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Peeper Payback
by David D.

I had been working for the security company for about a year when I got the call to do an urgent job at Portsea. I drove down the highway, stopping occasionally at some of many beaches to check out the girls in their bikinis as they tanned their tight bodies. I drove through the streets with million dollar houses behind high walls and found the house. I collected basic tools and rang the intercom.

"Yes" came a haughty voice .

I gave my name and company and was buzzed through. I walked up the path as a stunning, impeccably groomed blonde woman opened the door. She was about late 30's and had that sleekness that only a close familiarity with a lot of money brings. My next reaction was one of amazement because she was wearing a long shirt, tied at the bottom that left little doubt that her breasts were free beneath it. She introduced herself as 'Susan' and made clear that I was to do the job quickly because she had two friends for lunch.

Trying not to stare, I listened as she explained the job. In short I was to install a new security system in the living area downstairs and then in the bedrooms upstairs. I started in the kitchen and made some initial measurements. I saw Susan go back outside to the pool area and remove her shirt to reveal her high cut yellow bikini bottom and her well-tanned breasts.

She was speaking to a second elegantly groomed woman who was wearing a tight blue G-string and a superb tan. Her hair was well cut so that not even a strand was out of place. She held a bottle of coconut oil and she lathered it generously over her firm breasts. Watching her oiling her tits in this way got me so hot that I moved back from the window and started to rub my cock. As I did so, the second woman handed the bottle back to Susan and lay back on the sun-bed.

"Thanks Emma" drawled Susan taking the oil from her.

As I checked the diagrams I heard the doorbell and after a moment a third woman appeared. She was older - maybe 43- and had very short, cropped blonde hair. She was wearing a long, flowing peasant skirt, white blouse and sandals and had large gold earings.

"Katie - how wonderful to see you" Susan greeted her.

Katie dropped her bag and started to unbutton her shirt to reveal a gold swimsuit covering her enormous breasts. She undid the peasant skirt at the waist and stepped out of it. Putting the clothes away she rolled her swimsuit down and her large breasts just flowed out. In spite of her age, she had a superb body - hard, thick nipples that stuck out like two stubby pencils. She continued to roll the swimsuit off to show a matching G-string, which highlighted her tanned ass.

Moving upstairs, I checked the plan and saw that the master bedroom was the next for measuring. I went in and saw immediately that I could look down to the pool area where I could see Emma and Susan stretched out on sunbeds. Katie was bent over, her pendulous breasts swinging as she oiled Susan's back. The arousing scene of these sleek women oiling each other made my cock stiffen again.

Glancing around the bedroom, I wondered....... On other jobs I had carefully indulged my fetish of women's lingerie and the richer the client, the more excited I became exploring the lingerie drawers of these expensive wives.

I went quickly went to the clothes cupboard. Opening it, I found Susan's underwear drawer and plunged my hand in amongst her silky panties, bras and G-strings. To my surprise however, my hand felt something hard and long at the back of the drawer and reaching under a sports bra, I pulled out a collection of dildos. This was certainly something I wasn't expecting. There was a big thick black dildo, a second ribbed one with a thick gleaming head, a thin knobbed vibe that looked like it could be used for anal stimulation and a long white strap on dildo.

My cock was beating hard as I took a pair of panties and creeping over to the window unzipped my jeans and pulled out my thick, stiff cock. Susan's silk panties were cool and smooth as I slipped them on my cock and started jacking off while watching Emma's tight ass on the sunbed below.

I could feel the cum pulsing in my cock and closed my eyes as I pumped harder. I must have been totally gone because I never heard the footsteps.

"What the hell do you think you're doing"

I jumped up quickly and turned to see Katie standing in the doorway. I tried to hide the panties and zip myself up at the same time but even so the vibes and dildos were in plain view on the bed.

Katie was wearing a loose shirt and the G-string she had stripped to when she arrived

"You bastard" she screamed "How dare're gone....Susan, Emma, come up here quickly"

"Please, just forget it please" I said. "Anything you want...."

It was too late as Susan came running in and instantly saw the vibes on the bed.

"This creature was jerking off into your panties," said Katie angrily. By this time Emma had arrived and was standing at the back coolly taking it in.

"Go and call the police Susan" she said. Susan was a bit confused but turned away to go but just outside the door, Emma stopped her and started whispering urgently her hand on Susan's bare arm. I felt confused too and sat on the bed. More urgent whispering and then Emma said " Katie - come here"

Again an urgent conversation ensued and I was getting the feeling that something was up.

Emma peeled away and re-entered the bedroom.

"Listen creature" she said, "I've persuaded the others to give you a chance. You have to do exactly what we tell you or else you're going straight to the cops."

"Yes sure anything" I stammered.

"Right first stand up and take off your shirt and put your arms out straight" I did so and Katie came from behind and looped a silk scarf around my wrists and tied it in a tight knot. I was starting to get a bit worried. She led me to the bed and made me kneel on it while she looped a belt around the scarf and tied it to the top of the bed.

"OK you bastard", she said,

"Now we're going to give you a taste of your own medicine. Move or call out and you're gone."

As I knelt there, I felt Emma undo my belt and pull off my jeans. I felt very exposed and then worried as she reached into the pouch of my briefs and caressed by thick cock.

"Mmm - looks like he's ready for anything....Susan - would you like to see" Susan was sitting in a chair with an excited look in her eyes and moist lips.
"No I want to piss on him first"

I started to get up - this was more than I had thought I was getting into

"Don't you move, you animal" screeched Emma

"Get up - you're going to get more of Susan than you expected when you were playing with her panties"

I started to protest and make more excuses but realised that it was futile

Emma undid the belt and pulled me off to the en-suite and made me crouch in the bath. I removed my briefs but even the gravity of the situation and the possibility that I would lose my job couldn't diminish my growing erection.

As I lay back in the bath, Susan approached, breathing hoarsely and quickly. She had removed her shirt and her large nipples were protruding and she started to rub her lower stomach firmly. She lifted one leg and rested it on the edge of the bath while continuing to rub herself. Then with a low moan, she pulled her bikini pants aside to reveal her puffy labia and let an enormous stream of steaming yellow piss rush out all over my cock.

With a second moan, she directed the stream into my mouth. I started swallowing her piss but began to gag as the force of the stream increased and I let the rest run out the side of my mouth. Emma and Katie were whooping and cheering as I took Susan's degradation all over me but glancing up I could see that Emma had got very excited by this and had her hand inside her G- string rubbing hard at her clit.

"Please now let me try" she said. Susan was panting and leaned back against the wall. Emma bent to unsnap the clasp of her G-string between her legs and like Susan put one leg up on the edge of the bath.

"Start licking me animal" she said

I knelt up and started to tongue her snatch, which was wet and slippery. As I probed deep into her hole, she shifted and stated moaning then moved right into the bath so that her legs were spread out over me.

"Now ream me"

"Come-on, do my asshole"

"Oh yes that's good - Oh yes" she moaned.

I started to tongue her crinkly anus and as I did, she shuddered violently and then pissed directly on my face drenching me with her sticky stream. Again cheers accompanied the degradation that Katie was giving me.

I lay back stunned by the course that events had taken - my cock was stiff with excitement but I hadn't anticipated getting soaked in hot piss. I started to struggle up.

"Ok - Ok I'm sorry for what I did - I'll just leave now" I said, thinking of what I could say by way of excuse to my boss

Emma pushed me back -

"Where do you think you're going - we're not finished with you yet"

Emma showered me and then the women led me back to the bedroom. I was tied to a clothes rack facing a mirror that allowed me to see everything that was happening. More whispered conversations and then I saw Katie come into the room. She was completely nude and her shaven cunt was glistening with her juice. To my horror I saw Susan helping her to strap on the thick white dildo that I had found earlier in her drawer

Emma knelt and fastened the straps under Katie's ass and in a moment she was strutting about the room with the long plastic cock poking out of her.

I knew what was coming as Katie ordered me to kneel with my ass in the air. Emma had a tube of KY gel and taking a slab of it she held my ass cheeks aside and started to smear the sticky lubricant around my ass. I could feel her manicured nails as she probed my anus and after a moment she stated to fuci my ass with one of these sharp nails.

"OK Katie", she said "he's all yours. Give him a good hard fuck". Katie approached and I felt the firm head of the dildo against my ass but she wasn't quite tall enough. She withdrew and Susan went to the cupboard to get a pair of high gold heels which Katie slipped on.

I felt the dildo behind me again as Katie stated to ease it up my ass. At first I thought it would be too much but glancing in the mirror I caught sight of this stunning woman pumping away in my ass while her friends watched got me hot as hell. Soon I was enjoying the sensation of being ass-fucked by this horny woman while her friends watched.

Susan came up close, her eyes glazed as her fingers worked inside her pants

"Well how do you enjoy getting fucked in the ass?" she said. She reached under and started pumping my cock, her long elegant fingers grasping my shaft firmly. I could only moan an answer

"Answer - unless you want another piss shower"

The whole scene sent me over the top and fell the cum surging in my shaft as I shot wads of cum all over the mirror and slumped down against the ropes as I felt the dildo withdraw from my ass.

For a minute nobody said anything and then I think the women started to realise the whole situation was getting a little out of hand.

"Get him out of here" said Susan - "but make him clean up that mess first"

Emma had started to untie the ropes but then grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into the sticky mess that I had left on Susan's mirror.

"Lick it all up" she said

I started licking at the trails of hot sticky cum that were trickling down the mirror, gagging a bit at the salty taste. I saw Katie leaning back against the wall her hand fondling the dildo and felt the pressure building in my cock again.

Cum was still smeared on my lips as Emma released me, bundled my clothes and tools into my arms and pushed me roughly down the hallway.

Susan was there to open the door as they shoved me out the door into the garden.

"Tell your boss I changed my mind and never let me see you again," she snarled.

I got into my clothes and pushed through the gate and drove off feeling a mixture of humiliation, fear and excitement at what had just passed.


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