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by Shintani

Bettina fidgeted nervously in her seat. It had been years since she had been on a plane, but here she was, sneaking away from her ex-fiancée for the weekend, all just to meet him. She glanced back out the window at the inky black night, her thoughts taking her back to their first meeting.

It had all started innocently enough, if you could call an Internet chat room innocent. She had logged on one night while her fiancée was sleeping, just cruising around for fun. Most of the guys out there were crudely trying to cyber her, while she wasn't opposed to the idea, someone in that crowd had stood out. She had sent out an open invitation for chat, and while he wasn't the first to respond, he behaved himself rather well, and they got talking. Soon enough, everyone else was on ignore, and they just talked about...everything. Careers, locations, families, relationships, everything. Much to her surprise, he didn't try to cyber her once during that 2-hour conversation, and as her horniness grew, she initiated it.

Damn, he was pretty good, knowing just what to say to please her, but there was still something more about him. This was more than just an online quickie, an unknown person sharing a fantasy with her; there was something deeper. Completely out of character, Bettina gave him her email address, and left it at that. Ten minutes later, she had an email from him. They met again the next night, chatting the hours away. Bettina learned that he had done his research during the day, and from veiled clues she had dropped him, realized that he had found her work phone number.

She ended that evening's conversation by daring him to call her. Late the next day, he did. His voice captivated her. Once the initial shock of his boldness wore off, she thought about the situation. What did she know about this man, really know about him? Nothing. Still, something about him drew her close. And it shouldn't have. She was engaged, he was married. They lived over a thousand miles apart. From his description, and her own admission, they realized that they weren't even each other's types. But still, they talked each day for hours. Either online, or on the phone, they grew closer to one another. Bettina felt her feelings growing for him, and they were growing stronger each day. Suddenly, her life, which she thought she had finally figured out, was turned upside down.

Then it happened one day. They had been chatting online, and he closed out with a surprise. Her mouth dropped open when she saw it, her entire body shook. His final keystrokes of the evening were the words "I LOVE YOU!" He had said those magic words to her, without any prompting. Bettina had always been the one to say it first, even had to coax them out of her fiancée. This stranger was becoming more and more a part of her life, and she was enjoying it. He called her at lunch the next day. They talked through his entire break, and he said those words to her again, this time, it was his sexy voice that did the trick for her. She dreamily uttered them right back to him. What had started as a simple fling was consuming their lives. But they were both willing partners. His calls grew more frequent after that exchange, and pictures were traded through the mail. Her co-workers were amused by all of this, giggling in the background, as young girls are wont to do as Bettina spoke to him over the phone. The next week, during a shared day off, they burned a phone line for hours with their talk, usually romantic, and often quite hot.

Bettina smiled to herself at the memory of that as her flight descended through the clouds. It all started so innocently, but next thing she knew a plane ticket had arrived for her through the mail, with a trip itinerary. She so desperately wanted to meet him, and had told him so. Now, he was going to make that fantasy a reality. He even provided her the tools for it. Could his feelings be that strong for her? She knew that her feelings for him were that strong. A quick glance down at her left hand reinforced that belief. The miniscule ring her fiancée had bought her was now sitting in its box, on his dresser. She wasn't going to wear it again, and the last time she was introduced as his betrothed, she corrected him. Bettina was hopelessly in love with this new man, and had made up her mind that he was, had to be her true love. She only hoped that she would live up to his expectations. He made her happy, everyone she knew (and had told about him) could see it.

Now, as her flight landed, she prepared to find out just how happy he could make her. And this time, unlike everything else so far in their relationship, she was going to find out in person. The plane bumped to a stop at the terminal. Her nervousness factor increased tenfold. He had to be there, waiting for her. It wouldn't make sense otherwise, for him to buy her a ticket and then stand her up at the airport. Bettina put on her black leather jacket, and checked herself one last time. Her burgundy skirt was short, but not unduly so, and revealed her shapely legs quite well. Her black velvet top was form fitting and accentuated her magnificent breasts. Her long black hair cascaded down her back, and her glossy lipstick and matching nail polish completed the picture. She was as ready as she could be, for this first meeting in person, and stepped off the plane and down the jetway to meet him.

His name was Steve. As time passed, and the status of her flight changed from 'On Time' to 'Arrived' on the TV monitors, his anxiousness grew. Did she make the flight? Did she want to make the flight? Will she be disappointed when she meets me? These questions and more ran through his head. He took one last look at his favorite photo of her to reform his mental image, and watched as the first passengers came down the jetway. Pocketing the photograph, he moved closer to where the arrivals were de-planing, and scanned faces for some sign of recognition. More passengers were coming off the plane now. Steve was really getting nervous now. What if she didn't show up, what to do then? Tugging the belt of his trenchcoat tighter, he strode off into the crowd to find her. With his next glance, he found her.

Bettina saw him at the same time. Their eyes met, and suddenly, time slowed to a crawl. It was as if the crowd between them stopped existing. Her legs carried her down the jetway at a quickening pace, and he raced up to greet her. Somewhere in the middle, they met, arms enveloping each other. Her soft, sexy lips pressed against his, even before a word could be spoken. For the rest of her life, Bettina would remember the sweet taste of that first kiss. His mouth pressed firmly against hers, her eyes closed, and she melted into his arms. Never mind the hundreds of people around them, his kiss was heavenly. She felt her tongue probing between his sweet lips, until it met his. Their embrace grew tighter as they French kissed, right in the middle of the airport. The passion they shared for each other charged the air around them; even seasoned travelers paused to watch.

And they didn't care who saw them; the time they had to spend with each other was going to be short, so they enjoyed every second of it. Jokingly in the past, Bettina had suggested that they spend no more than 5 minutes in the airport. This initial encounter was reaching well beyond that. He held her face as he kissed her, kissed her repeatedly. She felt his hot, loving kisses on her cheeks, her lips, her forehead, her neck. Bettina held him tight and kissed him back when she could as he showered her with his love. Her knees were weak. She never expected him to have such power over her, or for his love to consume her so completely. But she loved every moment of it. He found her hand with his, and slowly, arms wrapped around each other, they made their way to the parking garage.

Bettina gasped as they stepped outside. The freezing cold air was a shock to her, no matter how much she had prepared for it. Steve wrapped his arms around her to keep her warm, and smiled at his love. They made their way to his car quickly, and climbed in. As they waited for the heater to warm them, they engaged in another passionate embrace. Bettina forgot about the bitter cold as her lover bathed her in kisses. His hands found her shapely thighs and caressed her. She moaned with pleasure as his hands ran up her legs, and his fingers brushed against her pussy; for she wasn't wearing panties. Steve smiled and kissed her even more intensely as he ran his fingers against her wet cunt. Her juices lubricated his way as he rubbed against her lips with his fingers, and played his thumb against her hardening clit. His fingers felt so good rubbing her...and then she gasped as he slid them inside her. She kissed him with a fiery passion as he slowly finger-fucked her dripping pussy.

"Drive," she said. "Just drive us to the hotel, sweetie!" Steve peeled out of the parking lot and raced down the highway to their nearby hotel. When he could, he reached his free hand into her pussy, and continued to play with her. When he couldn't she ran her own fingers into her pussy, nearly bringing herself to orgasm. Mercifully, the drive to the hotel was short. Steve pulled into a parking space, kissed her once again, and they raced through the lobby. Fortunately, he had already checked into the room. Once they were safely in the elevator, their passions got the better of them again, and they tore at each other. Backing Bettina into a corner, Steve kissed her with a renewed vigor; she wrapped a shapely leg around him. His fingers slid deep into her pussy, if the elevator ride lasted any longer, they would have started fucking right there. As soon as the door opened, they raced down the hall. Steve fumbled with the key card for a second, and she teased him mercilessly about it. Hiking up her skirt, she slid two of her own fingers deep inside, then withdrew them. Sexily, seductively, she licked her own juices off of them, allowing her tongue to linger as he threw open the door. They got inside the room, shedding their coats and clothing hurriedly. Bettina was impressed, in his preparation, Steve had left several candles burning next to the turned-down bed, and they were her favorite scent.

A bottle of champagne sat in an ice bucket, but it would have to wait. Tearing their clothing off, Bettina moaned in ecstasy as his mouth found her waiting breasts. His hands expertly massaged them as he took a hardening nipple between his lips. His free hands roamed her body, fingers playing with her other breast, his other hand reaching down to her soaking wet pussy. The feeling of her lover attacking her body with fingers and tongue was too much for her, her moans and cries of passion grew. Maneuvering him down onto the bed, Bettina broke their embrace and lowered herself to his thick, sexy cock. Dropping to her knees before him, she pushed him down onto his back and kissed the swollen tip. She savored the taste of his precum, then slammed her head down on him, forcing him into her throat. Bettina had dreamed of this for months, and she eagerly sucked his shaft into her mouth, stroking him with her hand as well. Soft, delicate fingers found his balls as she continued to suck. She ran her tongue over the bottom of his shaft, then lifted her head over his cock again. Steve's strong hands found the back of her head, and forced her down onto his cock again. His mistress continued to suck, swallowing the first drops of his precum. The sweet taste was heavenly, better than she had anticipated. But that would wait. Reaching around her back, Bettina stripped of her skirt and climbed up onto the bed. She eased herself down, back against the headboard and spread her shapely legs. Steve lost no time at taking her hint. He buried his face in her pussy, lashing his tongue out at her soaked lips and firm clit. "Oh, God, yes!" she cried out as he darted his tongue inside her, licking her cunt from the inside. His lips and teeth caught her clit, making her scream out with glee. As he continued his oral lovemaking, Steve slid his fingers back into her pussy, first one, then two, and then three.

"Do it to me baby, that's the spot!" she called out as he sawed his fingers in and out of her snatch. Her hands pressed him down onto her, she squealed with delight as he sucked on her clit. "Steve, Steve, do it to me! I want you to fuck me! Please, baby, please!" she pleaded, and he complied with her wishes. He scrambled up on the bed, his eyes feasting on the lovely sight before him. Bettina lay back on the bed, beckoning him. Her arms were reached up over her head; the voluptuous hourglass of her figure enticed him. As she raised her legs apart, Steve pounced up between them, sliding his rigid shaft deep inside her wet, inviting pussy. Her lips gave way to his cock slowly as he pressed himself into her. She gasped with pleasure at the feeling of his cock as it slid in, inch by glorious inch. Steve's hands found hers and he bent down to kiss her while he completed his first stroke inside her. Bettina kissed him back with a wild passion, savoring the feeling of his manhood inside her. Slowly, ever so slowly, he withdrew from her, only to slide back in. She moaned in ecstasy as he did, loving the feelings he was generating between her legs. Steve's thrusts into her grew faster and faster, her hot wet cunt gripping him tight as he fucked her. Her pussy was so hot, so wet, so inviting, he knew that she was the one for him.

No other woman had ever felt that good to him and none other would ever get the chance. Her juices flowed around his cock, soaking the sheets beneath them. They didn't care. For the first time in their lives, nothing separated the two lovers, not time, not distance, not even an inch of daylight between their bodies as they consummated their relationship. Bettina broke away from his kisses, uttering the words "Oh, Steve, I love you!" as he continued to slam himself into her. His shoulders pressed up against the backs of her thighs as he thrust into her harder and faster.

"Baby, I love you too!" he moaned as his movements grew quicker, more intense. She was fully involved now, bucking her hips against him as he thrust. Their tempo increased. Bettina began to moan, began to wail as she felt her pleasure intensify with each successive thrust. No man had ever pleased her this much, this fast, as she cried out to him.

"Oh, Steve! Oh, God, Steve! Do it to me baby! Give it to me!"

"Oh, Bettina!" he replied. "You want me baby don't you?" escaped his lips as he slammed his cock into her, feeling his balls constricting.

"Yes, Steve, Yes, yes, YES!" she cried as she felt him pounding his cock into her, feeling him ready to explode. "Come inside, me! I want it all inside me sweetie!"

"Oh, God, YES! Bettina!" he called out as he felt himself letting go his hot sticky cum shooting out inside her waiting pussy. With each contraction of his cock, he felt her tight cunt lips grabbing onto him, milking every sticky sweet drop of his cum out of him.

Bettina's eyes opened wide with shock, with absolute pleasure as she felt him cumming inside her. With each spasm of his cock, she felt his cum shooting inside her, coating her G-spot and filling her cunt. She cried out as she came as well. "Oh Steve! Oh yes! Oh! Oh! Unnngghhh!" The look of complete love and adoration in his eyes as he watched her beneath him captivated her. Never again would she want for another man, this man was hers. Her deep brown eyes shut as he bent over her again, their lips meeting again as their bodies remained intertwined. As they embraced once again, their love fulfilled, she felt him slowly pulling his cock out of her. It was coated with a slick mixture of his cum and her juices as he rolled off onto the bed next to her. Without missing a step, she perched herself up on top of him, letting her soft fingers reach down to his shaft.

With an impish gleam in her eyes, she started to stroke him slowly as she straddled his body. Leaning down to kiss him once again, Bettina whispered softly into his ear, "The night's still young, my darling. I hope you're up for what happens next!"


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