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Photo Shoot Fantasy
by Dlaing

Jen was a 25 year old with big dreams.She was wanted by every modeling agency in New York,and if you saw her,you'd know why. She was tall and thin,with flawless skin and legs.She had big breasts and rich brown hair just past her slender shoulders. Her beauty was sharp,and so was her seductivness.

It was a cold Saturday night.Jen was at her small but luxurious apartment overlooking all of New York City,drinking wine.Just then she heard a knock on the door."Coming!"she yelled.

She jumped up from the sofa and opened the door to find an incredibly handsome man standing in the doorway.He had a muscular figure even under his clothes,and a manly but cute face framed by dark brown hair.

"Excuse me?"he said."May I speak to Jenny Stones?"

"I'm Jenny Stones." she replied."What is it?"

'"Wow!" he said.He stared at her with amazement."I'm Timmy Woodens,your new photographer from Fahion Corner magazine.I understand we have a photo shoot this evening at the studio downtown."

"Oh my God!" Jen said."I forgot all about it!Oh man.I don't know.There's too much traffic down there tonight."

"Are you kidding me?" Timmy laughed."This is New York.There's traffic everynight!" They both laughed.Jen saw he had perfect teeth.

"You know,why don't we just stay in tonight and do the photo shoot tomorrow?"she suggested. Timmy shrugged."Fine with me."

"Come in."Jen offered.Timmy stepped in and took off his jacket.His muscles bulged through his shirt as he sat down on the couch.Jen sat beside him.

Timmy stared at her."Wow.You are beyond sexy."

Blushing,Jen giggled flirtingly."You're so muscular.Do you work out?"

"Yep."said Timmy."Everyday.But I want to know where and how you work out to get that body!"

They looked at eachother once more,silently."Would you like something to eat?" said Jen."I've got cookies and chips."

Timmy leaned in close to her face and whispered,"I want to eat you."

Jen was never so happy to hear that.She leaned in to him and they kissed.Tiny kisses at first,but then they opened their mouths and let their tongues slide in to touch eachother.

Timmy probed his tongue into Jen's mouth and nearly down her throat. They licked eachother sloppily,getting their spit all over eachother's cheeks.

Jen pushed Timmy down on the couch and opened her shirt,revealing her red bra filled with her breasts."Suck them." she ordered.

Timmy sat up and grabbed her bra,ripping it off and letting her tits spill free.He grabbed one and plopped the big pink nipple in his anxious mouth.He sucked and sucked,until milk finally came out.Jen grabbed his hair ."Suck them.Suck them until it hurts."

Timmy put the other nipple in his mouth and squeezed the swollen one.He then bit down hard,and Jen screamed with pleasure.Timmy ripped off his shirt,and Jen saw his huge muscles."Come here." he muttered.

He picked her up and carried her into her bedroom.Timmy threw Jen down onto the bed and locked the door.

"Take off your pants." jen whispered.But before she knew it,he ripped off her skirt and panties,and sucked her long legs.

"Open up". he told her."And let me do the rest."

"Fuck me." Jen said."Hard.Or you'll get the consequences." Timmy tore off his pants,and Jen saw the biggest penis she had ever seen.It was as hard and straight as a flagpole.Timmy bent down,and began to suck jen.He licked her piss hole,and then went down to her lips and parted them.He found her tiny clit and and bit down the hardest he could.

Jen screamed with pleasure and pain."Fuck me!Please!" Timmy stood and slid his cock into her anxious pussy. Jen felt the huge stick riding up into her,and loved it.They rocked wildly.Her bed was squeaking and squeeling,and so were they.Jen felt him let loose inside of her,loads of hot cum filled her tank.'"Fuck me!" Her tits were going wild,jogging up and down.

Finally,Timmy slid out of her.Jen was bleeding a little,but she did'nt care.

They kissed and kissed and finally fell down onto the bed. What a night,jen thought.

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