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Punishment Progress Report
by Mike Ginsburg

Mike's cock

Well, my daily punishment has now been in force for a week now, and damn is my behind sore. And my ego is not fairing very well. Betsy and her friends have been very unforgiving in spanking me.

Furthermore, they have been showing me absolutely no slack in making verbally embarrassing comments about my size. They've also been slapping me hard and on a regular basis. On occasion they've kneed me to the groin when I talk back to them during our sessions.

The weeknight sessions have lasted anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. And these sessions have been intense.

I thought I had learned my lesson last time, when Betsy and Carol embarrassed me several months ago, and I still misbehaved. This time I am sure I will never again displease Betsy. She has come up with such a severe punishment for my misdeed, I truly believe I'll have to try to displease her, and not just screw up.

My session with Lisa yesterday (Saturday) was the most embarrassing, painful day of abuse I feel I could ever endure. It began at 8 AM and didn't end until just before 7PM when Betsy was due to come home with our three daughters.

Lisa brought over three of her friends: Karen, Jessica and Lori. They brought along a camcorder and filmed our entire session. They promised to make copies for Betsy and many of their lady friends.

Today was Michelle's turn, and the session just ended at 1PM. It began early, at 7 AM. This was a special six-hour session. There has always been a lot of sexual tension between Michelle and me, something I've resisted because of my love and respect for Betsy.

Well, today I had no control of what went on while I was under Michelle's total control and Betsy was out enjoying the day with our daughters, Wendy, Lauren and Sarah.

Michelle decided she was going to see how well I performed at intercourse. She had said early on today that she had always wanted to bed me, and this seemed to her to be the opportune time. She told me that she felt that I must have something going for me in bed, despite my small genitals. She said that if Betsy could hang in there for nearly 20 years of marriage, and give me three children, I must be somewhat deserving.

Michelle, who at 32 years of age and single, told me she wouldn't mind at all giving me a child, so she insisted on no rubber, and also informed me she wasn't on the pill. The first two hours of our six hours together today consisted of very passionate intercourse with my cumming inside of her.

The knowledge that I might once again become a father in nine months really turns me on. But I also feel guilty and hate myself for not having the control to stop Michelle from "raping" me, forcing me to be unfaithful to Betsy. Not that Michelle couldn't handle me herself, forcing me to go against my will, she had two of her friends over to make sure I did what I was told.

Michelle's friends, Beth and Heather, seemed to have a real good time today. Michelle promised them they could attend our next session. They have been told they could also invite some of their lady friends to join us. I'd say Beth and Heather are in their mid to late twenties, so the group of ladies tormenting me are getting younger and younger.

It appears my initial fears that a very large number of ladies will have a hand in my six-month ordeal is coming true. While this fact really bothers me, I suppose I deserve it for displeasing Betsy.

So, as of today, four of the five of Betsy's friends have had their first individual day with me. Susan is due on Tuesday, and she had promised me a week ago Saturday that I was in for a day of torment I won't forget if I lived to 100 years of age.

And I am waiting to see what happens later today or tomorrow if Betsy decides I should be punished for having intercourse with Michelle.

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