The Best Erotic Stories.

by Carl East

Dedicated to Rosebud, for being a friend

The early morning rain was slowing down, as Rose looked out of the window, the splattering of water coming from her guttering and bouncing off her window sill, a clear indication that she needed to get it seen too.

Rosebud, or Rose to her friends, was looking forward to the coming night, for she was entertaining work colleagues of her husband's, and had gotten everything ready. This event would change the way Rose looked upon sex, but she had no way of knowing that.

She set about cleaning some glasses that they stored in the shed, and made sure she placed drink mats wherever there was a chance someone would be placing a drink. Knowing that her children were being looked after by a family member, she relaxed for a couple of hours, unwinding from the week's hectic schedule.

By the time six o'clock came around, everything was in place, and she was looking forward to having a drink. Her husband came in at six thirty, and informed her she could expect the first guest at around eight. Then seeing everything was ready, he poured himself a drink, and then kissed Rose on the cheek for getting it all prepared.

At nine o'clock the dinner party was well underway, with everyone laughing and generally having a good time. There was one man there, that Rose couldn't help but notice, for he seemed to be staring at her all night, not that she minded, she was aware that her slender figure was still an asset.

Her dress was a beautiful long affair, which exposed her bare back, and giving away the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her 38DDD bust, was more than capable of filling it out, as the cleavage at the front clearly demonstrated.

As the end of the night approached, her husbands friends seemed to drift off one by one, until she thought they had all gone. But returning to the lounge, she found her admirer was still there, and asked him if he would like another drink.

"Yes please." He said, handing her his glass.

Her husband then informed her that Frank would be staying the night, in their room, and they would be sleeping in the spare room, as it didn't have carpets yet. Frank was from out of town, and would be coming to work with him in the morning. Rose of course accepted this, and decided to check the bedroom in question, to make sure he had clean sheets.

By the time they had all retired for the evening, Rose was pretty much exhausted, and couldn't be bothered to get into her usual night dress, opting instead to sleeping in the raw. This one event was probably the catalyst for what happened next, for only twenty minutes after retiring, she had to go to the bathroom, and completely forgot she was naked.

After finishing up in the bathroom, she crossed the hall and proceeded into her own room, forgetting that their guest was now under the sheets. She climbed into bed, not bothering to put the light on, for fear of disturbing her husband. Then she cuddled up to the man she thought was her lover, and best friend. She thought of the stares Frank had given her, and started to get aroused, then she put her hand down the sheet to grasp hold of her man's cock.

He was rock hard, but he felt different, then she realised what she had done, shooting up straight in the bed, and putting the side light on.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry, I completely forgot you had our bed," she said, her face turning crimson.

"I think I guessed that, but it was fun anyway," he replied, grinning from ear to ear.

Just then her husband came into the room, and was quickly informed of the mix up. He listened, then started to laugh; he found it all, very amusing, and they talked for a while. It was when Rose confessed that this situation had turned her on slightly, that the best night of her life began.

"You should see my wife's body, it's magnificent," said her husband, totally surprising Rose.

"I very nearly did," replied Frank.

Rose blushed, pulling the covers up a little higher, and feeling trapped in the bed, for she was still naked. Her husband then asked her to move up, surprising her yet again, but getting quite aroused at the possibilities that lay ahead. She moved over, brushing against Frank's hip, then her husband climbed into the bed.

"Why don't we have a bit of fun," said her husband, pulling the covers back to reveal her breasts.

"I'm game, if you two are," Frank replied, his eyes fixed on her lovely erect nipples.

Rose was shocked and excited, both at the same time, but she could feel her pussy getting wetter, as they commenced in placing their hands onto her body. Frank rolled the nipple closest to him around with his fingers, eliciting a sigh from Rose's lips. Her husband meanwhile went straight for gold, as his finger now penetrated her moist pussy.

Her emotions were getting heightened, as Frank's mouth suddenly started to suck her nipple; she began to climax, having never experienced anything so erotic. Then she got bolder, reaching a hand down to once again grasp hold of the cock she had felt earlier. She knew, as she rubbed it, why she had realised this wasn't her husband, for his cock was thicker, but just as long.

They then decided to get into various positions, with her husband telling her to get into his favourite. She got to her knees, her inhibitions seemingly disappearing, as Frank knelt in front of her, at the head of the bed. She saw his cock for the first time, and never hesitated, as she lowered her mouth over the end.

Her husband had no trouble getting into her extremely moist pussy, and proceeded to fuck her from behind, for all he was worth. The moans emanating from Rose's mouth more than enough to tell him he was doing all the right things.

Franks cock was now well inside her mouth, as she moaned from the assault of her womanhood, and starting to suck with earnest, eliciting moans of pleasure from them both. She had always dreamt of this, but never imagined it would come true, now it was happening, and she was in heaven.

"Mmmm...I love the feel of your my mouth."

Her husband had always had staying power, and was proving it now, for his pounding of her pussy, suddenly increased in intensity making her moan out loud. Frank however couldn't hold back any longer, as his cock started to jerk in her mouth, and the first stream of sperm shot into the back of her waiting throat.

Rose sucked harder wanting to drain him, as he came again, the taste of his seed on her tongue as she swallowed, for the third time. She didn't stop sucking, wanting him to stay hard and looking forward to feeling his cock in her cunt. Then her husband came, shouting out as his seed was pumped out into her womb. Her second orgasm was upon her an orgasm she had never experienced before, and one that left her feeling every bit a woman.

Then they changed places, with Rose tasting her own juices on her husband's cock, as well as the last drops of his own. She hadn't realised just how tight she was until Frank had started to enter her, his thick cock stretching her pussy lips, and making her cry out with pleasure.

Frank started slowly, wanting her to get used to it being there, for he realised she wasn't used to his thickness. Then when his cock was lubricated enough from her own juices, he began to work it faster. She orgasmed almost the instant his strokes speeded up, feeling every single inch, as he ploughed into her vagina.

She had never been a multi orgasmic person, and indeed thought that that was a myth, but she now knew better, for her forth orgasm was upon her. How could I ever forget this night, she thought as she sucked her husbands cock, and felt such a pleasure from her womb.

By the time her husband had cum again, her orgasms numbered six, and she could feel Frank's sperm escaping her pussy, and running down her legs. They talked for hours after that, with Rose hoping, no, praying that this would happen again.

* The End *


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