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Public Pool
by Irshbrat

It had been a long, hot day. The traffic had sucked. I just wanted to get home and take a shower, have a drink, and relax. You had other ideas. "Let's go swimming," you said. I hemmed and hawed a little but you soon convinced me by lifting my long hair up and blowing on my neck and caressing it with that tongue of yours. You know just how to make me your steamy sex slave.

I quickly made my way into our bedroom and changed into my bathing suit. It's basic black but the see-through top section makes my tits look nice and round. Especially when my nipples are nice and hard, like now. I am all wet from those kisses you just gave me. I can't help myself, I slide a finger down my slit....across my extremely hard and sensitive clit.....down my sopping seam till it slides up inside my pussy. God it feels so good...I am now dripping wet. Well, you are waiting so I had better stop.

I walk out of the room, you kiss me again, and then take the very finger I just had buried inside my pussy and lick it while moaning a little. When you are done you purr in my ear, "I can't wait to bury my tongue inside you." An intense erotic wave flows through my entire body at your words. You say, in that sexy laughing way, "Let's go cool you off a little." My knees are like rubber but I manage to walk up to the pool with you.

I take my sheer black wrap skirt off and dive into the cool caressing water. It feels like a hundred of your fingers touching every erotic spot on my body. Once in, I head to the middle of the pool and wait for you. The next thing I know, you are sliding your wet body up mine. I can now feel you hard throbbing cock against my leg. My tits are hard from the chill of the water and you rubbing up against me. I start trying to kiss you but you teasingly avoid them. This frustrates me so I grab the back of your hair and pull you to me. I don't know why but this forcefulness is making me really hot and bothered.

We are lucky it is starting to get dark and no one is at the pool besides us. You start kissing my neck again. One hand has reached inside my top and is caressing my nipples into excitement. Even in the water I can feel the juice dripping out of me. You again whisper in my ear, "I want to slide my nice hard cock inside your hot tight pussy." I back you up to the wall of the pool. I wrap my arms around your neck, and my legs around your waist. You lean your head towards me and suck my nipple into your mouth. Of course, this gets me moaning. You place one hand under my ass to support and control me. The other you use to move my bathing suit aside and to guide your cock inside my cunt. First you rub it up against my clit just to tease me. Then in one solid thrust you enter me to the hilt.

I gasp and moan as I feel your hard prick hit my g-spot. My body feels so free and full, the water all around us and your cock so deep inside me. I hope I am nice and tight and wet for you. You slowly start to slide out and then back into my pussy. Very slowly at first, so I can feel every inch of your shaft slide in and out of me. Now you start to speed up. I can feel your cock starting to swell as you fuck my pussy. I can't wait to feel you wet hot cum hit the back of my cunt. As you start to cum, you bury your head into my neck and almost scream. I feel your load explode all over my insides. We slip of each other and head towards the raft we brought with us.

You tell me to climb up onto the raft. It is on of the ones that have arm rest, head rests and a hole in leg section so you can sit instead of lay down if you want. As soon as I am on board you disappear underwater...resurfacing through the hole. This position leaves your head right between my legs. I am getting that erotic chill all over my body again. You once again move my swimsuit aside. But this time you spread my pussy lips apart too. I am in heaven. We are in the middle of a public swimming pool, granted it's pretty much dark, and you are going to lick my cunt till I scream and quake with orgasm.

I feel your warm breath against my clit and I start to get even wetter. Then you touch my clit, barely grazing it, but enough to make my body squirm. Now you delicately flick my clit with your wet hard tongue. Then you apply pressure and speed. My body is convulsing in little tremors of pleasure. I can feel you tongue lick my entire pussy...flat licks all the way across me....tasting a lot of juice as you go. After a few minutes you remember how hard you made me cum by inserting a finger into me while licking my cunt. As you lick my with incredible dexterity and skill, you slide two fingers right up into my pussy. You pump them in rhythm to licking my clit till you hit my g-spot. I start to HARD that we both fall off the raft into the water laughing!!!!! All tension is now relieved from my body thanks to you. Can I suck your cock when we get back to the house?

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