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Quick Rebound
by Shintani

Dave brought the mail in, and handed the envelope to his wife without giving it a second thought. The return address was vaguely familiar, but he didn't even check the name to see who it was from. She had taken the letter from him, and then it was forgotten.

That night, as he sat watching TV, he noticed that his wife was on the phone. This was a little out of the ordinary for her, but it didn't cause him any undue concern. He could tell by her animated tone of voice that she was on the phone with a friend or family member, and was having a good time. In fact, based on names that were being mentioned, it was probably the latter. Out of curiosity, he asked who she was talking to. She covered the receiver with her hand, and whispered to him that she was talking to her niece Marie.

That explained everything to Dave. He should have recognized the handwriting on the letter. Marie was their favorite niece, and they tried to keep in touch as best they could. In fact, they had even gone as far as to advance her some cash when her car had broken down, and she needed a new one. Everyone in the family thought that was a bad idea, but to her credit, Marie paid them back, in installments over a couple of years. Furthermore, she was responsible enough that she always sent a check at about the same time every month. While she had occasionally sent one for less than the agreed upon amount, there was always an acceptable excuse, and she made it up the following month. Dave's wife was very proud of her niece for being so diligent, and he had to admit that he liked her too.

Soon enough, his wife was off the phone, and going over what they had talked about. As it turned out, Marie was finishing up her technical degree, and had sent the letter to tell them all about it. But as the phone call progressed, she revealed that things weren't going all that smoothly. Sure, she was working a couple of jobs to pay the rent and pay for school, but her personal life had taken an unfortunate turn. Marie was breaking up with her boyfriend of the past few years, and it was upsetting. They had planned a mini-vacation after she graduated, but that wasn't going to be happening. Dave's wife invited her to spend the week with them instead, just to give her time to get away from everything before she had to start at her new job. Besides, she added, it would save her some money to stay with family instead of going off on a trip that wasn't going to be any fun. Dave agreed that it would be a good idea, and his wife asked him if he had any single co-workers who might be persuaded to go out with Marie. He said he would see.

What Dave was really doing instead was remembering his niece's last visit. She had just turned nineteen that year, and came down for a week's visit. That had been during the summer, and she had spent a lot of time lying out in her bikini. He fondly remembered the sight; she was very slight of build, looking far younger than she actually was. Her developing body had just enough curves so that she wouldn't be mistaken for a boy, and what fine looking curves they were. She had long slender legs that ended in a tight, shapely ass, her active lifestyle meant that her thighs and calves were very well defined. Her breasts were small, but quite perky when hidden beneath the thin cotton of a T-shirt or in her bathing suit. Marie's hair was long and the darkest shade of brown, caring for it was the only real concession she made to being 'girly'. The hot young brunette spent very little time in front of the mirror with makeup, but she possessed a natural beauty that needed none.

And now she was coming back for another visit. Dave remembered walking around with a hard on all week the last time; didn't his wife remember how angry she had gotten? One night, she had woken up alone in bed, and gone into the guestroom. Dave was in bed with Marie, they were sitting up talking and laughing like old friends. Nothing untoward had happened, but for the icy reaction his wife gave him, one would think that something had. True, he had been wearing only a pair of running shorts, and she was wearing boxers and a thin white T-shirt. It had been so thin, he fondly recalled that her dark nipples were visible as her breasts bounced beneath the shirt. And as she moved, he caught a stolen glimpse into her shorts, at the dark brown tuft of hair lining her sweet cunt.

He had never gotten to sample that pussy, which was unfortunate. Had his wife not interrupted, he was sure that he would have tried something. Shoot, he would have settled for a blowjob from the young girl, and from later conversations he had with her, he thought that she might even have been willing to go that far. Instead, he had to content himself that week with his wife's chilly demeanor, she always suspected that something had happened, but there was some consolation. Marie was quite liberal in allowing his hands to innocently wander on her body, letting him touch her through her clothes. How firm that ass had been in his hands! And how nice those young breasts had felt. At the beach, he lotioned up both women, and he let his hands linger on those shapely thighs. For the next couple of weeks, before Marie came down for her visit, he replayed those times in his mind, but was careful not to let the barest hint of his excitement at her visit show to his wife.

A few days before Marie was going to come down for her visit, Dave's wife brought him some interesting news. One of her co-workers needed emergency leave, and she had been tasked with replacing her on some of those shifts. That meant that for a few nights, she would be working rather late. Dave told her that he understood, secretly hoping that he would get reacquainted with Marie in that time. One of the thoughts that had been weighing on his mind was her recent break-up, she had even been living with her ex-boyfriend, and Dave was secretly jealous of him. After all, he probably got to fuck that hot little fox every night for the past few years, damn that must have been good. And here he was now, hoping against hope that he would just get the slightest opportunity to touch her, let alone do anything else. It wasn't as if he and his wife didn't get along, it was just that Dave was simply a bit bored with their routine life. Sure they had their good times, and their bad times, but the challenge of a new conquest, that was what drew him to fantasize about Marie. In many ways, physical and otherwise, she was the opposite of his wife, and Dave was dying to know how good that could feel, snuggled up next to him, how good it would feel to hold a younger woman again, or dare he hope for even more?

Well, the big day finally arrived. Marie had driven herself down for the visit, and her aunt was very happy to see her. They spent most of the afternoon and early evening engaged in pleasant conversation, catching up on all the goings on in the family. Marie seemed to be quite happy, especially now that she was done with her schooling, and after a few days rest and relaxation, she would be ready to take on life. During the initial part of her visit, Dave tried not to be too obvious as he eyed up his niece. She had been quite cordial with him, and he didn't want to seem to be rushing things. After all, she had just gotten through with her break up, and when that was added to her recent graduation and the long drive down, he wanted to give her time to relax.

She would be spending all week visiting, his wife would be working late for about half of that time, so Dave figured that he had plenty of time to get himself reacquainted with Marie. Indeed, that night, soon after dinner, his wife headed off to work. No words were exchanged about her suspicions of Marie's last visit. Marie headed off to the guestroom soon after, she said that the long drive had made her very tired. Dave suggested that she take a hot bath, then go off to sleep. Marie thought that was a wonderful idea, and went upstairs to collect her things. Taking his cue, and exercising extreme patience, Dave left her alone that night. Before going off to bed, he did check up on her, peering into the darkened guestroom. Marie was sound asleep, and snuggled in under the sheets.

What rotten luck, he thought as he headed off towards the bathroom. In there, as he prepared for bed, he found a small surprise. While undressing, Marie had left her clothes in there. Allowing his curiosity to get the better of him, Dave picked up the pile she left. Shorts and a T-shirt, nothing special there. But inside her shirt was wrapped her bra. Dave looked around first, then held up the soft material. It was satiny smooth, and Dave could imagine how it must feel against her perky breasts. While Marie's were obviously a good deal smaller than his wife's, he remembered how firm they were under his touch. It was a good bet that they still were.

Feeling guilty about fondling the girl's clothes, Dave hurriedly, he put them back on the floor where he found them. He felt like such a pervert. But as he did that, Marie's panties fell out of her shorts. Now this, he couldn't resist. First, he made sure that the bathroom door was locked. Next, he took his niece's satiny undergarments and held them up before him. How sexy she must look in these! The material was smooth and soft to the touch. He could just imagine slipping the girl out of these and getting to what was concealed beneath them. Slowly, he brought her panties to his face. With his eyes shut, Dave took them up to his nose, drinking in the heavenly scent of Marie's pussy. How young and fresh she smelled. The aroma of her cunt was intoxicating, and before anything else happened, or he got caught, he put all her things back and went off to bed.

The next day passed without incident. Marie never caught on to the fact that her uncle had been sniffing her panties, and Dave was quite relieved. Additionally, his wife didn't catch on to what was going through his mind, even though he was sure that he was being too obvious. He tried really hard that day to pay as little direct attention to Marie as possible. With his wife spending most of the day with her, that didn't prove to be a problem. Dave reminded himself to be patient and wait until she went to work and Marie was rested from her trip before getting more comfortable with her.

The mental turmoil made Dave nervous and jumpy about the whole situation regarding Marie, but fortunately for him most of it was all in his mind. No one else noticed him acting any differently. Every time he felt himself slipping, he reminded himself of how good that young pussy must feel and taste, letting his mind reach back to the previous night in the bathroom. Night seemed as if it would never come, but it did, and Dave watched as his wife left for work. No sooner had he done so than Marie headed upstairs to get ready for bed. This was a setback for Dave's plans. Still, he knew that chances were good that nothing was going to happen, and he mentally prepared himself to be content with trying to peek in on Marie from time to time, and hope to find another pair of her panties.

To his surprise, Marie reappeared downstairs and joined him on the couch. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw her. Her slender figure had filled out quite nicely over the past few years. While she was far from voluptuous, her breasts were fuller now and Dave could see her hard nipples poking out from beneath her shirt. The fact that she was wearing a short cut-off T-shirt helped a lot as well. Her long legs were nicely shaped, that certainly hadn't changed. Neither had her choice for sleepwear, she had on a baggy pair of boxer shorts. Not the tight fitting panties that Dave was hoping for, but when she sat down opposite him on the couch, he got a very nice look at her pussy.

Quickly averting his eyes, so that she wouldn't notice him staring, he spent the next few moments eyeing his niece up as best he could. Those legs of hers were incredible, and the quick peek he had made him want more. Her long brown hair cascaded behind her, and as she adjusted her position on the couch, her perky little tits surged beneath their concealment. As Marie made herself comfortable, Dave noticed one change from the last time he saw her. She had gotten her navel pierced. This immediately became the topic of their initial conversation. Marie had gotten it pierced about a year ago, and she was quite happy with it. Dave leaned over to get a closer look. Just being so close to her was exhilarating. He breathed in her lovely scent, and dreamily remembered the musky aroma of her pussy from the night before.

Marie's stomach was so trim, so soft as he played with her navel ring. He chuckled slightly to himself as he sat back. Of course, he didn't want to stop, but he was still just testing the waters. Marie was puzzled by his behavior, and asked him if everything was OK. Dave replied that everything was, as long as his wife didn't find out. He then went on to explain how jealous her aunt had been after her last visit. Marie couldn't believe her ears! They sat on the couch for quite some time, talking and laughing about that experience. She was clearly warming back up to him as they traded stories and the night wore on. As their comfort level grew, so did the detail in their stories.

Soon, Dave knew quite a bit about Marie's sex life, and she got to see a side of her uncle that she never knew was there. Eventually, she was resting against his chest, and Dave had extracted a promise from her not to reveal the intimate nature of their conversation to her aunt. After all, he didn't need the hassle he got from the last time. Marie readily agreed, and then she sat up facing him. "I almost forgot, Uncle Dave," she began. "You liked my navel ring so much, how could I forget to show you my tattoo."

"A tattoo?" asked Dave.

"Yes, it's a unicorn. You can't see it when I'm dressed, don't tell anyone about it. Then again, if you did, they would wonder how you got to see it." With that, Marie slowly peeled her boxers off. Sure enough, the unicorn tattoo was right above her pussy. She kept those short dark hairs well trimmed so that the artwork would be visible. This was a rare treat for Dave, and a windfall. Slowly, he allowed his fingers to explore the design, careful to keep them away from her cunt. She giggled as he bent down closer to see it, then gasped as she felt his hot breath on her exposed pussy. "Oh! Uncle Dave!" she began, but never finished. Her eyes were wide with shock as her uncle took in another deep breath, filled with her enticing scent, and gingerly kissed her tattoo. Every muscle in her body contracted as she felt his lips on her. He was so close to her pussy, but this had to be so wrong...

Marie inexplicably felt herself tensing as her uncle kissed her. His lips caressed her tattoo, and she felt his tongue flicking out onto her sensitive skin. She stared down at him, and saw his gaze meeting hers. He kissed her again, letting his tongue flick down lower. She felt his hot, wet tongue gently caressing her pussy lips. That was all she needed. In a move that defied her initial shock and fear, Marie felt her hands closing on the back of her uncle's head. Gently, she guided his mouth down onto her. Her legs spread to give him complete access to her. Dave needed no other invitation. He smiled lovingly at his niece, then looked down at her hot little cunt. Marie's pink lips were swollen and wet in anticipation of him. Her bush was trimmed, leaving a smooth patch of skin leading down towards her hardening clit.

Gingerly, Dave let his tongue explore her body, using the tip to probe at her. His light touch sent shivers up Marie's spine. His velvety smooth tongue felt like magic as it darted inside her waiting cunt. Her uncle's hands were on her thighs now, pressing them apart. Marie happily complied with his unspoken desires. Her pussy lips spread farther apart as he pushed her legs back, allowing his tongue to delve in deeper. Dave was an expert at eating a pussy; he let his tongue explore her sweet passage as deeply as it would go. Her scent filled his nostrils, how he had dreamed of this the night before! And her taste was incredible, better than he had dared to hope for. Sliding his fingers onto Marie's cunt, Dave spread her lips apart, then ran his tongue over her clit and into her cunt. She moaned as she felt the hot path he was drawing on her. Sensing her excitement, Dave let his tongue meander back up to her clit. There, he planted several firm kisses, driving his niece wild.

She pressed his face down against her harder as he did so, forcing his tongue to penetrate her pussy yet again. Marie let her hands slowly strip off her top, exposing her breasts. She caressed herself as her uncle ate her, feeling the wonderful beginning of an orgasm as he continued to work his oral magic. Her deft fingers pinched and tweaked her hardening nipples. As the pleasure intensified, she found her self pulling on her petite breasts, squeezing those nipples as tight as she could. Dave could feel her pressing her pussy up towards his face, could hear the growing excitement in her moans. He sucked on her clit harder, licking that sweet cunt for all he was worth. His own excitement was building between his legs; he wanted this girl, wanted her now. His cock ached to be sliding into that hot pussy; it was all he could do to restrain himself for just a few more moments.

Marie's cries intensified yet again, reaching a feverish pitch. Her body thrashed wildly on the couch as she screamed. Dave slid his fingers inside her. He could feel her cunt tightening against his fingers as she came; he slipped them in and out of her the same way he wished he was fucking her. That was all it took for Marie. The young brunette dug her nails into her uncle's back, slamming his face into her crotch. Her pussy juices flowed all over his intruding fingers, and her back arched, forcing her cunt against his mouth. Dave drank up as much of her sweet nectar as he could, his own excitement getting the better of him. Marie's impassioned cries died down slightly, and for Dave, that was his cue. Immediately, he pushed the girl's legs apart, and positioned his rigid cock at the opening to her wet pussy. With one thrust, his cock slid into her slick cunt, and he was rewarded by her low moans.

Evidently, she was enjoying having his rigid cock filling her pussy as much as he was. He started a fast thrusting into her, pumping his hips against her. Marie's oohs and aahs beckoned him to fuck her tight little cunt. Her grip on him was tight, and it seemed to be drawing his cock in deeper. Her face was contorted into an erotic picture of sheer pleasure as she savored every inch of the cock he was slamming inside her. Her juices lubricated the way for him, and he needed no encouragement as far as what to do. Dave reached a hand out to run through her long hair as he rammed himself inside her, that hand soon found her beautiful face. There, he caressed his niece tenderly, his loving touch sealing a bond between them. Marie's cries grew louder as he fucked her, and he could feel a stirring in his balls. It wouldn't take much more for him now, just a few more hard thrusts inside her. Dave glanced down at his cock, drinking in the sight of his shaft penetrating her pussy, and that was it.

With a sudden gasp, he felt his balls disgorging his cum deep inside Marie's hot pussy. He ground his hips against her, thrusting as deep as he could, one last time as those gobs of his cum flowed into her body. Marie's body shuddered as she felt his hot cum streaming inside her, and she took his hand in hers, gently kissing the back of it. Slowly, Dave slid his spent cock out of her tight pussy, letting his mind catalog the final few moments that that tight cunt was tugging at his cock. He had fantasized about fucking her for years. Now his dream had finally come true. Her pussy dripped with the juices of their fucking, his cock was slick with them. She had definitely been worth it and the wait after all those years. Strangely enough, the taboo that she was his niece didn't really faze him as he planted a kiss on her soft, pouty lips.

That night, they hadn't really been uncle and niece, rather they were two lust-filled individuals enjoying the extreme pleasure of each other's company. Exhausted by his efforts, Dave rolled off of the young girl, in order to catch his breath. She had certainly been the best fuck he had in years. That cunt was so tight, yet so wet and enticing. He wished he could have more. No words were spoken as he helped her to her feet and gather up her things. Still in silence, they headed upstairs to bed. Sure, they were still in separate rooms, but that was to be expected.

As Dave busied himself, preparing to go to sleep, he heard Marie approaching his room. When he looked up to see her in the doorway, she smiled sweetly at him and asked if that was going to be their routine for the rest of her visit. Dave heartily agreed.


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