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Passionate Night
by DJ Throbbin

As soon as the door closes behind us, our lips lock in an embrace so tight, that we nearly forget to breathe. We stumble to the bedroom, not wanting to let go of one another. We reach the bed and separate our lips, so that we can begin to slowly undress each other, watching, as every inch of each other's skin becomes visible.

Once undressed, I lay you gently, face down on the bed. I begin slowly rubbing your neck, moving down your back, and caressing your sweet round ass. I then repeat this course along your body, but this time, I caress with my lips, tongue, and breath all along your neck and back. I make sure that I do not miss an inch of your back, kissing and licking it all the way to your ass.

Now I roll you over, and give you another tender kiss on the lips, before traveling down your body. After a kiss on the lips, I nibble and suck on each earlobe, and then your neck. Next, I lovingly fondle your succulent breasts, giving plenty of attention to your now erect nipples. I love the feeling of your hard nipples in my mouth, as I tenderly suck on each one. I continue moving down, stopping to dart my tongue in and out of your belly button.

From your belly button, I move quickly to your toes, as you moan in anticipation. I rub both of your feet, while suck each individual toe, not leaving any out. Then I slowly move my way up your legs, taking extra time at your soft, white inner thighs. I kiss every bit of those warm thighs, until I can hear you begging me to move on.

So I spread your legs as wide as they will go, to get a good look at what awaits me. I can see your pussy lips, already glistening with your tasty juices. I start to rub your clit, until it is nice and swollen, then I slide a finger into your steaming vagina. After I have gotten you well excited, I spread your pussy and begin to lick all of it that I can. I alternate between darting my tongue in and out, and drawing your clit into my mouth to suck on it. While I am sucking on your pussy, I lick one of my fingers before gently sliding it into your ass. This gets you squirming, and it is hard to keep my head between your legs. You begin to moan, as I service both of your wanting holes.

Finally, I lift up my head and smile, as I move up and once again kiss your breasts, before sliding my cock into your dripping wet pussy. You moan in delight, as you finally have what you have been waiting for. I thrust it in and out, as both of our bodies sweat and quiver together. Your moaning becomes louder and louder and I pump faster and faster, until finally I explode inside you, as you let out a great moan of delight! Our hearts begin to slow, but we are not done yet.

You pull my cock out and spin yourself around until we are in a 69 position. You begin licking and sucking on my dick, making it stiffer that it was before. And as I eat your pussy again, delighting in every bit of you I taste, you proceed to give me a blowjob like nothing I have seen or felt before. I can tell you know exactly what you are doing, as you dart your tongue around the swollen head and take the whole thing into your warm mouth and suck on it. You pump your fist faster and harder around my shaft, and I can feel getting ready to pop, as I have my face buried in your vagina. Finally, I erupt into your mouth, and you continue sucking on it until you have swallowed every last drop of my cum! You turn back around and we kiss like never before, but I know we are not finished.

You play with my cock, until it is once again standing strait, and then you tell me what you want, but I already knew. You turn around and get on all fours, and give your ass a little smack. I rub your pussy from behind, while I apply some lubrication to my throbbing cock. I move closer and rub the head of my penis around the opening of your ass, teasing you with it. I start slow, only inserting the head at first, but I can tell that you can't wait for it all. I go in a little further with each stroke, until at last, I plunge my entire rod into your ass, as you give off a moan of satisfaction.

I begin thrusting slowly, but as I thrust more, your ass begins to relax a bit, and it is easier to move in and out. As I thrust faster and harder, you start moaning louder as rub your pussy with one hand. You continue to moan louder, as the rhythm increases, faster and faster, harder and harder. Until your moan becomes a scream as I burst inside your ass, and I can feel your cum running between my fingers!

We passionately kiss as we all but collapse next to each other. We lay there, holding and caressing each other's naked and sweating bodies. The smell of sex is now so potent in the air; it is hard to breathe. But we lay in one another's arms for hours after that, but it seems like an eternity.


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