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Perhaps With A Vampire
by Eri Qamar

He snuck to her side as she slept. So quietly, carefully trying not to wake her. She lay there away in some fare off land dreaming what she dared only to dream. He hated to wake her so peace full and still. Her breath escaping her body with such grace only to return. His eyes then softly ran over the skin on her shoulder, just peeking out from under the covers. That skin that reminded him always of silk. And then, her long flowing hair draped across her pillow. Oh how he longed to run his fingers threw her golden hair.

He could no longer resist the pull of her body. Every inch aching to be caressed by his strong hands. He pulled back the covers to join her. Her body releasing a shiver as the cold air startled her subtle back. She was nude as he expected. He smiled to him self enjoying this confirmation. He pulled close to her and puled the covers over him self. He kissed her neck gently. She was beginning to awake now very slowly. Not yet conches she leaned her head away from him offering him more of her neck. He graciously accepted it. He kissed from the base or her ear down her neck to the place where her shoulder fell to her arm.

He ran his fingers along the skin of her arm all the way to her wrist. Bringing Goosebumps to her perfect skin. Then he spread his fingers running them down her hand till each of his finger tips met with one of hers. Then lacing his fingers between hers. With such care and hunger he bit the center of her neck, so gently. He must remember what he is. He could feel the life of the one thing he loved most in this world threw his tender lips. Pulsating teasing his teeth to bite harder. But he will not, he releases her neck reluctantly. Turning her on to her back to gaze at her tender lips. Part of a face awake yet still dreaming. He kisses them softly. But even as his lips pull from hers he knows he must kiss her again. This kiss is greeted by her kiss to join it sensing that she is becoming more aware he deepens the kiss. As he pulls away her lips move to speak.

"Paul ?" His name is dreamily spoken. He puts a finger to her mouth silently telling her to hush now.

"Yes" He says no more but begins to kiss her again and again it is deeper and more passionate than the one before. His lips then leave a trail of kisses down the side of her chin leading to her breasts. He slowly takes one nipple in to his mouth as he cradles the other in his hand. He allows his tongue to circle the tip feeling as it hardens in his mouth. He begins pinching on the nipple in his hand. Then unable to refrain he bites the one in his mouth. Not to hard but not so softly ether.

A sigh of pleasure escapes her lips just loud enough for only him to here. She is fully awake now but over whelmed by erotic desire she fully succumbs to him. His more than ever now. More than she has ever been anyone's. Belonging more to him than she has ever belonged to even her self. She reaches for his head tangling her fingers threw his hair it's her tern to give him Goosebumps. She pulls his lips from her breast to her lips desiring another kiss. He throws the covers off of them with his first fast movement of the night. Then slowly again he brings his hand to meet with hers on his head. Then as she slowly lets her hand fall dragging it across his cheek bone then across his lips, he lets his hand wander down her arm over her shoulder along her side finding rest on her hip.

He then pulls his body away from hers just far enough to see her whole body. Moving his head he looks at it all memorizing it. Memorizing the way her smooth legs giddied his eyes, the way her pussy looked hiding under her thin bush. Even now he knew it was ready, but not yet ready enough. He memorized the stomach she wished she could forget, the way her chest moved with ever breath and every beat of her tender heart. And then her face the supple lips of her mouth and the look in her eyes that told him her heart as well as all the rest was his and his alone. Again he smiled to him self but this time it was pride. She was more than enough to be proud of. Perhaps not everyone thinks so but he does and that's enough. Again he was drawn to bite her neck.

He slowly obliged the aching thirst in his mouth. But upon hearing her quietly moan he realized this bite was a bit farther from gentile than he had intended. He released her neck afraid he may begin to bite to hard. After all his hunger for her was growing stronger with every passing moment. He decided to feed another hunger to distract from the former. He allowed his hand to creep between her legs as he slithered his body down hers. As he did this he felt his shirt being removed. He could not figure out when she had unbuttoned it but all the same she had and now it was now slipping from her fingers to the floor. This left his chest to feel her ample breasts slide up his chest as he slid down her body. He loved the way that felt so he slid up and down once more, this time even slower.

He slid his hand under her to hold her soft round ass as he lowered his lips to hers gently he liked from her precious little opening that was already dripping with her lust for him all the way up past her clitoris and out again. He likes to taste her juices as they flow from her preparing her for the gift that god gave him and he now shares with only her. He then repeated this adding just enough pressure as he went over her clitoris, causing her to twitch with pleasure. He then begins to play with it biting it lightly and sucking it hard. Rolling his tongue around it and flicking over it. She is now subtly and some times no so subtly bucking her hips in pleasure. She then grabs his head by his hair bringing it to her eye level.

"I want you now." she whispers as she releases his hair.

"Then perhaps you shall have me, but not yet." He says and proceeds to kiss her deeply. He then slides a finger in to her wiggling it around within her. Feeling how so very wet she is. And oh so warm. How he longs to slip inside her to love her so thoroughly... but no not yet. So he simply slips another finger in. And leaning back he begins sliding them in and out faster and faster as deep and hard as he can until she shouts. Leaving his fingers deep within her he leans back over her again. He moves his thumb to rube her clitoris then moves to kiss her, but slides to the side his cheek caressing hers, and he bites. This time beginning to forget the danger of biting her to hard, but not yet biting her to hard. He slowly removes his hand from her pussy wile still biting her to remove his pants. Not able to resist the pleasure of taking her any longer. Bringing her feet to his shoulders he enters her. Finally taking what is his. He begins moving slowly. Savoring the feeling of moving in and out of her. Feeling every inch every millimeter within her. Then unable to resist he speeds up feeling her body embracing his, yearning for all he can give. So he gives it all. Hearing her moans of pleasure erupting from deep within her and her desire escaping in small heavy sighs.

And then a scream - the sign he had waited for. He releases flowing life in to her burst after burst. With out even thinking he bites her hard, very hard. This time casing her to bite back. He collapses upon her tiered. Then he realizes she's biting him. He tries to pull away but is to week it is to late. He senses the taste of blood upon his lips, her blood, as he becomes that which he could not resist.

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