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Private Parties
by Molly Malloy

I knew that there was good money in bartending and serving at private parties but until my friend Renee explained I didn't know how good.

We both worked lunches at a golf club restaurant. She lived in a killer apartment over the quaintest street where people wandered all evening to cafes and shops, all of us wondered how she could afford it alone but we never asked. Renee was all of 5'2 with 36DD tits that were always in the customers "way" so her tips were great I learned real fast, to allow my ass to be grabbed increased my tips considerably.

For her it was her tits for me I had the great ass or so I was told. One day she came to me after our shift to ask if we could talk. Seems she was working a "party meeting" once every month for 10 men. This one night it seems paid her rent. The men wanted me there this time to since the other girl usually working couldn't be there.

Sounds to good I thought...Renee worked the party topless, allowing touching and fondling and licking... for a price, she said she would usually make 400-600 in 2-3 hours. My rent was $375. Count me in.

They wanted me bottomless a bit more daunting but hey. This was strictly private, at one persons home and the 10 men couldn't afford to be found out. Absolutely no pics, videos, telling or you were out and it had been going on for 6 years changing girls as needed. We decided I'd wear a short shirt and an apron to cover the front.

The tips rolled in as soon as we started, my ass was fondled, rubbed, swatted, pinched but all very politely if that's the word I never felt really uncomfortable and I had almost $400 in my apron pocket.

I had been forewarned of the party games, that they were fairly tame and very lucrative, Mine was $20 for 1 minute of my ass - no fucking allowed. I figured at 20x10 another $200- sure.

Guy 1 - rubbed oil all over my ass, it was a great massage I should have paid him.

Guy 2 - Ice rubbed all around, I still like that, thanks wherever you are.

Guy 3 - Spanking my least favorite but a definite turn on when being watched.

Guy 4 - wanted to really look, his wife would never let him just really see her asshole so I did. He never really touched me but to spread the cheeks but this was the most sensual of all

Unfortunately there were only four ass men the rest wanted Renee's tits but hey in 4 minutes I made another $80.

I went home that night to fuck my boyfriend like crazy -though he had no idea why. I had made around $500 in two and a half hours. I did this whenever one of the regulars couldn't for the next year or so and saved up to buy my first condo. It was great.

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