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by Tiger110

I've only been married for a few months but it seems like a life time, of course I wasn't a virgin when we married but then I wasn't what you call experienced either. In the past I'd sucked off a few boyfriends and even shagged one or two but I'd only had sex in the missionary position and certainly never allowed them to fuck me doggy style or cum while in my mouth and this was also true for my husband. Just after the wedding he'd come home and announced that he'd been made redundant, bang went our holiday plans and the mortgage was looking doubtful, so I decided to look around for a job myself.

Academically I'd never been 'brain of Britain' and so the job seeking was not going so well when one day I was cleaning out the bottom of the wardrobe and came across a porno mag. At first I was angry at Trevor, my husband, for wanting this smut but then opened it out of curiosity and began to leaf through the pages of naked girls, half way through there was a story about a man who's wife had sex other men with his consent and I had to admit that my pussy started to become damp. Next there was a section called 'Readers Wives' in which some ordinary girls were showing off their most intimate parts, I began to compare them to myself and decided I had a much better body than most of them. I undressed and stood in front of the bedroom mirror to compare them a little closer, my 40" DD breasts easily outshone most and my narrow waist accentuated my firm rounded bum; however the lips of my pussy hung down lower and gapped open exposing my stiff clitoris.

Slowly I put my hand between my legs and felt the juices seeping out of myself, for the first time in my life I began to masturbate. Several minutes later a climax ripped through my body unlike anything I've ever known and I collapsed onto the bed with my hand gripped firmly between my thighs. Feeling guilty I quickly composed myself and got dressed putting the magazine back where I'd found it, with promises never to look at it again.

The following day Trevor had gone out with the dog and I found myself stealing another look at his books, this time I managed to get past 'Readers Wives' and came across some adverts at the back. They all had 0898 phone numbers and naked girls asking for all sorts ways to be taken as well as offering different ways to please both men and women, however the ones that caught my eye were the ones that said they would suck a man's cock until he came; and swallow it! Further down the page were girls offering used panties for sale and describing how they wanted men to screw them by phoning the personal ads. Finally the last one I came across was advertising jobs. Naive as I was I decided to ring up and find out more. The next day saw me getting ready for an interview across town in the seedier part of the world at one of the agencies advertised.

At 3.00pm I walked into a damp corridor and up a flight of stairs, at the top a door had a sign on it saying Valourcrest Ltd, I held my head high and walked in confidently. Inside sat a young girl at the desk in a small office, she asked me my name and crossed me off a list in front of her, the list must have had at least twenty people on it and so I decided that I'd have to go all out to get this job. After about ten minutes a young but rather fat man came round the side and asked me to follow him to the next room, here he offered me a seat in front of his desk and watched as I sat down. I'd decided that it would help if I wore a nice short business suit and kept by top button open exposing a little cleavage, a choice he was now making the most of as he leered at my breasts.

He asked if I knew exactly what the job entailed and looked rather put out when I said 'no', he said that perhaps I'd got the wrong idea in his line of profession a more experienced girl was the norm. I told him that I needed a job very badly and told him about Trevor being made redundant, I also said that I was willing to try anything once and was sure that I could persuade him if only he would give me a chance to prove it. With a smile he agreed to let me have a go with him acting as the client and if I made him happy the job was mine, I was to pick up the phone in front of me and he would dial it on the other, I was then to act out the fantasy he required. Still not quite sure what he wanted me to do I picked up the phone.

Hi this is Jane I said but was cut short as he told me to use the name Suzi, it sounded younger and sexier, then he asked me to tell him how old I was and describe what I was wearing but again cut me short as I began. 'No, this is all about a fantasy' he said and pushed a picture in front of me, 'pretend that your her'. A young girl about sixteen dressed in a typical gray pleated school skirt and white shirt looked back at me and the penny dropped. I closed my eyes and lent back in the seat, I put my finger in my mouth and regressed back to my school days, 'well I'm 15, still at school, with a gray skirt that's too short for me and a white shirt, oh and I've long white socks and a bra that's far too tight' I began, a smile came across his face! 'what about your panties, are they wet?' he asked 'no! why should they be, I'm a good girl?' I said with a little laugh. Next he asked if I could sit down and cross my legs so that he could see them, and wouldn't I feel comfier if I opened my tight shirt and took off my bra.

Keeping my eyes closed I opened my jacket and undid the buttons on my blouse, next I pulled up the front of my bra exposing one of my titties and finally I sat cross legged on the chair; all the time I was describing what I was doing in a quiet school girl type of voice. I ran a hand across my breast and felt my nipple harden further, then I moved it downwards across my belly and on to my right thigh, luckily in an out of character move I'd decided to wear hold-up stockings as the weather was hot. A shudder went through me as naked thigh came into contact with my hand, slowly I slid it further down until it rested on my knickers between my legs, 'umm you're right they are wet' I said again with a little giggle. 'why don't you slip them off then' he said, 'I promise I won't look; unless you want me too' he continued. 'I can't get them off while sat down silly' I said 'hang on a minute'.

Quickly I put the phone down and stood up still keeping my eyes shut and the illusion going in my head, I turned round and slipped both hands under my skirt and pushed it up around my waist, finally I bent, hooked two fingers in the waist band and pulled them down to my knees. 'are you sure you're not looking' I said while still bent over, knickers round my knees and legs slightly apart, 'no no its fine' he said slightly short of breath. Suddenly something touched the back of my knee and I froze, 'what was that' 'its OK I just want to move a little closer so that I can smell you' he said. Well remember I said no looking. Slowly the touch grew a little harder and then I felt his tongue, he began to move up my leg and asked me to describe how I lost my virginity, his tongue passed over the top of my stocking and on to the inside of my thigh before stopping.

I told him how Gary had taken me round the back of the bike shed and showed me his thingy, his prick he called it, then he asked he to kneel down and suck it. It began to get bigger inside my mouth and he held my head while moving it in and out, he told me to suck a little harder but then pulled out saying that he'd come if I did it any more. He said to take off my knickers and bend over the wall with my legs open, then he touched me on the fanny and pushed something warm inside, he pushed in and out a few times and then gasped out that he was coming, finally as he pulled away something warm ran out and down my leg; he said that I was a good fuck!

As I finished I too felt something warm touch my fanny only this time I knew what it was, I was determined to get a job but this was only an excuse as my body craved to be filled, to be fucked. Slowly his cock stretched open my fanny and eased its way in, he was more considerate than Trevor but this was what I least wanted and told him to fuck me, to fill me and use me, his little school girl Suzi! He began to hammer away, faster and faster, his hand came round and grasped my tit pinching at its exposed nipple, finally he pulled out and told me to turn around.

I sat down and opened my eyes, in front instead of a limp dick was a huge thick glistening piece of male cock, 'perhaps its time to try sucking one again' he said. Carefully I took hold and began to lick my own juices off it, they tasted sweet, next I pulled back the skin to expose his head and opened my mouth, he slipped it in making my cheeks bulge. Bob took hold my hair at the back of my head and held me tight as he began to fuck my face, slowly at first but then faster and deeper, inching his way down in to the back of my throat all the time telling me how good I was and how he had never been deep throated so well before. Finally he pulled back my head so that only the tip of his cock was inside my mouth, he came filling my mouth so that I had no choice but to swallow, today I'd lost another virginity.

I returned home to Trevor complete with my new job and very horny but Trevor's sexual appetite had gone down hill since being made redundant and no matter how hard I tried to coax him to bed he wasn't interested. I went up stairs to change and snook one of his magazines into the bathroom with me, as I ran a bath my fingers ran over my tender nipples and again slid inside my pussy, I masturbated again.

Wednesday was my first day at work, only instead of going in to a private office I was led into a big room partitioned off so that ten girls each had about 2 sq yds in which to work, each had a phone and some had a few props, none was dressed for the part except me. I'd decided to do like the manager had said and build a fantasy only to help myself I'd gone out and bought a school girls uniform and taken up the hem of the skirt while Trevor was a sleep. Feeling more than a little frightened I sat down and waited for the phone to ring, before it had time to Bob came over and said hello. He said that I looked great and if I shut my eyes it would all come flooding back to me, how right he was as his hands slipped down the front of my blouse and over my braless tits just as the phone rang.

The first call lasted for about 5 minutes and I heard the man groan as he came, all the time Bob kept whispering in my ear what he wanted to do to me after work and pinched my nipples, the caller was not the only one to climax that call. Bob left to do some more work but only moved three girls down as my next call came in, this went much the same way as the last but I developed my character a little bit more each time. Friday the next week came, the money I was earning was good, my character was coming on nicely, customers were phoning up asking for Suzi and the after work sex was fantastic.

Call number 3 sounded familiar for some reason and for the first time I asked his name and were he was from, 'Trevor, from Littlewood' he said, my heart jumped, my own husband was phoning a sex line and jerking off to a strangers voice. He didn't recognize me as my little girl lost voice was now quiet good and so I set out to find out what turned him on, he said that he'd never enjoyed sex with his wife because she didn't dominate him, his fantasy was to be made to watch while she fucked somebody else and asked if I'd act this out for him. I didn't refuse.

Unfortunately like at home he only lasted a few minutes and said thanks before hanging up, I still loved him despite being fucked senseless by Bob every night and so began to think how I could make his fantasy come true. I didn't have to wait long, as we finished the following day I let the other girls go before going to Bob's office, as I stood outside adjusting my skirt and removing my knickers I heard a squeal come from inside, slowly I opened the door. There sat on his desk with her legs wide open was Tania the new girl, her knickers were around one ankle and Bob's face was buried in her snatch, she looked up at me and smiled.

Bob must have sensed me come in and turned round, he asked if I'd met the new girl Tania and beckoned me in, calmly he undid the buttons on my blouse and pulled up my skirt; I still did nothing! He knelt down in front of me and began to lick at my pussy, I closed my eyes and opened my legs further. Next I felt a pair of hands run over my breasts, smooth hands not like Bob's, and the fantasy of another girl touching me came real, later I went back to Trevor's magazines and the pictures of two girls licking at each other or sharing a mans cock, tonight had been another first.

Afterwards Bob had asked if I'd ever made a porno flick, I said that before coming to him I'd only ever made love in the missionary position, and besides my husband had problems getting an erection. Suddenly an idea, perhaps this was how I could bring Trevor's fantasy to life, to make a porno movie and make him watch it, while having fun at the same time myself. I went home later that day and found him a sleep in the arm chair, his T.V. was still on and a wicked thought popped into my mind. Carefully I slipped down beside him and began to undo his jeans, slowly I reached in my hand and eased out his cock then I took it into my mouth and began to give him a blow job, by now Bob said that I'd improved even more that my first time after all I'd been having a lot of practice.

Trevors cock began to stiffen his foreskin slid back exposing his purple head and pre-come began to leak out, I lapped it up and sucked his smooth balls, finally he began to wake up. His look of amazement was unreal as he found his normally frigid wife sucking his hard cock for the first time, he smiled and said that it felt wonderful before helping me to pull his trousers further down. Next I told him to close his eyes and imagine his best fantasy, as he lay there with me playing with him I started to tell him what I thought that would be. My mind went back to our telephone conversation and so I told him how I would like to tie him up and make him watch while I fucked another man, how I wanted to be used as a whore fucked in every hole and then licked clean, to have another girl sit over my face and be bum fucked as I licked at her twat, all while he watched. As I finished he came shooting a long strand of spunk into my face and hair, he opened his eyes in time to see me licking my fingers as I scooped it up; finally I told him that tomorrow night he was to meet me outside work at 7pm.

The next day I told Bob that I'd arranged for Trevor to meet me outside work at 7pm and how I wanted the night to progress, he nodded and went off to sort it out while I took my first call of the day. As the day went on each call got me randier randier, my pussy began to leak and I wished that I could nip off to the toilet for a quick wank but made myself wait for later, at one point Bob came up behind me and rubbed my nipples as he told me that all was arranged and that Jim, Dave and Sasha had all agreed to stay behind for the fun. Bob said that he'd pinned a note to the front door telling Trevor to come up and let himself in at exactly 7.05pm, we'd be waiting for him.

Finally the day came to an end and the others left, word had got round what was going to happen and several girls offered their best wishes and Sue even said that she'd rub some cold cream into my pussy the following day to ease the soreness. Now baring in mind that Jim and Dave both worked the office downstairs and we'd only met on a couple of occasions and that Sasha was one of the best girls in the company I was more than a little nervous, in fact as I thought how well built the two lads were then I nearly fainted. However Bob came to get me at 6.30, he led me down a corridor and into the next room somewhere I'd never been until now, inside was a mini film studio cameras, lights, the whole lot. Suddenly I was grabbed from either side and frogmarched into the middle of the room, here stood a vaulting horse just like the ones they use at school and on the floor was a pile of clothes.

Bob told Sasha to pin a big sign on the door for Trevor and then close it, next he told me to change into the clothes. They were like my school uniform that I'd worn on the first day but had longer white socks that came past my knee, an even shorter skirt, a tiny pair of white knickers and the highest pair of high heels I've ever seen; no blouse. As I changed the boys watched and I could feel my pussy beginning to leak. Finally I slipped into the panties and stood up, the boys once again grabbed me and pushed me face down over the vaulting horse before tying my hands together and to one of its legs, then they pushed open my legs and strapped each ankle to another.

Bob came behind me and slid his hand up the inside of my thigh stopping just short of my bum, I said that he didn't need to tie me down but was quickly silenced as he whacked my arse firmly. Sasha moved round in front of me and slipped her hands underneath her skirt, she hooked her fingers into the waist band of her knickers and stepped out of them, she picked them up and held them under my nose. As I breathed in her musky aroma Bob again smacked me causing me to yell out in pain, this was Sasha's cue to push her damp knickers into my mouth, finally she secured them with a stocking tied round by head. There was a faint knock at the door and Bob told Trevor to come in, I couldn't turn my head enough to see him but I heard the intake of his breath as he saw me tied up across the horse, Bob told him to sit in the corner and watch!

Bob set the camera going and repositioned one of the lights to illuminate my bum, Jim came round in front of me and unbuckled his trousers freeing his monster cock. Sasha knelt down and took it between her lips directly in front of my face while behind me I could hear the rustling of more clothes being discarded, Bob asked Trevor if he would like the first go! I thought that I was in for a dam good fucking by the boys when he declined but how wrong I was when suddenly a whistle came through the air and a red hot pain streaked across my tender arse, Bob had used a cane on me. He told Trevor how I went to his office on the first day and promised to do anything to get the job, he told him how I'd sucked his cock and had gone back for more every night afterwards, how I was turning out to be his best girl on the phones and now how he was going to make even more from me making videos.

He told my husband how he and the others were going to punish me and then fuck me, how they were going to film it to make a video, how he was going to sell the video to a string of sex shops and turn me into a number one porno star ---- Trevor said he wouldn't stand in his way. The next twenty minutes was just a blur of my arse being caned while Sasha sucked a cock directly in front of me. Finally Bob stopped and the heat from my thrashing spread around my thighs and into my groin, my pussy dampened and a knot formed in my tummy, I had never been so turned on!!

Something soft and warm touched the inside of my left leg, it was a cock, and a huge one at that. Slowly it slid inside me until his balls rested against me, his pubic hair pricking my tenderized flesh, then he began to fuck. Every time he pulled out it seemed to grow a little more until finally on his next thrust he pieced my womb, yet another first, finally he began to hammer away at my cunt. Sasha had Jim on the verge of coming and took her mouth away, she began to wank his erection pulling the skin backwards and forwards down his length, he shot his sperm out all over my face. I tried to lick it up but the fucking I was receiving from behind took most of my concentration and so Sasha offered to help, her lips worked their way over my face scooping up his juices and then she kissed me passing them on.

Dave filled my stretched minge with his juices until it leaked out and ran down my thighs, finally Bob asked Trevor if he liked to see me being used like a whore, he said yes, but he told him that from now on he would have to buy the videos like anybody else and to fuck off home for a wank; from now on I wasn't to have sex with him again. And so Trevor's redundancy led me into a successful career of my own, today I'm rich well fucked and support us both, but I remain a sex slave to Bob and do everything he commands; but you don't hear me complaining do you?

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