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by Anonymous

Taking purposeful strides, Justin made his way along the long corridor. He had long ago adjusted to the heat and humidity, but today the heat threatened to suffocate anyone going out and about. He looked at the numbers on each door that he passed, looking for her room. He wiped the trickles of sweat from his forehead as he stood at her door and then knocked quietly. Her voice meekly penetrated the thick wooden entrance asking him to enter. The doorknob turned at his touch and he walked into her room, the smell of her perfume lingering in the air. The door fell closed behind him and he looked into the darkness.

The room was spacious and one window stood open to his left. A thin, sheer curtain hung lifeless in front of it. No breeze to speak of, though the light of the setting sun lazily glided in and hung on the dense air. A fan twirled overhead in the middle of the room, trying vainly to create a cool breeze. At the far end of the room stood the only piece of furniture, an over large bed, four posts surrounded in sheer, pale material. He could see her shadow through the sheerness and her voice spoke to him. "Justin, come close."

He stepped forward, his heart beginning to pound, he thought that perhaps she was naked behind that wall of material. A foot away from the bed she spoke again, "take off your clothes, Justin. And join me." He kicked off his shoes and slipped out of his pants, his shirt. He wore nothing else. He reached through the layers of pale material and drew yards of it back. There she was, standing at the far end of the bed. Her arms hidden behind her.

She wore a sheer bit of material over her large breasts, pulled under her arms and tied loosely at her back. Her tiny skirt was another bit of material tied loosely at her waist. The material was completely see through and hung tantalizingly from her body. He crawled onto the bed, completely naked and she instructed him to lie face up in the middle of the bed. He did so, watching her. She stepped forward and he saw that she was holding some kind of rope behind her. She came close and stepped over him, straddling him. He could see the entire length of her legs, the point where they separated and revealed her luscious pinkness. She spread her hands apart and he could see in each hand she was tied and held onto a long, flowing fabric each was fastened to the ceiling.

She leaned forward over him and levitated herself above him. Her emerald eyes shone at him and her almond skin glistened. Leaning forward she kissed him with her large ruby lips. He reached for her but she swung out of his reach, whispering, "No Justin. No touching." He lay back again and waited for her to kiss him. She kicked her legs above her, wrapping them around the rope, lowering herself over him again. Her hair dangled down and touched his chest then he felt her lips again on his belly. She began to lick him from his belly to his neck, manipulating her movement with the ropes. Again she levitated above him, holding one rope in each hand and let herself rotate around him. At one moment he was looking into her eyes then he watched her twirl around and he was looking up into her moist pussy.

She lowered herself again and he reached up to take her wet pussy into his mouth but jerked when he felt her lips wrap around his stiff cock. His head fell back onto the bed as he felt her lips, her tongue devour his quickly hardening penis. He felt himself begin to rock with her rhythm, letting his hips force his cock further into her mouth, then she flung her legs into the air again and with her toes pointing to the ceiling she sunk his cock deep into her mouth, into her throat. Up and down she thrust, letting him thrust against her too. He looked up and saw her naked body hanging before him, attached by her lips to his cock. Her breasts jiggled with her thrusting motion and her pussy dripped wet.

It was about more than he could take, he wanted to reach up and grab her, pull her close to him and cum in her mouth. But she stopped. She let her legs lower again, and floated above him and twirled back around so that her face was directly over his. Her long, shining, black hair and her almond eyes floated there beautifully. And he felt her wet loins touch his erectness. Her hair tickled his chest as she floated back and forth over him touching him with her wet pussy then licking him with her tongue. His cock was out of his control now, he wanted to be inside her, he wanted to pull her down from those ropes and fuck her, but she withdrew at his slightest movement. She continued to torture him, swinging back and forth, twisting around and around, showing him flashes of her pussy then her beautiful ass.

Letting her legs spread wide apart when they were directly over his face. He wanted to lick that spot, he wanted to plunge his tongue into her and make her scream but she moved around again and finally kissed him on the lips. Those ruby reds wrapped around his mouth and her tongue glided pasted his lips, touching his tongue, sucking on his lips. And then she slid pulled his cock into her glistening, throbbing pussy. His cock sunk deep into her wetness and he tried to gasp into her mouth. He was touching only his lips with hers, and his cock with her wetness. No where else did their bodies meet. She glided across his body, using the ropes to guide her movements as he tried to keep himself from touching her.

She bit his lips when he raised his hands until he let them fall to rest at his side again. She continued to glide back and forth on top of his cock until his male senses completely overtook him. He reached up to grab her and she bit his lips in punishment, drawing a bit of blood. But he didn't feel a thing. He grasped her breasts, one in each hand and pulled her toward him. Then raised his lips to each nipple and sucked each one savagely. He sat up and pulled her body against his, letting her raise herself on the ropes, dragging her breasts along his face and then back down again, letting his cock sink deeply into her pink pussy.

He licked her breasts and held them close to his face as she continued to raise herself up and down on top of his stiff pole until he grasped her body close to his, thrusting deeper still inside her he came, filling her up with white sticky cum, holding her closely he jerked and relaxed, letting himself feel her spasms ripple through her hot, sweaty body.

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