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Puppet Show Ch. I
by XMikeX

Walking onto the stage the first time is always going to be the hardest thing anyone can do, but for some reason, I knew what to expect. My name is Mike, I do the vocals for a heavy metal band called "Puppet Show", but everyone calls me Loki. I stand about 6 foot tall, have blue eyes and I've been growing my brown hair for about 3 months, waiting for the right length to put in dreadlocks. I weigh about 380 but I don't look it thanks to lots of weightlifting sessions in the basement with my friend Craig. Please, forgive me - I digress.

I stepped into the multi-colored spotlights and general smokiness of the club and bent down to lift my microphone. The butterflies in my stomach were turning me into a mess, but that's when I saw her from across the room...Of course always from across the room. In my opinion we played a hell of a set, and I went to the bar to get a drink, looking around for the girl I saw. As the bartender handed me my beer, she walked up to me and introduced herself.

"Hi, my name is Summer, I saw the show, it was great."

Of course me, being the incredible chick magnet that I am (Uh, yeah, sure...) didn't say a damn word. How could I? I had only known this girl for 5 minutes and could already feel the blood rushing from my brain to my dick. I looked her over for a minute before I remembered to say hi. She was about 5 foot tall, maybe 130 tops, she was a little chunky, but that's cool, no problems here. I think the thing that really caught my attention was the huge demon tattoo running from her shoulder to the bottom of her 38C cup tits. I asked if she wanted a drink and we chatted in one of the booths for a bit before I could feel her hand slide up my thigh groping for my rapidly swelling cock. If I wasn't wearing baggy pants, she would have gotten to it right away.

We left the club after I made sure my band got paid, and she massaged my hard cock the whole way to my apartment. Now, normally I would have set up a date with her before I tried getting into her panties, but hey, who the fuck am I to turn away a wet pussy? I closed the door to my place, and pulled her against me for a tight embrace, kissing her and biting her lower lip. She squealed when it happened and I thought that maybe I hurt her, but the look in her eyes told me that she was into that kinky shit...Good. As I shrugged off my shirt, she started to unbutton my JNCO's. She dropped to her knees as she unzipped them and almost got hit in the face with my dick as it sprang out of my pants. Slowly, so painfully slowly she started to kiss and lick all around the head of my tool before she sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue felt so ho and soft on my cock I thought she was going to get a mouthful of cum before she was ready.

I made her stop sucking my cock long enough to pull her tank top off her, and her tits looked gorgeous. The tattoo ran from her shoulder, around the outside of her breast and down to her stomach, and that made me want to fuck her REAL bad. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed my cock deep into her mouth, fucking her face and enjoying every minute of it. The walls of her throat closed around my cock as I started cumming. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and caught a huge spurt of cum on her lower lip as she started moaning and fingering herself under her skirt.

I pushed her back and spread her legs, and almost came again from the shock of seeing a tribal tattoo run up the inside of her thigh. I pushed my tongue into her shaved pussy, and she pulled my hair. God I love having my hair pulled. As I started flicking her clit with the barbell through my tongue, I made sure to slip one of my fingers into her tight pussy. It slid in easy because she was so wet, later on I found out it was because she likes the feeling of cum on her face. Smiling like a horny devil, I pushed her up onto the couch and spread her legs nice and wide. She started fingering herself as I ran to the kitchen to get a bowl of ice. She looked at me funny as I got back between her legs, and moaned loudly as I started flicking her clit with my tongue as I fingered her. I could feel her pussy start to squeeze my fingers so I grabbed an ice cube and pulled my tongue away from her clit, putting the ice there.

She screamed as I killed all the sensation to her clit, but then screamed even louder when I started sucking on her clit, gently biting it. Bringing her closer to her orgasm, again I made sure to kill it with the ice. Throwing the ice back in the bowl, I started pushing my tongue into her pussy and rubbing her clit with my fingers. With a loud scream followed by almost a purring noise, she stated to cum and I thought she was going to suck my tongue into her pussy. When I felt her cum, I could taste her sweet pussy juice dripping onto my tongue. Jesus, was she a fuckin floodgate or what but damn did she taste good.

After I made her cum, I crawled onto the couch next to her and she fell asleep laying with her head in my lap and still wearing her skirt. I drove her home the next morning but if I had known what she was planning, I would have kept her for another day...

Any feedback on this story is welcome, because it will determine whether or not I write more...Thanks -Mike-


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