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Proud to Serve
by ScorpioFury

Talley James was a chameleon; from nine to five she was a regular working girl within the sheriff's department. Talley was the best researcher; she had a knack for finding the most hidden.

One evening on her way from a convention in Chicago Talley was driving down interstate 25, hearing the sound of a police car pulling her over, she wondered what was going on. Looking in her rear view mirror. She was two uniformed Lee county sheriffs walking toward her car.

"Excuse me Miss, but you will have to stay here for a while". There is a huge accident up ahead two miles said the dark-haired cop with the hard edge to his voice.

Talley looked at the officer openly admiring the man. He was 5'10 with red hair and green eyes weighing 189 pounds very muscular. Talley licked her lips as she looked at him. The other officer came around the side of the car, he was blond with a cover boy look to him. Talley wanted to yawn; this type of guy was a turnoff to her. They just knew they were pretty and couldn't hold a conversation to save their soul.

"Officer Alexander, would it be all right if you gentlemen stayed with me for a few moments. Pausing she added, "I need to slip on a pair of pants my poor legs are getting cold."

"I will only be a few minutes, please," asked Talley.

Talley smiled at the officer, as she went into the backseat of her car. She pulled her skirt down her legs, the back door opened up. Officer Alexander was smiling at her. Talley had only a pair of nude stockings and a red garter belt.

"Would you either come in Officer, or close the door. Alexander stood there looking at her with hunger in his eyes. Hearing the sound of the squad car pulling away Talley let out a sigh of relief, which intrigued Alexander.

"You better come in here to keep warm panther, or do you want to search me for weapons she said as she rubbed her tits. "Hey officer why don't you come over here and help me with these big boots" said Talley in a lustful voice. Alexander got inside the car after removing the high-heeled boots.

As he climbed on top of her, Panther was letting out growling sounds. This was making her very wet and her nipples were getting like concrete. Slowly and tenderly Talley edged off the gun- belt he had on his hips massaging them as the belt went to the floor of the patrol car. Letting the shirt fall off his shoulder then the T- shirt came off. Talley gave an audible gasp at the glorious chest licking her lips.

Talley looks into his eyes she encloses her mouth around of the hard as steel nipples. With her free hand, she slowly unzips his uniform pants, sliding her hands down his smooth thighs; she finds the most engorged cock she had ever seen.

It was eleven inches and at four around, fingering the hot throbbing beauty, taking the cock into her hand she begins to rub it slowly hearing the moans from panther. She always gives the men she is involved with an animal name to fit their personality.

After about half an hour of giving and taking that glorious meat inside her mouth then Panther slide inside her. The weather was really helping because over the radio could be heard the warning of a thunder -storm. Panther got up pulling on his clothes and helping Talley to get dressed. They both took off in her black sports car. Panther had called dispatch saying; he was going to go into town with a stranded lady and would someone please take his car back to the station.

Panther felt a bit squeezed into the small sports car. Later he would find she also enjoy very big cars. Talley was very into many things but as they were driving she was busy giving Panther a good deep cocksucking experience that was making him growl with pleasure.

Pulling into the parking lot of her condo. Panther pulled into her space turning off the car. He went to the passenger door helping Talley out of the car; watching Panther closed the door.

Swinging her up into his arms he drove one hand into blazing hot flowing clit and could feel her start to buck back and forth wildly as she wanted more of the pain and pleasure

Taking her keys opening the door, taking her to the bathroom. Panther could feel his cock getting harder as he watched her clean up a bit. Talley told him to pull down his pants, begging him to punish her for being bad and make her understand who was in control. Panther couldn't believe this small red-hot bitch want him to discipline her with his body.

"All right you assume the position against the wall, then you bend over, and grab your ankles. Panther said these commands in a very authoritative voice; which was making Talley get so wet, without panties she was flowing down her legs. Panther got on his knee's to lick very succulent last drop from her.

Standing up he began to thrust into butt with his massive hard on growing more and more urgent with each growl from Talley.

This was the best sex Panther had ever had on the job even from hookers. This girl could make some real easy money if she wanted to. This gave Panther an idea that he would discuss with her later after they had rested.

* * * * *

Cassis Alexander just stared this hot sexy wild woman who was pouring him a glass of tea. Cassis found that being a non-drinker was a turn off to most women especially the hot ones. They figured that it was only way to get aroused was with alcoholic beverages.

Talley Redmond was a mixture pure sex kitten and home spun woman.

C, A. couldn't believe how exciting she was after handing him a glass and drinking some tea. Soon she climbs upon his massive chest giving him a full body massage using a scented lotion as a lube. Later they decided to go for a walk down by the lakeshore. While down at the park area C.A told Talley she was so good would she ever consider having more than one partner?

Talley turned and looked at him and then began tell him about her fantasy of having control over a group of policemen; only man, Talley was not in anyway interested in females for sex, but multiple policemen was a dream.

Talley could feel Panther getting hard she stroked his crotch, as they stood very close. He looked down into her eyes beseeching her for comfort. They sauntered over to a small area of grass. Panther lay down on the lush soft long grass, then slowly Talley knelt in front of him, she could see his rock hard piece of meat between his legs. She pulled the shorts down and rammed his hot knob into her mouth relishing every single lick of it.

Wildly excited she started to finger his nipples pinching them pushed three fingers into his ass whole. Suddenly a shadow came over them Panther rising up a bit saw four of his buddies on the force.

Talley wanted more of Panthers cock; so she didn't pay any attention, until the Captain; stood in front of her with one big juicy (she hoped) bulge in his pants.

"Hey Cap, what are you guys doing here said C.A.", as Talley kept massaging his cock with her tongue. She was very involved slowly letting his cock drop to his leg, top. The other four men looked at Talley openly admiring her. Talley knew they have must be very excited from seeing Panther with she in the grass.

"My my said Talley, "Four more sexy policeofficer, what is a girl to do in a candy store like this?' "It is so hot seeing you four in your uniforms". I am getting all moist and hard looking at you all", "C.A. should we invite you hot and tired looking men", back to my place after their shifts laughed Talley. She looked straight into the Captain's blue eyes.

"Talley, these are my superiors, Captain Michael Matheson, Commander Yannick Benson, Conrad Everton and Steven Satterfield they both are rookies laughed C.A.

"Well, am always happy to meet gentlemen of your caliber; it's a pleasure. Panther and I are having had a wonderful time", my name is Talley James.

This is when the Captain stood right in front of her with lust in his eyes. Talley was getting aroused she pressed her naked body against him. The Captain's grunts told her he was almost ready to be totally taken he pushed her down on the ground.

Talley decided to play with the man. She began to thrust her body in high into the air telling the captain if he was not ready for, her; to let Panther give her some more of the sweet fire she was craving.

* * * * *

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