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Playing Pool
by Leslie

Jack is an Internist at a local hospital and was on 1st call. We had a nice dinner with his best friend Randy and his date, Monique. Monique wasn't feeling well and we dropped her off at her apartment after dinner. She had a fever and Jack suggested some extra strength Tylenol, a lot of liquids and sleep. Instead of going to the movies, Randy said he didn't want to be a 3rd wheel and to drop him off too. We protested, but in the end we ended up taking him home. The movie wasn't going to start for about an hour, so we went in to have a drink and for me to use the ladies room.

Randy lived in a really nice house in the suburbs and it had a beautiful family room with hardwood floors, a cigar store Indian, barber's chair, and a great antique pool table. When I was leaving the bathroom I heard the cracking sound of someone breaking the rack and the balls caroming off each other. It brought back memories. I used to play a lot in college in the student union building when I had a break between classes. I got pretty good and could beat most of the guys.

We didn't have much time to play, and I certainly wasn't dressed for pool. I was wearing a fairly clingy dress that was scoop necked and some short heels. So I just watched for a while. Jack is not a good pool player at all. Randy was good. He was making some nice shots and knew how to move the ball around the table. Jack asked if I wanted to try a few shots. I replied that I was hardly dressed to play pool. He said to just kick off my shoes and to give it a try. That was when I told him that I was a pretty good player in college. He laughed. I took the cue stick, chalked it up, blew the residue from the tip and applied some powder to my left hand so the cue would slide easily between my fingers. Then I looked around the table for a shot and saw an almost straight in shot on the 6 ball. I called 6 ball in the corner pocket and lined up the shot. I leaned over the table on the line of the shot and my scoop necked dress top succumbed to gravity and billowed out away from my body. I was wearing a lacy 1/2 bra that was under wired and accented my cleavage. I'm a fairly thin woman, standing 5'7" 128 but my breasts are full and a 34C.

Well, I made the shot, but the guys never knew it. They were too busy staring at my cleavage. I looked up and smiled and told them again that I was not dressed to play pool. We all laughed when I asked them if they liked the view better than the shot I just made. Jacks beeper when off and he went to the phone. Randy and I were laughing about the situation at the table. Jack came back and said he had to make a quick trip to the hospital and would be back in less than an hour. But that meant that the movies were out. I went to get my coat and Jack said that I should stay here with Randy and play a few games of pool until he got back. I protested, but he swore he'd be back before we had a chance to play more than a few games. One of his earlier patients had an adverse reaction to a prescription he wrote for her and he needed to see her and adjust the medication. I put my jacket down, gave him a hug and a kiss and he scurried out the door.

Randy racked up the balls and we decided to play straight pool to 50 balls. Jack should be back by then and maybe we'd go out for a drink or something. I asked Randy if he was going to be able to concentrate on the game of pool the way I was dressed. He assured me that he was a very competitive person and even though he might be enjoying the view, He was still very confident that he'd have no trouble beating me. I laughed and renewed my challenge. We were playing for about 10 minutes and it was hard for me to concentrate knowing Randy was looking down my top every time I took a shot. It made me not play my best. It didn't affect him at all. Like he said, he would enjoy the view but still play well. Now it was beginning to bother me that I wasn't playing well. As competitive as I am, I wanted to be able to make shots I used to.

I asked Randy if he had an old T-shirt I could wear. He laughed and went into his bedroom with a big white T-shirt. When he handed me the shirt, he laughed and told me that it wouldn't help me beat him. That made me angry. I wanted so badly to win that I blurted out a challenge. Let's play for a dollar a ball and start over when I change into the T-shirt. Randy is a handsome guy. I'd say 6' 180lbs., very fit and would take it personally to lose anything to a woman. He was about to speak when the phone rang.

Randy answered it. It was Jack. I took the phone. Jack explained that the situation was a little more involved and the woman had to be re-admitted to the hospital and that it would take at least another hour there and then 20 minutes to get back. I told him that Randy and I had a really tough match going on and that we'd wait for him.

Now the only thing to do was to change into the shirt and play pool without distractions. Randy countered my challenge saying he didn't want my money and that we should just play for fun. I wanted something to be on the line. I needed it to spur my attention. Then Randy came up with something. First he told me not to get him wrong, but if he lost he would pay me the money, if I lost then I would have to play one game of 8 ball with him wearing my dress and no bra. That way he would have the incentive to play well so that he would be assured of an even better view later on. I agreed and headed off to the bathroom to change.

I unzipped the top to my dress and let it slide down my arms to my waist. I reached behind me and unfastened my bra and pulled it away from my body. Oh, that felt good, because the under wire at the bottom of the cups was beginning to get uncomfortable. I slipped the T-shirt on and just let the top part of the lightweight dress hang loosely under the shirt. I walked back into the family room and put my bra on the chair next to my coat. Randy took it all in with a wry smile and set the score back to zero and racked the balls.

We were playing pretty even until about 20 balls each. We both had a few Coronas and were feeling kind of loose. It was like a flashback of the past, with the radio playing oldies and just kicking back playing pool with a friend. Then I remembered the bet and

I tried to knuckle down. Randy reached 30 balls to my 24. He then broke the rack again making a ball to get to 31. The balls were all over the table and it looked like he was Going to make quite a few. He smiled and asked if the bet was still on. I nodded and gave him a half smile half stare. When he got to 40 balls, I had only 29 and he had the table with some easy shots. He ran off a few more, and then he made a nice shot and then 3 more. He was at 47! I think we both began to wonder if I was going to pay off. He tried to give me an out by saying that I didn't have to. But a bet is a bet. When he missed a shot, I got an adrenalin rush and made 4 in a row, but then I missed an easy one. He made 2 balls and then looked over at me as he stroked the 50th ball into the pocket. As it nestled into the side pocket, I took a long deep breath. Randy just stood there and smiled a very small, almost apologetic smile. I shrugged my shoulder and told him that I was ready to pay off. Randy gave me another chance to avoid any embarrassment, but a bet is a bet and I intended to pay off.

I asked Randy to turn around so I could "get ready" to pay off. He turned his back and I quickly pulled the T-shirt over my head and began to place it on a chair near the pool table. Standing there naked from the waist up, I looked over at Randy with his back turned and noticed something interesting. He was staring at me in the reflection of the wall mirror and smiling. I shouted to him that it wasn't fair that he was staring at me and slowly pulled my dress into place over my breasts while keeping my eyes locked on his. As I pulled the last strap into place he turned and came over to me. He took me into his arms and gave me a hug. His body felt hard and lean. He whispered in my ear that he had seen enough and that the bet was paid in full. His hands rubbed my back in a comforting way and I sort of melted into his arms. He stepped back and smiled at me. I grabbed a pool cue and bent down in front of him to break the rack. He stood VERY close to me and looked down my dress. His eyes were burning into my nipples. He was taking me all in very carefully. He was studying my every movement. When I stuck the cue ball and my breasts jiggled plainly in his view. He seemed fascinated and was blushing a bit. I remained bent over and looked up at him and smiled.

I stood up and asked him why he seemed so fascinated with my breasts. His reply was honest, sweet and sincere. He explained that he had always been infatuated with the female form. It dated back to movies, art, his mother, his sister, and just about every woman he ever cared about. Breasts to him were a wonder of nature in purpose and in form. Then he looked at me and smiled. I was genuinely touched by his sincerity.

Keeping my focus on his soft brown eyes and smiling face, I reach over and pulled one dress strap and then the other from my shoulders and let the dress fall to my waist. Randy took a deep breath and took a step closer to me. He looked at my face and smiled and then let his eyes wander to my breasts. My nipples had hardened from the cool air of the room and the excitement of being the object of sensual attention.

He reached over and cupped my breasts. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back onto my shoulders. His hands were soft and warm. They were also strong and sure. He caressed me for what seemed like several minutes and then dipped his head to take my left nipple between his lips. He sucked at me like a hungry baby and teased my nipples alternately with his teeth. This sent shivers throughout my body as the sensuality of the moment began to take over. He untied the sash at my waist and pulled the dress down over my hips. Clad only in bikini underwear and 2" heels, Randy stepped back to take in my shape. Again he smiled and started to unbutton his shirt. His pants were next and he was soon standing before me in a light blue pair of silk boxer shorts. It was evident from the tenting of the front of the shorts that he was sexually charged.

We embraced. He kissed me deeply and softly, his tongue gently prodding my teeth and lips. He backed me up to the table and pressed against me. I could feel his engorged penis as it pushed against my stomach. Stepping back and then kneeling on one knee, he slipped his fingers into the waistband of my panties and drew them slowly over my hipbones and the down my thighs. I stepped out of them and barely caught my balance when I felt his hot breath on my thigh and looked down to see the top of his head near my belly button. Then I felt the hot, wet contact of his tongue to my clit that was slightly protruding from my lips. MMMMMMMMM.... he was good. I spread my legs slightly for balance and to allow him better access. My head was spinning and I felt a little light-headed. I leaned back against the pool table to brace myself and Randy gently lifted me onto the edge of the table and buried his face into me. He licked the length of my lips and teased the opening with his strong, pointed tongue. Leaning backward on my hands and opening my thighs to him, I let out a low moan.

He lapped up my juices for several minutes and then stood. His tongue licking his lips and face as clean as possible. We kissed, passionately and deeply. Exploring each others mouth, teeth and tongues. He was a wonderful kisser. His hands played over my breasts and his fingers gently teased my nipples, which were as hard as rocks. I reached down and slid my hand over the silky waistband of his boxers. Just under the waistband, sticking straight up was a very hard and very long, full bulge. My small hand grasped it and slid lightly over it feeling the silkiness of the fabric and thickness of his erection beneath. Sliding off the table, I sank to my knees and let my cheek move across the silk front of his shorts, taking in the softness of the cool silk. Turning my face from side to side I pressed against his erection, trying to push it flat against him.

Randy pushed the shorts down his legs and his erection burst into view. It was very thick and probably 7 to 8 inches long. The head was beautifully shaped and it twitched with anticipation as my hot breath came into contact with the tip. I looked up at him; our eyes locked on each other as I opened my mouth and place my hand on his hard shaft. Aiming the shaft toward my lips, I leaned toward him and as his eyes began to close to small slits of pleasure, I took him deeply into my mouth. First the head, then 2", 3", 4", 5" and then finally with a small push, his pubic hair was pressed against my nose and his entire penis was locked into my mouth. He moaned a low and sexy moan as I began to slide my mouth and hand over the length of his shaft. I slurping sound escaped my lips as I began to rock back and forth at a faster pace allowing his penis to slide from just the head in my mouth to a complete engulfing of his manhood. My saliva coated the shaft and I sucked deeply as the smooth friction of my hand and mouth began to make him tense and squirm.

He whispered something I could not make out, but his hand found the back of my head and directed my movements. He pushed and moved me at a faster pace and I began to suck at him more deeply and with earnest. He tensed, groaned and muttered some expletive as he let loose a flood of cum into my mouth. I swallowed greedily with my mouth locked onto him. I continued to squeeze his shaft with my mouth and hand and was determined to milk him dry. He shot another load into me. It made me gag slightly but I swallowed enough to breathe and take control again. It tasted so hot, so salty and so thick...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I licked the cum from the sides of my mouth as I stood. Randy's eyes were locked closed and his legs were in a bent and weak position. He hobbled around me and leaned against the pool table. He opened his eyes and smiled. I smiled in return. He whispered in a barely audible voice..."Wow, you are an amazing woman."

Just then the phone rang and I stepped across the room to answer it. It was Jack; he was on his way back. I hung up the phone and Randy and I walked to the bathroom. His hand was on my ass and I was leading him by his only slightly engorged penis. We smiled as we cleaned up and chatted as we dressed afterwards. I told him that I was in love with Jack and that this was an aberration and could not happen again. He didn't answer me. He had a look in his eyes that seemingly would not be denied. We left it at that, but I got the distinct feeling that the antique pool table would be the site of more fun and games for Randy and I in the future.


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