The Best Erotic Stories.

by Jon Ridge

"Hey.... when did -" he started, "did you just - umm.." He held the drinks lower, much like his defenses, when he saw them, almost losing his grip on both Redhooks. He caught himself, hands trembling. "Trace, this is..." he started again, with spurious amnesia.

The girl, 22, pretty, shot him the most _don't even_ of looks.

"Uh, we've met." Tracy eyed the young redhead seated across from her at their table - which seemed much smaller than just a little while ago, somehow - with an indistinguishable combination of suppressed, fading anger, and tentative curiosity.

"You've... met?"

"Yeah. You know, when people introduce themselves to other people and exchange a word or two about themselves. Names.." Tracy explained. "Have a seat, honey."

A nice, romantic evening - or, as much as you can actually get from a bar - with his lady, to make up for being such a shit so often; a little sweet talk, reassurance, three-sheets and a good, lengthy fuck to end the night on has a pretty reliable habit of wiping the slate clean.

Clearly, this was a kink in the plan.

Michael set the drinks on the table, took the only seat available, between them. He kept a mostly firm stare directly on the wall ahead, glancing side to side, but certain to not make eye contact.

Tracy grabbed her beer. "Michael, this is Nicole. She came in, like.."

"Five minutes ago," Nicole continued.

"She noticed you headed over to the bar, having left from our table. Here I sat, another woman, so naturally she felt inclined to join me, out of an overwhelming sense of curiosity. Now, I've got it, too."

"Look, I can totally expl -" Michael tried.

"Oh, you totally don't have to. Nicole, here, already briefed me," Tracy spoke, calmly and collected. "And.. in rather lengthy detail, which kind of surprises me considering how long you were away." She looked at him, full on. "Shocking how much you can learn in just a couple short minutes." She took a substantial quaff from her longneck.

"Wait, you gotta give me a chance to -" Michael started in, futilely. "Some of it, admittedly, I could've done without knowing, due to content. Like the time when you guys spent the afternoon together in Zilker Park, in.. 'each others' arms, was it? A Saturday." To Nicole, "The 24th, right?"

"The 24th," Nicole confirmed.

"A Saturday that I believe, if memory serves me, you said you spent with family members, or some shit.."

"Trace, baby -"

"Or, the time when _you_, Nicole, fucked _you_, my boyfriend, on the back seat of _my_ Nova. A car I enjoyed driving right up until the moment I found out infidelity was stained all over the goddamn upholstery."

"Could you just please let me -"

"Or - and God, this has to be my personal favorite, because it's just so.... simple. That time when you told her something, what was it.."

"I love you," Nicole finished.

"I _love_ you! Yes, that's it. I think I've heard that one myself, once or twice."

"Ok, stop, PLEASE. And give me a minute."

"Why should we?" Nicole cut in. "What could you possibly have to say for yourself, in light of the recent information divulged, that wouldn't be another fucking lie?"

"Hello. WE? I'm - " Michael said, signaling to Tracy, "just.." he put up a finger, for Nicole to give him and Tracy a chance to talk.

"No. Michael, she's right. You're caught, sweetie. I'm more than willing to listen to any half-assed, less than genuine reasoning for having lied to both of us, by not telling either of us about the other all this time, that you may have. In fact, I can't wait. But, don't tell her to shut up. Makes you look desperate."

"I didn't tell her to - Look. You know I love you."

"Ooh, yikes, here it comes. You love me. Yeah, that's what you told me," Tracy said.

"I said it, and I meant it. I wouldn't have said it otherwise."

"Sure you would," Nicole interrupted. "Withholding the truth is what you're good at. God knows you've had practice. Who knows what you're capable of at this point."

"I mean, I wouldn't lie about it now."

"You lied about it before?" Tracy asked.

"No. But even if I had, why would I NOW when, as you said, I'm caught? I could just tell you, both of you, to fuck off - I'm a shithead, and I can't help myself - and walk outta here and not look back."

"Maybe you will," Nicole pointed out.

"I won't. This is hypothetical, Nikki -"

"Nikki? You've got an abridged version of her name, even?"

"What I'm trying to tell you, Tracy, is that even if I HAD lied about being in love with you - which I did NOT - I wouldn't have to lie about it now, and doesn't that mean something to you? It means that there were, ARE, real feelings involved."

"Real feelings, not love..?" Tracy asked.

"No - yes, love. I consider love a real emotion."

"That's right. Love is a single emotion. It's one word, Michael."

"Ok - what? Uh, I mean.. more than love. Love, and then some. Love has a lot of different parts. It.... extends."

"Ok," Tracy said, "so which part went to me, and which part went to her?"

"I know which part went to me," Nicole answered, rather smugly.

A good question, though. He was stumped for an answer, be it the right one (the truth), or the one he thought she wanted to hear.

"And you can't say, absolutely can't, that you loved both of us equally, because it would reduce the degree to which you may have at one point given both of us whatever your concept of love is, and it wouldn't mollify this whole fucked situation in the least," Tracy warned.

A waitress made her way over. "Anybody need anything?"

"I'll have a shot of 151," Tracy said.

"Make that two," Nicole said.

"Three," Michael said.

"Three shots," the waitress noted, and was off.

Composed, he thought, Michael began. "I love you, Tracy." He turned to Nicole, "And I love you Nicole.."

"You can't love us both," Nicole stopped him.

"Why not? I do. When I'm with you, I'm excited and turned on, and enthralled.." He turned to Tracy, "And when I'm with you, I feel..... satisfied. I'm content and satisfied with both of you, it's like a great thing multiplied. Why would I deny it?"

"You don't deny it," Tracy pointed out, "you deny your_self_ it. As a sign of maturity, if nothing else. Otherwise, have it for a while, wallow in this personal nirvana you speak so fondly of, but be honest with anyone else who might be involved - namely us - because I think we have a say. Come clean. You can't withhold shit like who you're _also_ fucking. It's not fair, and then it's cruel." Firmly, "Be honest. Be a man when it comes to relationships. Give us a chance, maybe we can work with it."

The waitress returned with three shots. "These together?" Tracy nodded, handed her - probably without thinking, or caring - a twenty. "Keep it."

"Work with it, what do you mean?" he asked.

"I mean mutual agreement, all parties equal," Tracy said, slammed her shot. "I mean, consenting adults with the intellectual capacity to decide what is or is not right for them. I mean - not this. I'll let you in on a little secret, Michael, that anyone with a heart not set on mendacious auto-pilot already knows: Love doesn't strictly revolve around sex, even though, admittedly, we had it real good in that department. Love is also respect. And trust - oh God that must sound ridiculous coming from me. Look where trust gets ya... But anyway, both those things are, like.... gone, now, for me for you," she indicated her drink, "and I'm dry. Excuse me."

With that, Tracy stormed on up to the bar.

There was a suitable and just, yet nevertheless uneasy, silence in her absence. She'd laid it out, leaving a terse air of truth and exposure behind for the stranger and the culprit to deal with. Which they couldn't. No room for discussion.

Nicole eyed her lover, a moment or two, waiting for a possible come back, or explanation. Or, perhaps simply seeing him in a different way for the very first time, made to feel a bit easy herself that she wasn't the only one this was happening to.

"So, what's up?"

"What do you mean?" Michael asked.

"I mean, which one of us gets the pink slip? How do you expect this to work, now?"

"I'm not sure.."

"Well, you have to've had time to think about it."

"Not really. You guys are like one person to me, I'm serious."

"So, basically, you don't know what to do. That it?"

"I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Ahh.. how sweet. Why is it you didn't tell her or me that we've been sharing the same man when it first started, or maybe even a month into it, when that would've been much less hurtful than this? Why wait till we'd both feel stupid and used, or why not cover your track a little better? Just wondering.."

With that, she left him sit. Walked up to the bar, beside Tracy. The bartender handed Tracy a drink, which Nicole payed for.

"You okay?" Nicole said, then felt stupid for having. "That's a stupid question, of course you're not okay."

"I'm fine," Tracy assured. "This is the most pissed off I've ever _been_..."

"You don't look pissed off. I'd hate to see you get really mad."

"Yeah, well. This is as public as public places get. Maybe I've got too much consideration for how much I want to explode all over his misogynist ass right now might be for him. Here. It would embarrass me," Tracy said. "Hope I didn't make you uncomfortable."

"Oh, hell no. He deserved it. Women don't get the chance to put a guy in his place often enough. And then when they do, they don't."

"It's not over, yet. He can take some more. Just, maybe not here."

"I think you need another drink."

Tracy only nodded. She looked back to their table, and saw that Michael was no longer around. Probably left. Fucker..

Then, he was there at the bar with them. Wounded dog look intact. Nicole noticed him, it, and merely smirked. "We're not drunk enough, yet, for that to be cute. Why'n't cha give us a few hours."

"Can we get out of here?" Michael asked, sincerely. "Can we please continue this thing in private?"

Tracy drank.

"What's to continue?" Nicole asked. "You cheated on her with me - that makes you an asshole. You cheated on me with her - that makes you a double asshole. You're just one big, lying, cheating, two-time double-dealing, mean, mistreating..."

Tracy couldn't fight a laugh.

"... asshole." To Tracy, "what?"

"Patty Loveless, 'Blame it on Your Heart'," Tracy informed her.

"So...?" Michael inquired, once more.

"You are free to leave whenever you like," Tracy said.

"But, we came in your car."

"Call a cab."

"You'd make me do that?" he asked.

Tracy turned, glared him down. He backed off.

"Will you be okay?" he asked, whole-hearted.

"Fuck do you care," she answered, and faced the bar, again.

Michael watched the both of them a few seconds longer, and headed out.

"Now what?" Nicole asked.

"Find an oblivion, and drink into it."

"I have a bottle of tequila at my place," Nicole suggested.

"I've got two. Shall we?"

Nicole grinned, flirtatiously. Followed her out.


Tracy parked the car in Their driveway. Killed the motor. Hesitated before getting out.

"What's wrong?" Nicole asked, the same salacious grin on her face.

"Nothing. It's just... Michael may be here."

"Why would he be here? D'you give him your key, or something?"

"We live together."

"Roomies..?" Nicole asked.

"Yeah, so. We'll have to be quiet."

"Respecting his sleep..?"

"Not even. I just don't want to deal with.. him. Again. Tonight."

"That's understandable. Well, we can grab the shit and git. Onward to my casa," Nicole offered.

"If he gets up, yeah - I mean, if he is here, and we wake him."

Nicole placed an _ok, then_ hand on Tracy's knee, gave it a light squeeze.

Tracy, the slightest bit tipsy, lead them to the front door. Pulled out a set of keys, and slowly pushed the house key into the MasterLock with minimal rattling.

The lights were off inside. Tracy took Nicole's hand, lead her over to the bar. Nicole giggled as they stumbled through, trying their best to keep quiet but making noise as they moved nonetheless.

"Shhh..." Tracy pleaded, laughing at the same time. Which made Nicole laugh. Tracy pulled her over to the counter, put her hands on Nicole's hips. Keeping her still. Tracy's smile receded by half, to make her "shh..." command more authority, and Nicole obliged. She bit her lip to control any further outbursts.

"Ok," Tracy said, softly. "I'm going to get the glasses and, the.... the..."

"Booze," Nicole reminded, cracking up again.

"Shh. Now, you stay right here, and I'll go get everything ready." She stepped over to the cabinets. Quickly removed her shoes for hushed mobility.

Nicole took her's off, as well.

Tracy clanked the two small glasses together on the bar. "Shit," she said, still holding the bottle. She paused a second. "Ok, yeah - we have to be more quiet than this."

Nicole joined her. Took the bottle of Cuervo from her. She kept full eye contact on Tracy as she slowly, deliberately twisted off the cap. Poured two shots.

They toasted, before drinking. Nicole proceeded to pour refills.

"Men are so.... I mean I've always heard..... it's such a fucking cliche, but it's true. They've got that tuning fork between their legs that just goes off whenever anything with a nice pair of legs and tits walks by -"

"- ooh, don't forget about the ass," Nicole added, gleefully.

"- and there seems to be some set of repercussions only they know about to not paying attention to the goddamn thing - which must plain scare the shit out of them. And it's like.. even if you've found the guy who's sure to contradict all of that, the one guy you can show off to all you're friends and not have to worry about which one of them he'll be fucking 48 hours later.. turns out all that perfect fella was was some mental fabrication created to blind us from reality, God knows why, who's gonna stray the devotion path because it's easier than staying faithful." Tracy downed her drink, quickly. "Cocks, man... we love 'em, they're evil."

"There are fine alternatives to the male penis, love," Nicole said, suggestively. "How do you think he did it?"

"I just told you. Like what?"

"No, I mean how, for so long? We've been together a month and a half, almost. You guys?"

"Year," Tracy sighed.

"Really??" Nicole asked, genuinely surprised.

"There about."

"Well... that's commitment," Nicole pointed out, getting more and more steadily off subject.

"Sure, if you think of a serious relationship in terms of day. Like some work assignment with a deadline. I thought we had something, not to sound too corny, something that would last, when all I did was devote approximately 365 days of my life to every guy there's ever been, all wrapped into one single body. I should've been a porn star."

"You were going to be a porn star?!" Nicole asked.

"No, it was a joke. God, I feel like such a moron!"

"Me, too," Nicole agreed.

"No, I mean really, really dumb. As in, beyond the legal limit of acceptable stupidity. If there is one. And, I'm blonde, too - this doesn't help."

"I love your hair."

"How many people have you been with?" Tracy asked, directly.

"I dunno."

"Well, I've been with about twenty, counting some during me and Michael and some from before - mostly before. I don't know if that's a lot, but it feels like a lot, and in all that time the only thing that's changed is the size of the genitalia, the way it hangs or stands up. Men tell you they love you, you're their best friend, this is it for them, it's right, they've never felt like this before, and all of it is aimed at either getting you into bed, feeling momentary security that they are wanted goods, or to protect themselves from something. So, how are you supposed to believe a word any of them say enough to feel safe, and get some security of your own, when experience has taught you it's probably just bullshit? I feel. So. Stupid."

Nicole poured more shots. "I hate him."

"You do?"

"Yeah," Nicole said. "Why, don't you?"

"I hate what he did. As a human being, I think it's reprehensible. But, I don't know that I'd go so far as to say I actually hate him. Everybody's got it in them to do the wrong thing. Even you, I bet. Even me."

"What've you done wrong, lately?" Nicole pried.

"Nothing on scale with Michael's behavior, that's for sure. Though, I did cheat, too.." She takes just a second or two to consider that. "But, I mean, little things. Like, yelling at someone because you just feel like it and not because they deserve it. Or, getting into an argument over nothing. Wait, maybe those are one in the same," Tracy said, words trailing off in thought. "I don't know. Shit like that."

"Yeah. I guess I'm guilty, too."

"We all are. That isn't the point. I can't get over what he did. Maybe you're right, maybe I should hate him. But, I can't, because I can't stop thinking about how mostly great it was an hour ago before you showed up. I'm glad you did, don't get me wrong, but... I liked that feeling. Being with him."

"Being with him was nice," Nicole pondered. "In a strictly sexual sense. I mean, I'm sure I didn't have what you had with him."

"It was nice. What we shared.." Tracy said.. then, on second, "But, you know what, maybe it wasn't nice. He was never truthful - until forced to be - about this little emotional scam he's been running. Not for a second. Maybe nothing else was genuine, either. Maybe it was all just complete bullshit from day one." She slammed yet another shot. "Hurts to think about it like that, damn.."

"Love sucks," Nicole then stated.

"You were in love with him?"

"Lust sucks," Nicole corrected herself. "Were you?"

"In love? Or, in lust?"

"Either," Nicole asked.

"I liked fucking him a lot. Love? I can't be sure."

"I'm going to miss that."

"What?" Tracy asked, not altogether interested with the answer. She grabbed the bottle, freshened their glasses.

"Fucking him," Nicole clarified. "When I would give him head, he had this way of getting so.. all," gesturing, as Michael might have, "coming... now.." she continued, with exaggerated incomprehension. "Made him sound like a complete dork, but I loved it. The way I could drive him to a point where the words didn't come out quite like they should."

"You liked the feeling of control?" Tracy asked. Stated, rather.

"Oh, yeah."

"What else did you do with him?"

"Lots of things. Everything. It was never really boring with Michael. He liked sex a lot. Even more than me, if that's possible. Oral sex, that was the biggest thing. And anal sex, too."

"You like anal?" Tracy asked, slightly apprehensive to the idea.

"Oh yes," Nicole said, with emphatic preference. "You don't?"

"No. Hurts like a bitch."

"It hurts at first, I agree. But, do it a while, and you build up a resistance. And, then it feels way nice."

"I guess that's true with anything," was Tracy's only comment.

"What did he do with you?"

"Conventional stuff. I'd be on top, he'd be on top."


"Not too. But, we did it often enough to make up for any lack of creativity there might've been," Tracy verified.

"He's a bastard. Bastard scum. What are we gonna do?"

"There's nothing to do. He's had his way with us. All that's left is to sever the ties that bound."

"I don't know if I'm ready to," Nicole admitted.

"Yeah, me either."

"So, what should we do?"

"Well, I'd say trash the place, but I have to live here, too."

"Too bad," Nicole mourned.

"Are you leaving him?"


"For sure?" Tracy asked, persistent.

"I think.."

"Well, then, if you leave and I leave, then he'll be alone."

"All except for the other one."

"You think he has someone else?" Tracy thought aloud.

"Maybe. Probably. Who knows? Who knows who would've shown up at that bar after me if we'd stuck around a while longer. It could have turned into a screwball comedy, or something."

"Yeah, or World War fucking III."

"I think we should definitely do something to him. Something that'll screw with his head just like he screwed with mine and yours. Teach him a lesson, if not to straighten him out then at least put him in his place some more. Like.. I don't know. Something that feels completely and utterly painful and shitty, so he hurts and we can watch it. Like that Chinese thing, with the water," Tracy mulled.

"Chinese water torture."

"Yes. We should fucking drown him!"

"Whatever we do won't change him," Tracy pointed out.

"Why not?"

"Because, why would it? He did this of his own volition, and would've kept it up. Next time, he'll try harder to conceal the truth."

"Fuck that. He shouldn't get a second chance. It should end here, with us. We'd be doing the world a favor."

"So...?" Tracy asked, ready for reasonable suggestions.

"We should fuck him, one more time."

Tracy took a few moments to ponder this option. "Where's the logic in that?"

"Show him what he'll never get from us, ever again."

"Won't be doing that by leaving him?"

"Yeah, but this would be like us having a change of heart, that he can't understand and we don't explain, but it would mean, to him, that we've decided to forgive him and even that we want to be with him, together, as a trio instead of just two girls, separately, that he divides his time between. We're making it convenient for him, and telling him it's ok what he did to us. He gets us both, then we dump him. Once, and for all. Clean break."

"Right. Ok. But, wouldn't we be giving him one last time - as a thank you, for screwing us over?"

Nicole thought. Started to speak - thought further. Seeing her point. Start to speak, again -

"Fuck it," Tracy said, "I'm horny, anyway."

A car pulled up, outside. A set of brights, beamed through the curtains, diverted their attention.

Nicole, without discussing it any further, grabbed Tracy, and kissed her. A forceful one, at first, because of the momentum of its suddenness. Then, it became softer and more relaxed. Deeper, wide open mouths. Michael walked in, not bothering with a key most likely because he noticed Tracy's car outside - how could he not. Light came on, almost instantaneously. He did not move an inch further, seeing them from across the room, as they were.

Nicole stopped kissing Tracy, leaving her taken aback and breathless. "Hey," she called out to Michael. "Look who's here." She took Tracy's hand, both of them drunk, and lead her out of the kitchen. Stopping to address Michael, again, "I'm going to take your girlfriend to bed, now. Make that your _ex_ girlfriend," Nicole announced. "So... see ya."

"Wait - uh.." was his only reply.

But, they had already made it to the bedroom door, which was closed, and they had to actually get a grip on the door knob to turn it, which posed a bit of an obstacle because of the lack of lighting in the hallway. Nicole was the one to get it.

Nicole quickly flipped on the overhead. "This thing have a dimmer?" she asked, trying to set this up just right.

"Um, no, it's a -" Tracy began, interrupted by:

Nicole saying, "Fuck it." She kissed Tracy, again, impatiently, and with more intensity than before. She covered Tracy's whole mouth with her own, her tongue having little trouble finding its way inside, which Tracy accepted. And they stood there, kind of moving toward the bed and kind of away from it, not really in control of their feet or vision - just sucking tongues and lips.

Nicole did notice Michael approaching, in the background. He hesitated to come in to full view, though not by much. She timed this with pulling away from Tracy, and whispering, just loud enough, "I want you."

With that, Nicole pulled her over to the bed. She kept Tracy right in front of her, close, looking up at her.. her eyes, which were not quite sure what to make of this but willing and ready to go with it, anyway. Nicole pulled the tuck of Tracy's blouse up and out of her semi-tight, faded Jordache jeans. She then opened the blouse, button by button, bottom to chest, until it separated into two parts, exposing a nice, full set of breasts, held by a white, lacey bra from Victoria's Secret, probably, and flat stomach.

She moved her hands carefully over Tracy, her skin smooth and lightly tanned, to the bra, which could not be opened from the front. Tracy unhooked it, without pause, and tossed it to the floor, somewhere. Nicole leaned forward, her mouth against Tracy's stomach, licking at her navel, her hands on the small of Tracy's back, massaging her. Tracy had her hands on Nicole's head, fingers non-existent in her crimson hair. Stroking her. Nicole unbuttoned Tracy's jeans, lowered the zipper. From there, she had to push Tracy back so she could slip down onto her knees, where she worked the jeans down her legs. Tracy stepped out of them. She wasn't wearing panties, which didn't make total sense to Nicole who, also, didn't give a shit at the moment. Tracy's pubic hairs had been shaved earlier in the day - possibly because Michael liked her that way, possibly not - leaving her pussy naked, smooth and tan like the rest of her.

She had a tattoo of a rose - vivid red, with just as vivid a green in the leaves and thorns - on her left hip. No discernible stretch marks. Not a blemish on her, be it freckles, a birth mark, stitches - anything. Nicole placed her at about 115 - 120, tops, with 'C' tits. She had this wonderfully sweet, warm, clean smell to her that could only be mistaken for a woman who takes care of herself. Borderline perfection stood over Nicole.

This was going to be fun. Nicole lowered her head, still facing forward, eyes locked on Tracy's face the whole time, placing her mouth in direct contact with Tracy's cunt.

She teased it, at first, her tongue tracing a slow, gradual circle over the surface flesh. Not probing. Not digging in. Getting a taste. She repeated this process, licking Tracy where cunt meets thigh... sucking there, french kissing, leaving just a trace of lipstick. She brought up a finger, and wriggled it on in, tip... to knuckle... inside of her, now... causing Tracy to squirm... making Nicole laugh, a little. She pulled the finger out, and sucked Tracy off it in her mouth. She covered Tracy's pussy with her mouth, pushed her tongue deep inside... spread her legs, opening her up... she reached around, and held "perfection"s ass cheeks - nothing but Nicole's nose and chin visible, as she attempted to completely bury her face into Tracy's vagina. As she licked, and sucked, and slurped, and made moaning noises - for, you know, vibratory effect - Nicole spread Tracy's ass cheeks apart, her fingers slowly creeping in between the cheeks, one finger, at least, finding Tracy's asshole. Teasing it. Trying to get in further, while continuing to eat her out.

Satisfied with this side, Nicole spun her around, and went straight for Tracy's asshole. She gave each cheek a single lick, brushing her tongue over them, upward, and then snaked her tongue up, in between them, finding her rectum.

This caused Tracy to shift forward, suddenly - uncomfortable? turned on, but not wanting to lose control altogether? - and Nicole's tongue slipped out. She reached out, held onto Tracy's hips, both of them giggling. Michael finally made his way into the bedroom. His approach to the scene was still that of general reluctance, but not so much that it kept him away. Nicole noticed, at roughly the same time as Tracy, who crossed her arms to somehow cover up her bare chest from his view. Nicole, however, making some strange game of the situation, wriggled her index finger, signaling for him to come closer.

He walked over to them, moving in front of Tracy, who then, as if on cue, stepped aside - not to avoid the waiting tongue behind her, but to get away from the "bastard scum" of-the-Earth. He reached out for her, nonthreateningly - ease her hostility, make peace for time being.. SOMEthing. But, she wasn't having it; cold to the touch.

Nicole, acting peacemaker of the moment, stood from her genuflect position, and started undressing. Didn't take her long to get everything off, or maybe it just seemed that way - privately, for Tracy and herself - because they were already well soused, and maybe perceptions were fouled up. But, they were gone in no time, and she stood there, naked, with Tracy, whose head hung low, now.

Nicole kissed her softly on the cheek. She cleared her throat, breathed in, preparing herself for the next move, and she took a step toward Michael, who wasn't expecting it, and kissed him. Softly, at first - not out of tenderness, but more like someone tasting something they've never tasted before and it's turning out to be rank, or somebody kissing somebody else they secretly despise, on a bet, and the longer they can kiss the person and the more believable it is guarantees monetary victory. Michael, of course, confused it to mean reconciliation, and immediately thrust himself into kissing her back, his mouth open, her mouth opening, their tongues colliding. She let him touch her breasts, her thighs, between her thighs, her ass, and she reacted - though automatonically - moaning into his mouth and even gasping a little while he fingered her pussy.

Nicole reached over, took Tracy's hand, pulled her gently over to them. She leaned over, whispered something directly into Tracy's right ear. Smiled. Kissed her, again.

Tracy looked at Michael, dead forward. Eyes pointed. Concentrating. She kissed his available mouth, trying to get into it, not finding that to be very difficult since she'd done it so many times in the past. And, despite how much of an asshole he now seemed to her, she still enjoyed kissing him. Which showed, every time she offered her tongue to him. Nicole leaned in, to join the kiss in progress, and Tracy and Michael parted mouths and offered their still compressed tongues to Nicole, and the three of them stood there, mostly naked, sharing a long, involved, wet french kiss.

Nicole took Tracy's hand, again, and lowered it to Michael's crotch.

Tracy, needing little further help, unbuttoned him, pushed the zipper down, reached inside his jeans and fondled his cock through the boxers he wore. Hard, already; warm and stiff to the touch. She got down on her knees, pulled his jeans and boxers down in one, swift motion. He stepped out of them, just as Nicole got behind him. She reached around his waist, grabbed his cock and began to gently stroke it, while Tracy covered the head of his cock with her lips. Nicole used her free hand to tilt Michael's head back and put her tongue in his left ear, and she continued stroking him while Tracy licked and sucked on his enlarged head. She then let him slip from her mouth, and concentrated on his balls, licking up and down on them, and taking each testicle into her mouth one at a time, bathing them with warm saliva. She reached down, between her legs, wet her fingers with her juices and then replaced Nicole's hand with her own, smearing her wetness over his hot, pulsing-hard cock.

Nicole walked around him, joined Tracy on the floor, and the two women took turns suckling on his cock, licking Tracy's pussy juice from it and then meshing tongues. Tracy pulled Nicole's hair back into a ponytail, as she took Michael's cock into her mouth. Nicole made sure to catch Tracy in her peripheral, as she watched Nicole slide her mouth over the length of the erection. Tracy would watch, a moment or two, and then occasionally pushed her face closer so she could alternately lick at the corner of Nicole's mouth, hoping to perhaps push her tongue into the girl's mouth, and licking what little cockmeat was not hidden within Nicole's mouth. Michael kept a hand, just one, on the back of Nicole's head, which shifted forward and back, over and over, fucking her face.

They pushed Michael away, momentarily, and french kissed. Nicole then looked up at Michael, pointed downward, and he sat on the floor and then lay back. Nicole, instigator of the moment, instructed Tracy to sit over Michael's face, while she would work on his cock some more - wanting Tracy to only receive and not give pleasure, since that's what she deserved.

So, Tracy climbed on top of Michael's face, knees bent to either side of his head, her hands on his chest, balancing herself to not smother him - even though that's what he deserved. Michael placed both hands on her thighs, as he pushed his tongue deep inside her pussy. He moved his tongue in a circular, churning motion, inside of her, and then pressed his lips over one portion of womanflesh, sucked it hard. This made Tracy groan just a bit, but he hadn't found her clitoris just yet so there was nothing to get too huffy over. She certainly held no objection to his trying, though, which he did, digging in deeper with his tongue, his mouth locked completely over her cunt, searching for it. Somewhere... THERE IT IS - no.... As Tracy squirmed, and opened up even more to Michael's exploring tongue, he found it. Part of it. She decided to help him out, and used a couple of fingers over the correct spot, not only to offer assistance but because this felt really fucking spectacular, also. Once Michael had it, he would not let go,

clenching her hardened clit between pressed lips, flicking the tip of it very carefully with his tongue. This - after a number of times that he did it - made Tracy squirt into his mouth, which he swallowed, dutifully.

Nicole watched all of this, with admiring eye, while she stroked Michael's trembling cock fast... slow... fast, fast... slow. He was going to come, soon, which she in no way indicated to Tracy, who was much too lost in her own sexual fulfillment to notice, anyway. She couldn't decide whether to continue stroking him until he came, which would surely happen in a matter of seconds if she was not careful, or let Tracy have it. She tightened her grip around the base of his cock, and stopped pumping it, so she could make a decision. This was tough; once he came, would he need a break before getting to any actual fucking, and then during that period of time, would there be regret to consider for Tracy which would keep her from going on with this - whatever this was supposed to be? Would he just drift off to sleep, instead, and leave her unsatisfied? Would she - Tracy dropped down onto Michael's stomach, breaking Nicole from her spell. Tracy smiled - a sort of, 'I know what you're trying to do, and I appreciate it' grin. She noticed that Nicole had stopped pumping Michael's cock, though he was not even close to being flaccid, yet, and reminded Nicole of this with her lascivious eyes. And so, Nicole began again, pumping up and down, shifting skin up and down over the white cartilage beneath it, with her. Tracy felt Michael come to a gradual halt with his licking and sucking back there, and sensed what Nicole sensed.

Then, when he started going "Oh!... Coming... now....", muffled by Tracy's squatting, both women burst into laughter, based on an earlier conversation. With no holding back, Michael came like a fountain - semen spurting out in quick, short bursts, sending mostly clear, tart liquid onto Tracy's chin and nose, and over Nicole's knuckles, and Michael's stomach. He came hard, and afterward the two women spent time cleaning him off: Tracy licked the semen off his belly, Nicole licked her knuckles and then she licked what was now dibbling onto Tracy's lips from her nose, and they french kissed with the taste of sperm full in their mouths.

They rested a total of about two minutes, and then Nicole started to get nervous that what she feared might happen was. She immediately began to stroke Michael's cock back to life, until he reached full mast. This hurt Michael, at first, but he quickly adapted to the pain of erection #2, and then started getting right back into it.

But, Nicole wasn't about to just let him lay there and lazily take her jerking him off like before. She told him to get up, which he did, up to his knees where he waited patiently, expecting more fellatio, until Nicole put her ass toward him.

"Fuck my asshole," she chirped at him, head at an angle, looking back at him over her shoulder. Michael gave his cock a quick stroke, not like he needed it, to keep hard, and then brought the newly revived member to her tiny, almost invisible opening. Michael, having had much previous experience, knew this wouldn't last - that Nicole can get elastic when need be like no other female in the world that HE'D ever been with. Even Tracy. But, Tracy had a nicer pussy; not too loose, and not too not; just right - the kind you could spend hours on end eating out. He made the entrance into the tight hole in front of him in under five seconds, and started to fuck it, gingerly at first, out of respect, but then with more force, out of because he knew she could take it and that it gave her pleasure. Soon, Nicole was fucking back, pounding her hips at him to meet his forward thrusts until their bodies connected, and then started over. Michael leaned over her, his face at the back of her neck, and put his hands down over her inner thighs, massaging her pussy in a kneading-like manner. This made her react, and for real this time, and her teeth grit as she thrust her hips against him harder, and faster, and he knelt upright again with his hands on her hips, to regain a steadier position.

Nicole freed herself of him. She faced him, kissed him hard on the mouth.

"Now, I want you to fuck Tracy," she commanded.

Michael looked in Tracy's general direction. She was already on her feet, and took his hand. She backed up against the wall, pulling him along with her, until they were face to face, up close and that other word. His hands meandered on her thighs and stomach, slowly and meticulously, but she quickly had had enough of this and grabbed his hands and raised them until she had his hands pinning hers to the wall, over her head. She put her head forward for him, and he did the same, and they kissed hungrily. She kept her back pressed to the wall, but pushed her hips out to meet his hips, her cunt smothering his cock, and she wiggled a little and felt his penis twitch and tremble. He moved into her, his cock sliding up inside of her open, wet pussy, and he stayed like this, motionless, the only sound her heavy, erratic breathing. Her eyes her closed, now, and her head back, as she waited to take it. And, he began to fuck her, right there against the wall - a position he could not recall having done with either of them in the past. It was uncomfortable, but maybe that was the point; neither Michael or Tracy had a great deal of room to move, and stay converged like this - not much room for flexibility. So, with just the one to concentrate on, their fucking seemed worlds more intense.

Michael reached down and grabbed hold of her asscheeks, leaving no space between her and the wall for his hands to breathe, and his knuckles, he could tell, were getting white and numb. Not that it mattered in the least. He thrust himself up inside of her, over and over, his slick stiff flesh stabbing through her inner lips and creating a sort of warm - no, hot - brilliant friction. Tracy put up with this for only a couple minutes and then, panting, asked him "You got me?" and he said, panting, that he did, and then she bent her knees and lifted her feet from the floor in a jumping-esque movement and locked the heels of both feet around the small of his back. He knew what she wanted, and carried her the short distance to the bed, and lay her down, on top of her and still inside. She rolled over, on top, and he scooted back on the bed, and she adjusted herself a bit until she sat astride him, and fucked him by moving her pussy over his dick in a harsh, determined up-and-down movement. She kept arching her back, moving forward a little, his cock sliding out of her halfway, and then sitting down and engulfing him again until she picked up a fast, breathless pace. He had his hands on her ass, squeezing both the cheeks then letting them go, squeezing.. and letting go..

Tracy walked over to them - she had been masturbating on the floor - and knelt by the bed. There was enough space between this one side of the bed and where they were crotch-fucking to rest her head, and so she did, her face right up in the action. She reached in and caught Tracy on a rise, and pulled Michael's cock the rest of the way out of her, and started sucking him off. He was already well lubed from her wet, which made for easy, swift stroking. She jerked his cock, while intermittently sucking and licking the swelled head, and he started to buck his hips. She was bringing him to the edge, again, and so she stopped, squeezed him hard and held on to prevent ejaculation. She licked his balls, and moved onto the bed with them, beside them, and pulled Tracy on top of her, and the two girls french kissed a while, and then Michael jerked himself off, watching them make out.

Tracy moved off of Nicole, and lay down on the other side of Michael. Nicole began kissing Michael, and pumping his cock at the same time, as Tracy put her mouth over the head. She stroked him fast, and soon the base of her fist was making slapping noises against his balls, and Tracy opened her mouth wide, tongue out, so that both her lovers could see it when Michael came. One look at her, and he did; come, thicker than before, surged forth onto Tracy's awaiting tongue, most of which dripped to the back of her throat, where she let it collect. None of the semen landed anywhere else. Nicole, not giving her a chance to swallow, leaped onto Tracy and buried her tongue into Tracy's still open mouth, trying to taste every bit of semen that she could. And, then Tracy swallowed, and continued licking at Nicole's tongue.

Michael was visibly spent. Exhausted, sweaty, panting. Cock wilting. When Nicole and Tracy had finished grooming, they stood, leaving Michael on the floor. Tracy turned to him, and said, "That was the last one. We're even."

"Wait, are you certain?" Nicole asked, reluctant.

"Absolutely, I am."

"Ok, then."

"It's been a real slice, Mikey," Tracey said, with malicious ease.


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