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Pool Tag
by Todd York

Curtis woke up at about ten in the AM. The blinds were shut with the sunlight burning through in perfect, bright lines. It was July and it was hot. As he lay there his mind began to curl around thoughts. He remembered that his mother, Shelly, had invited his best friend's mom over to swim. Of course, Brian, his best friend would be coming, his sister Shari too, probably. Curtis and Brian were the same age, about to become sophomores in high school in the coming year. Shari was two years younger. As Curtis laid in bed listening for sounds outside his door, he thought of the day. When his thoughts turned to Shari his hand thoughtlessly slid down, under the covers to feel what the morning usually presents him with, a stiff hard on. He had seen Shari in her swimsuit before. She was too young for a bikini still but her body was budding. She had a tan all year round, it seemed. She was always brown, brown and tender...thick black hair with eyes the same color. She had probably never worn makeup. She had breasts. Her mother had huge tits so Curtis was sure she would too, some good day soon. His pace quickened as he went over this image in his head. Shari, with her young, too young, body and her mother's tits, wet with pool water, in his bedroom, pulling back the sheet and putting his dick in her mouth, a mouth that had never even worn lipstick. Curtis came. 

Noonish rolled around and the quest arrived. Brian and Curtis went to the pool and jumped in like they'd never seen a pool before. Kate, Brian's mom, and Curtis' mom made the food and Shari hung out with them for a while. She had on flip-flops and a big T-shirt with "Wet N Wild" on it. So the day passed, small talk between parents, foolish talk between Curtis and Brian, who occasionally would pick on his sister. Shari, eventually fed up, went to lay out in peace, which wouldn't last long. The boys kept jumping in and splashing her. "Let's play pool tag!" Brian said. Curtis agreed and, surprisingly, so did Shari. Now, pool tag is kind of like stealing bases in the water, using a slightly flattened, small, rubber ball, something that can be put under water relatively easy in order to make the tag. A game only to enjoy as a child. After a few turns it was Shari's turn to steal. She started on her brother's side and when Brian threw the ball to Curtis, who, in order to foil Shari's attempted steal, fumbled the ball on purpose. He wanted Shari on his side. Curtis had had a hard on since Shari took her "Wet N Wild" T-shirt off to reveal her tight, one piece, red swimsuit. The bottoms kept slipping into the crack of her ass, exposing a lighter shade of her ass. With Shari on his side, Curtis put his arm around her waist, under the water, to hold her firmly against his stiffness. Surprisingly, to Curtis, she did not seem to resist and he continued to do it each time she came to his side. He made bad throws and bobbled catches in order to keep her in the middle for as long as he could. At one point the ball bounced out of the pool and Brian's side and he had to get out and retrieve it. With this length of semi-private, down time, Curtis pulled down the front of his trunks and rubbed his cock on the outside of Shari's thigh. She looked him right in the eye, with no fear, it seemed. Soon enough the game resumed. 

After the game was over everyone felt exhausted. Brian got on a float and drifted around. Curtis and Shari went to the hot tub. They sat right next to each other in full view of the house and back yard. They could see if anyone was coming their way. They sat for a while saying nothing, doing nothing. Then Curtis began to rub his leg against Shari's. She rubbed back. She didn't look at Curtis. He put his arm around her waist and reached his hand around between her legs, rubbing slowly over her swimsuit. Her leg pressed against him hard, not rubbing anymore. Her head tilted towards him and he could hear her breath getting deep. He slid his hand inside her suit, searching with his puny fingers. He found a spot that made her gasp and kept up with it. Brian proceeded to float peacefully and the mother hadn't come outside for a few hours but still the feeling was one of caution. As Curtis worked over Shari's sensitive, young lips his dick got stiff. He took her hand and put it down his trunks. She felt it, grabbed it tightly with abandon. It was such a freak out for them both. She had never had a pulsing cock in her hand and he had barely done more than what he was working on at that moment. Her body began to shudder, not letting herself totally give in, for fear of getting caught. She would shut her eyes for a moment, overtaken by the rush coming on between her tender thighs, but would suddenly snap back and flash her eyes open to make sure they were not spotted. The game was invigorating. 

Without knowing, they were pressed so hard against each other, anticipating cave in. Curtis noticed a different sort of wetness mixed with the regular pool water, slick. He worked in only one finger, it seemed to be substantial. Her little hand felt tight around his cock. He felt like a rope keeping her from falling in a pit, she was holding on for life. He put his hand over hers and whispered "stoke it", proceeding to show her how with his hand still over hers. Shari began to gyrate in the hips, pushing even harder. Now her eyes were shut tight, head lowered, pressing, stoking Curtis' throbbing dick, periodically but violently breathing and breathing finger jutting and twirling and going for it which she had never felt before. Quick flash, she began to gush, letting out a bit of a choked squeal then a deep breath, her grip still tight on his young prick. He thought she had cum and he was pretty sure. She finally loosened her grip a bit and looked him in the eye. He put his hand back over hers and began to jerk. She couldn't have had a better guide. He ran his hand along her midriff. She was far enough into the water for him to touch her little tits. He noticed her nipples were ridged. She kept looking him in the eye as if to say, "is this right?" They seemed to totally forget the outside world. The look of her young face and the feeling of her hand gaining in adeptness of managing his throbbing meat were about to make him spew his load into the tepid pool water, gaining and gaining till suddenly the familiar sound of the sliding back door shot a space of three feet between them. As soon as Curtis lost his hard on he went to the bathroom and finished himself off in no more than five strokes. Curtis and Shari never mentioned this again but they often thought about it for years to come.
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