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Punishment Report Week II
by Mike Ginsburg

*Here we are nearing the end of the second week of my six months of punishment. Betsy's friends having been telling us that they've really been enjoying themselves and almost always bringing different young, beautiful, sexy lady friends along during their sessions with me.

They (Lisa, Kym, Michelle, Nancy and Susan) tell me that these ladies are there to make sure I cooperate and that I am exposed to as much embarrassment as possible. Their friends do in fact participate, first hand, in the punishment.

Lisa, Kym, Nancy and Susan have been talking about making love to me, and have as passionate of a lovemaking session as Michelle and I had last week. They are saying they too wouldn't mind becoming pregnant with my child, as long as the child is a girl. They say their concerned any boy I may father will be as grossly under endowed as me. They then point at my crotch and laugh.

In the meantime, Betsy has been coming around to possibly saving me from any further pain from my misdeed. Our daughters are now fully aware of what's being done to me, although they are always out of the house when it occurs. Our youngest (11 year old), Sarah, is truly "Dad's little girl" and very sensitive to what's being done to me.

Between my begging Betsy to relent, and Sarah expressing her concern, Betsy told me this morning that she may (try to) put a stop what's going on. She says she thinks I've already learned my lesson for good this time.

Betsy thinks she may have trouble stopping the punishment completely. She has decided to hold off on her part of the punishment, but she says she is concerned her friends may gang up to try and force their participation for the six months they were promised.

Betsy had already ordered a digital camera online, which is due to arriving within several days. She told me that she is having second thoughts about posting pictures of me, but Nancy told her yesterday that they are all looking forward to using the camera and posting the pictures.

Nancy says they plan on forcing Betsy to take the pictures and forcing me to getting them posted. She says they (she and Betsy's other friends) get real joy from the thought of getting Betsy and I to do things that will further my embarrassment.

The punishment I received last Monday night at the hands of Susan (and the four ladies she invited along) lasted from 5PM until nearly Midnight, and was so severe I passed out twice. Aside from the verbal assaults about my size, I was treated to the usual hard face slaps, over the knee spankings, groin kicks and groin pulls. They put their entire strength and power into the physical punishment, not willing to holding back alittle like the other ladies seemed to be doing.

It turns out that Susan was already upset with me. She was just looking for the chance to hurt me. She and her friends also worked a huge dry dildo up my virgin ass while trying to rip my balls off. I kept begging Susan to stop, or at least ease up, but she would just laugh at me.

At the end of the day, she said she was upset because I apparently ignored her when she had tried to seduce me several years ago. I told her I didn't remember the occasion, but was sure I was just being faithful to Betsy. She said she didn't want to hear my excuses, and that she was hurt by that experience of rejection.

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