight little hole. His tongue found her g-spot and brought her to a shuddering orgasm. Peggy's sweet juices covered his lips and tongue, he let his fingers rub her lips and cover his fingers with sweet sticky pussy juice. Fred took his cum covered fingers and put them in her mouth, she licked each one clean.

"Can I have your cock inside me now" Peggy begged. Fred obliged, he leaned over her waiting body and let his cock lay against her still wet cunt lips. She moved her hips just enough for his cock head to enter her, then he lowered himself down on her waiting body, his cock sinking deeper and deeper into her slit. Fred's hands kneaded her tits, pinching her nipples, while he pumped his dick in and out of her hot little bush.

Peggy met each thrust of his dick with a raising of her hips, her pussy lips pulled on his cock skin not wanting to let it go. Fred felt his cum building up in his heavy balls, Peggy reached down between her legs and rolled his balls in her fingers, ready to milk them of his jism. He felt himself tighten up and Peggy wrapped her legs around his ass tightly, his cock exploded inside her, hot cum filling her up and dripping out her slit down her ass crack. Peggy had another orgasm, moaning loudly and bucking her ass up against Fred, she held him there until he had spent himself completely.

"Maybe we should go shower," Peggy whispered in his ear. Because they were in the dorm, the shower room was down the hall and only for women. "I'll go ahead and make sure the hall is clear" Peggy said as she slipped out of her hose and into her robe, "you put pants on and come out in a minute after me." When Fred got out into the hall with just his pants on, it was empty. Peggy waited for him three doors down waving him to follow.

Once inside the shower room Peggy told him "get your pants off and put them on that hook", she took off her robe and put it over the pants to cover them up. Anyone walking in now would see only the robe hanging, the two of them stepped into one of ten tile showers in the room. The stall had plenty of room as it was handicap accessible, and there were chrome bars along each wall. On one wall was a raised portion that could be used for sitting. The water was warm as it hit their naked bodies. Peggy took a bar of soap, handed it to Fred and asked him to "wash my back, please".

She turned towards the wall and held on to one of the chrome bars, her legs were spread slightly and Fred could see water dripping from between her legs, it ran down her back too and between the crack of her ass cheeks. Fred began at her shoulders, rubbing soapy water along her shoulder blades and down to the small of her back. He massaged her soft ass cheeks with his soapy hands and could feel himself getting hard again. Fred reached around the front of Peggy and began to soap up her tits, she held on to the bar but moved her feet back a few inches and spread her legs just a little wider.

Fred now felt his cock up against her ass as his hands played with her breasts, letting the nipples slip from his fingers again and again. Peggy moved her legs once more, this time so that Fred's cock was at the opening of her hole. Fred knew what to do, he soaped her ass up well and let the suds run down her crack, then he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back onto his hard dick. Peggy didn't flinch, she moaned a little but pushed back herself to get all of his meat in her. Peggy gripped the bar in front of her and told Fred to "push your cock deep inside me, fuck me hard, and spank me, because I've been a bad girl tonight."

Fred did as he was told. He slapped at her wet ass and it made a loud sound that filled the tile room, Peggy didn't complain though, she just pushed her butt back even harder with every slap. His soap covered cock pumped in and out of her easily now. Peggy was now bent at the waist and taking his full cock, her tits hung down in front of her and one of Fred's hands was busy pulling on it while his other hand held her at the waist and pulled her back on his slippery dick. Within minutes they both came again, cum dripping from her ass down her leg and to the tile floor, his balls were covered with sticky juice from the both of them.

Fred's cock was limp now from all the fucking and Peggy said "don't you love me anymore?" "come over here and take a rest my poor little cock"

Fred sat on the tile bench, warm water washing over him. Peggy took the bar of soap and stood over him straddling one of his legs. Peggy started to wash his dick for him, soaping up the balls and stroking his cock. Her pussy rubbed along one of his legs, she leaned into him and let her nipples rub his chest while she continued to wash his body for him. Fred still wasn't getting hard but Peggy wouldn't give up. She got to her knees and lathered her tits, then she put his cock between them and began to use his cock to fuck her breasts. Each time Fred's cock peeked out from her tits she would lick or kiss it's head. This had the desired effect.

Fred's cock began to harden between her soapy mounds and she moaned as she stroked his cock again and again. After a few minutes Fred felt his balls tighten up again, he was going to cum once more, Peggy felt it too and continued to use his cock as a fuck tool, he exploded with a full load of hot cum all over her face and breasts. Peggy rubbed it into her tits and licked her lips of every drop. They both washed up after this and stepped from the shower.

Fred didn't think things could get any wilder, and then Peggy challenged him "if you let me walk you down the hall naked, holding on to your dick, I'll do anything you want when we get to the room." "You said anything?" Fred repeated. "Anything you want me to do, I'll do" she smiled and answered.

"O.K., let's do it" and with that Fred let Peggy grab his cock and head out the door. She led him along slowly, almost as if she wanted to get caught in the hallway by one of her dorm mates. Fred's head was spinning, this was nuts. What if he got caught naked in dorm with his cock in some girls hand.

Luckily they made it just as the door down the hall opened up, if they saw anything, it was his ass going through the doorway. They shut the door behind them and fell on the bed laughing in each others arms.

"Well, do you want a blow job, or do you want to fuck me again?" Peggy asked after a few minutes. "Neither" said Fred, "you said you would do whatever I wanted. I want you to get your camera, some baby oil, a dildo, and put on your sexiest panties."

Peggy looked at him for a second, then smiled and went to prepare. She brought out a bottle of baby oil, her Polaroid, and a 10 inch gel dildo, then she disappeared into the bathroom.

When Peggy walked out she was wearing nothing but thong panties, the fabric in front was sheer so that you could see her pussy lips and pubic hair. Fred took the first picture, and told her, "Lay down on the bed and do what I say."

She did and he took another picture. Then he took a series of photos as she followed his orders. "Put baby oil on your breasts and rub it in while you pinch your nipples. Cover the dildo with oil and rub it along the outside of your panties against your pussy. Hook your thumbs in your panties and pull them down your legs, then drip oil on your bare pussy."

With each order Peggy did as she was told, she was getting hot having pictures taken of her like this and her breathing became shallow, her pussy lips opened to her touch and Fred took pictures of it all. Close0ups of her pussy, her fingers pinching her nipples, oil shining on her naked body.

"Now take the dildo and fuck yourself slowly," Peggy started with just the tip of the dildo and it didn't take long for her to shove the entire thing into her hot slit. She stroked the entire 10 inches in and out of her cunt while the camera clicked away. Her ass bucked on the bed and she forgot Fred was even in the room, she slammed the dildo deep into her cunt and started to moan loudly, then came in another shuddering orgasm.

Fred lay down between her legs and licked her cunt clean, they held each other for awhile and fell asleep naked and entwined on the bed.


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