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by Stump

It was a warm summer evening and a group of friends and I decided to head down to the lake to do some night fishing. Little did we know that our evening would turn out the way it did. We started down the street towards the woods and decided to cut behind the high school. As we got closer to the school we could hear music playing and people laughing. Wanting to see what was going on, we decided to take a detour by the gym. Once around the corner of the building we realized that there was a reunion in the gym. We dropped our stuff outside and slipped into the building to get a better look.

There they were some of the best looking women we had ever seen. They were wearing a variety of sexy dresses and my cock began to stir. I focused on a couple close to the side doors. They were kissing with abandon, his hands were sliding under her dress and stroking her ass. I was rock hard watching them. I wanted nothing more than to pull my cock out and begin stroking it right there. I glanced over at my buddies to see their reaction to what was going on and when I looked back the couple was slipping out the door.

I told my friends that I wanted to see where the couple was going, so we ran to the back of the school. They were obviously very drunk and they were walking towards the woods. As soon as they were out of sight of the houses he pushed her to her knees and took out his cock. She began to unfasten her blouse, she wasn't wearing a bra. Suddenly he removed his cock, grabbed her arm and led her to a grassy patch where they laid down. Her blouse was wide open and he lifted the short skirt and removed her thin moist panties. We watched as the guy began rubbing his hands all over her moist pussy. We had a great view and were being as quiet as we could. This was a great show and I wasn't about to miss it.

He dropped his head and started kissing all over her inner thighs, lightly brushing his tongue all around her hard clit. She was whimpering from the sensations he was sending through her body. I couldn't take it anymore and I didn't care who saw me. I pulled my zipper down and pulled out my nine-inch cock. It felt so good stroking it up and down while watching her squirm under the spell of his tongue. As I stepped back to get comfortable, I stepped on a branch and it snapped. I knew they heard it but I didn't care any more. I was horny as hell and decided I was going to fuck her hard and fast before the night was over. I told my friends of my plan to sneak up on them and knock the guy out so we could all fuck his lady.

We heard voices and knew that they had heard us moving toward them. We weren't going to miss out on feeding our hard cocks to her so we ran fast and hard down the path. They looked around and saw us but it was too late. The boyfriend jumped up and stood in front of her, she was sitting on the grass with her back to us. I could tell she was really scared, her blouse undone, skirt round her waist and no panties. We all became very aroused by thought that we could have her any way we wanted. Her boyfriend tried to protect her but couldn't. As soon as he made a move, my friend Brian hit him from behind with a branch. He fell like a ton of bricks and she started screaming for help. Just when I thought she might be heard, Joe grabbed her and gagged her with her panties.

We had complete control of them now. George gagged the boyfriend with his t-shirt and used his tie to bind his hands and feet. Joe pulled the woman up to her feet and ordered her to strip, he wanted to see her completely naked. She stood shaking her head in disagreement. Joe called for Brian and George to come hold her for him. They each grabbed a wrist and she began kicking at Joe. She wasn't about to give her pussy up with out a fight. I yelled at Joe to grab her feet. When they had her under control, I reached for my knife and cut her skirt away from her sexy ass.

There in front of me was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. It was completely shaved and glistening with her sweet juices. I couldn't take it any longer and dropped my mouth to it. She tasted great, so soft and juicy, her clit was hard and sticking out almost an inch. I opened my mouth and took her clit between my teeth. She let out a moan as her body started to respond to the stimulation it was receiving. She started moving her pelvis towards my face, pushing her pussy hard against my eager mouth. Joe let go of her legs and she spread them wide to give me better access.

Brian and George started fondling her breasts and rolling her nipples between their fingers. Her nipples instantly responded and hardened. Brian released her arm and moved his mouth to her nipple. She jumped when his mouth sucked her nipple in his mouth. We could tell she was having her first orgasm. As her body calmed, we eased her onto her back in the soft grass. She was ours now. She was so excited that she reached out for Brian's cock. She started stroking it up and down. George moved closer to allow her to stroke his cock as well.

Watching her with a cock in each hand was more than I could take. I pushed her legs apart and drove my hard cock into her. She was sopping wet; her juices were flowing from her pussy and down the crack of her ass. Her hips began to move wildly as she reached another orgasm. Her pussy gripped my cock like a velvet glove, milking me. I felt my balls tighten as I shot load after load of my hot cum into her pussy.

Joe wanted his turn next. He slid into her pussy and pounded her hard and fast, slamming against her clit, bringing her to another massive orgasm. Before she could catch her breath, Joe grabbed her legs and lifted them high into the air. He pulled his wet cock from her and aimed it at her tight ass. She tried to move her ass and keep him from taking her ass, but the more she moved the closer he got. Finally he reached his goal and pushed deep into her ass. A tear ran from her eye as she adjusted to the pain.

Brian reached forward to rub her clit and George removed the panties from her mouth. She thanked him; saying it was getting hard to breathe. George didn't answer her; his only response was to slide his cock into her waiting mouth. She sucked him hard, running her teeth lightly over his hard cock.

Brian told Joe to roll her over so he could fuck her wet pussy. Joe smiled and pulled his cock from her ass. George helped to roll her over, never letting his hard tool leave her mouth. She was on her knees sucking George as Joe got behind her and filled her ass again. Brian slid under her and guided his cock to her waiting pussy. She slid down on it with ease. Her face was aglow with pleasure. She had never been filled with three hard men at the same time. What made it even more exciting was the fact that her boyfriend had awaken and was watching the whole thing.

She was in heaven; she had four young studs servicing her every need. Joe was driving into her tight ass, his orgasm was very close and she knew it. Brian was pinned under her body and she was riding his hard shaft. George couldn't handle another moment and exploded against her throat, growling as he shot jets of hot juice into her. She drank every drop as if it were liquid gold. Joe and Brian had all they could take; hearing George sent them over the edge. They both shouted as they came together deep inside her.

We quickly fixed our clothes and grabbed our fishing gear, leaving her boyfriend for her to untie. She thanked us for everything and told us to get going. She said she would give us time to escape before she let him loose. That was five years ago and I am looking forward to tonight's reunion.


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