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Porno Theatre Adventure
by Daren

My wife and I once visited a porno theatre on a lark, but the movie was so lame we actually ended up watching other patrons masturbate, which turned out to be more interesting than watching the movie itself. I was both surprised and delighted, and more than a little curious, about the wife's obvious preoccupation with watching guys jack off. It seemed that some long suppressed voyeuristic urges were being released in that dark place.

The theatre contained mostly single males, and I noticed that the wife kept scanning the audience to see where everybody's hands were (mostly in their laps!). A few couples dotted the audience, and some of those couples were also obviously fondling each other (or staring back at my wife!). One couple was brazenly groping and casting glances in our direction, but at the time we were too shy to return these "gestures" -- although the wife did dare me to expose my cock, which I eventually did after much taunting from her.

She stroked it for awhile, and even went down on me briefly, but I found that I was much more courageous in fantasies than in reality, so I stuffed that horny toad back into my pants the first time a new patron walked down the isle near us to find a seat. Eventually, the wife became so excited by the lewd action she was witnessing that we left the theatre to go home and have some fun. In between licking, sucking, stroking and poking, she kept up a running monologue of nasty talk about what we had observed.

On another occasion I had some time to kill in a big town, so I ventured into a smaller, sleazier porno theatre. This time I was alone, and this time there were no women patrons to be seen inside the place. It was a real "dive".... and although the film being shown was a 'straight' gangbang number, some of the men attending were seated as couples. Some were even playing with each other's dicks and furtively looking around to avoid (or invite) detection.

A few men lined up at the rear of the dark theatre, their backs against the wall, stroking their exposed cocks. I heard muffled but tumultuous sounds coming from an adjacent men's room. God-knows-what was happening inside the toilet stalls. I didn't have the nerve to find out.

I sat, more than a little nervous, frozen in my theatre seat, watching the mass circle jerk going on around me. The "climax" of this little adventure occurred when a white guy in work clothes approached another patron, a large black man, who was standing against the wall with the other men who were exposing themselves and stroking their cocks. Evidently, the first guy had been eyeballing the other fellow for awhile. The two of them exchanged some whispered conversation and then, to my surprise, the first guy dropped to his knees in the middle of the isle, unzipped the other guy's pants, and started licking and sucking the black guy's cock.

From that point forward, hardly anybody was watching the trashy movie. Nearly everyone was straining to see the "action" in the isle. Although the theatre was very dark, there was no mistaking what the first guy was doing. I couldn't hear exactly what was being said, but the white guy was whimpering and moaning, while the black guy was grunting and groaning and stuffing the other fellow's face with cockmeat. Some of the others who were standing nearby crowded around the cocksucker on his knees, stroking their meatsticks and muttering obscenities. I noticed that many of the men seated throughout the theatre were fisting themselves and/or each other with reckless abandon.

Eventually everybody saw the black guy splash a gooey load of spunk all over the white guy's face and down his throat. At that point, the other horndogs standing nearby closed around, wanting to turn the event into a close-in orgy. But the one giving the public blow-job quickly jumped up and almost ran out of the theatre. The black guy calmly zipped up his pants and strode out by another exit.

I said to myself, "The wife ain't gonna even believe this...." And I was right; it took many repeated renditions of that story to convince her of its veracity. She did, however, seem to enjoy having me go down on her, lapping at her juicy cunt, while reciting.... in slow, sexy detail, everything I saw during my adventure in that sleazy porno theatre. She even thought of dressing herself as a man, in baggy clothes, and visiting the place with me.

But that's another story!


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