The Best Erotic Stories.

by SpecialK

( Note to the Reader: This story is very short, and it doesn't have any sex. I wrote it for an online friend of mine who owes me a quiver shot if we should ever meet in real life. :) )

"Tom's dare will be to give Kelsey a quiver shot!" Dan announced to the group. He placed a shot glass down on the table loudly for emphasis.

Kelsey's pale peach face turned scarlet instantly. Tom was grinning, however partially from embarrassment. He looked at Kelsey and raised his eyebrows in question. She shrugged.

There were about eight of them. All platonic friends from a chat room on the Internet. They had all met for a night of games and entertainment. And now, Tom and Kelsey WERE the entertainment.

Kelsey knelt on the floor. Tom moved to his knees facing her. Taking a deep breath, Kelsey began to remove her blouse. "My bra is staying ON!" she declared. All the men leered as her creamy white flesh came into view. Her large, soft breasts were barely contained in a beige bra with cups edged with lace.

"Mmmmmn," murmured Dan, "it would appear the cups runneth over." The whole group snickered. Kelsey rolled her eyes. Tom licked his lips in anticipation.

A salt shaker and a wedge of lime appeared at Tom's side. The shot glass had already been filled to the brim with tequila and was waiting in Dan's hand.

Tom leaned towards Kelsey. He kissed her lightly on the lips, softly and gently. His hands caressed her face and down her neck, along her collarbone. Their kiss deepened. Tom's fingers teased Kelsey's breasts by running along the lacy edge. Then Tom's lips traveled leisurely downward licking the side of her neck, suckling a bit on her collarbone. He leaned back to grab the salt shaker. The group could all see Kelsey's neck glistening where Tom's mouth had been.

"You ready?" Tom asked her, their audience now ignored.

Kelsey took a shuddering breath and nodded. Tom sprinkled salt on her neck. She reached her hands up and cupped her breasts on each side, increasing the valley between them that would hold the shot glass in place. Meanwhile Tom had taken the lime wedge and held it for Kelsey to take in her mouth. She licked her lips and then held the lime wedge with her teeth that Tom placed between them.

Next Tom carefully placed the full shot glass between Kelsey's plump globes. Kelsey winced as the cold, wet glass touched her warm breasts but still squeezed them together to hold the shot glass in place.

Tom put his hands behind his back and grinned.... His eyes fixed on the shot glass held between Kelsey's breasts. He looked at Kelsey once and smiled before proceeding to lean towards her neck.

Leisurely he licked the salt from her skin, making sure to catch all the granules. Then his nose trailed the way down to her bosom where the tequila shot waited. His face nuzzled in between her cleavage, his lips finally reaching the shot glass. He took his time, like a deep-sea diver, laboriously and carefully extracting a treasure from hidden depths. After having sipped enough tequila from the shot glass to avoid spilling the contents, he took the shot glass with his teeth and lifted it from between Kelsey's breasts. He tipped his head back to drink the rest of the shot. Spitting out the glass, he leaned back towards Kelsey to take the lime wedge from her lips. Tom's mouth entirely covered Kelsey's as he sucked on the fruit.

Finally, he leaned back, a lime peel caught in his teeth and a grin on his lips. Kelsey sat there, a blush appearing on her cheeks, but she was smiling. Tom spit out the lime and with a cocky grin, said "My turn now, right?"

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