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Pool Table
by Starrzback

All day long in the car I played with your hair, your neck and your ears. Now I get to explore your entire body. Anticipation fills my mind as it races with pictures of things I cannot wait to explore with you. Your touch, your scent, your voice are all things that make me wet with just a thought. I become more excited by the minute as we head in the door.

You take my hand and hold me in front of you, warm against the chill from out side. My body shivers as you whisper in my ear I love you and your hands warm my body. You hold me tight and I know that everything is right in the world. I turn around and kiss you softly at first then more forcefully. The day in the car has made me not so patient and more ready then ever. I take your hand and try to lead you upstairs and you tell me No not there, pick another place. So to the game room we head. The possibilities abound in this room. So now to pick where to start. I stroll through the room and shed clothes as I go. First my shirt and then my skirt ... taking my time with both. That leaves my bra, garter belt, thigh high nylons and heels...nothing else.

I turn look at you and say Now get out of those clothes before I am obliged to do it for you. At first you laugh but by the look in my eyes you can see that I am very serious. Slowly you take off your first layer of clothes. Seeing you in your wife beater and boxers, with those arms and that ass, just makes my need intensify. I walk to the stereo and flip it on. Music fills the room. Slowly I walk towards you. As I get to you I push you gently backwards into the pool table. Sit I say. You do so wondering what I plan on next. I brush by you and lightly kiss you on the mouth. You reach for me and I pull away. I walk around to the other end of the table climb on and walk across the table so that I stand behind you. I take my hands and run them through your hair.

I scratch it maybe a touch too hard but I know you like it still. I bend over at the waist and then run my tongue up you throat and around you ear. Then lightly lick your ear. I take my hands and run them down your wife beater and tease your nipples till then stand up yearning for my touch and then stop. I walk to one of the pockets and pull out your strap-on. I get down and put it on you. "Now lay down on the table" - You do so without a word. I climb back on the table and stand above you. Since I have no panties on I stand above your head and run my finger over my clit, moving my hips as I become even more aroused.

You can see my juices running down my inner thighs. You try to reach up but I slap your hand away. No touching till I say you can I say in a stern voice. Then grin a wicked grin. I get down on my knees on your chest and move my finger in and out of me so that you can see everything I do and feel ever shudder of my body. I lick my fingers and then move down to you knees. I take my tongue and run it up your thigh delighting in your scent. A true sign that you have enjoyed everything thus far.

I take out the oil and lather it on your thighs and the strap-on. I slowly move it into my mouth and move up and down. I can feel you move underneath me so I know that you are ok with this. I move up and down feeling you move with me. You moan slightly, I stop and move to straddle you. I slowly sit down on it and start to grind my hips to the music. You try to touch me and I just shake my head now and move your hand away. Please you ask me and I just continue to shake my head and move. I start to move more rapidly and can see in your face that you are close. I reach down and play with my clit. I am very close to orgasm, I grind a little harder so that I can get you there too.

I take your hand and put it on my breast. Make you squeeze it hard and rough. I can no longer wait and scream out your name as I cum. I can see by the look on your face that you are there as well. I can feel you squeeze my hips as you cum with me. I collapse and tell you I love you..... now where else can we do it? You just laugh, tell me you love me and grin. Then you say You are such a horn ball ... but your my horn ball and I wouldn't change you for anything"


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