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Roadside Assistance
by Shintani

Matt was just sitting down to a second helping of supper when the phone rang. He motioned to his sweet, young wife Gwen that he would get it and picked up the receiver. "This is Bell---," said an automated voice, and he slammed the phone down.

"Damn telemarketers," he said and returned to the meal that Gwen had prepared for him. He had a rough day at work, and hated these interruptions. Still, he had managed to get home while the sun was still out, and looked forward to taking an evening walk with her. He loved to walk through the neighborhood and show off his buxom blonde beauty. She worked so hard to keep their modest home neat, and to take care of them both as best she could. He glanced over at her. What a catch she had been, he thought, admiring her curly blonde tresses. No matter how hectic her day had been, she always managed to keep him happy.

Tonight, it had been a fine leg of lamb for dinner, but even better than that was the outfit she wore. Like most women in their rural neighborhood, Gwen had spent the day in Daisy Duke style shorts and a cutoff T-shirt. Her ample bosom swelled beneath the cotton material, and Matt couldn't wait until tonight, when nothing would separate him from his wife. She smiled at him as the damned phone rang again. He picked up the phone, answering it gruffly. "Hello?" he demanded.

"Hey, Sam, how are you? You're where? What happened? No, no, it's no problem, I'll be right over." Hanging up the phone, he explained to her. His friend Sam was driving through their area and his car had broken down. Even worse, he had tried calling collect, and Matt had hung up on him the first time. Gwen laughed at her husband's slight embarrassment, and went about cleaning up as he left to retrieve his friend.

Matt and Sam returned home about an hour later, Sam's car in tow behind Matt's pickup truck. After a quick hello to Gwen, both men returned outside to see if they could get the car running again. Gwen noticed that Sam seemed quite taken by her, perhaps it was the amount of skin she was showing, although he really was a sweet guy, he was a bit shy. Still, she took no small pleasure in the fact that he seemed to think she was attractive. Attractive enough to earn his stares at her cleavage, anyway. As darkness fell, the two men returned to the house. Matt explained to Gwen that he could fix the car, but he needed to pick up some parts, and as tomorrow was Sunday, he'd have to go back into town tonight. Sam was tired from driving most of the day, and from his ordeal, and preferred to shower off the grime from the repair work that had been done, and then go off to bed. Gwen poured her husband and his friend a drink, and went to fetch Sam some guest towels and bedding.

On her way past the bathroom, she made a few arrangements of her own. Returning downstairs, she walked Matt out to his truck, and kissed him goodbye. It was a long, slow passionate kiss, one to remind him of what he was leaving behind, and what would await him in their bed that night. As their tongues intertwined, she felt his strong hand gently squeezing her buttocks, and she smiled seductively at him. Gwen sashayed back to the house, knowing that Matt was going to watch her ass the entire way as it swung enticingly from beneath the tight denim of her shorts. Besides, this pair was so tight that the lower curve of her bottom stuck out ever so slightly, and she knew that got a rise out of him as well. As she reached the house, she turned and waved to Matt as he drove off into town. Hearing Sam calling from upstairs, she hurried in, knowing that there wasn't too much time for her to carry out her plan.

Sam was calling for her from the shower, as there was no soap or shampoo for him. When Gwen was upstairs previously, she had seen to that. Letting herself into the bathroom, she asked what he needed. Sam ducked his head out from behind the shower curtain and told her. As he watched, she bent over in front of him to open the cabinet under the sink, and retrieved a bar of soap and bottle of shampoo.

"So far, so good," she thought. Sam ducked back into the shower, and Gwen slowly counted to five. Then, without warning, she ducked her head into the steaming shower, catching him by surprise. He was in the process of lather, rinse, repeat, and she got a great view of his body. Sam was well over six feet tall, and well built. Well endowed too, from the look she got. As Sam gasped out in surprise that she was looking in on him, she innocently asked if the stuff she gave him was satisfactory. He tried to cover himself up as best he could, and answered in the affirmative. Smiling to him and apologizing for her actions, Gwen left him a towel and left the bathroom. She made sure to pick up his clothes on the way out and take them with her.

After her little intrusion, Sam quickly finished his shower. Gwen certainly was a hot one, he thought as he toweled off with the tiny bath towel she left him. Matt had, on occasion, shared stories about how good a lay she was, usually when both he and Sam were drunk, and he had to admit to himself that he wouldn't have minded taking her for a ride himself. She was young, pretty, and curvy, very curvy. Sam and Matt had a thing for tits, especially big ones, and Gwen certainly delivered. And from what he saw when she bent over, she had a nice ass too. Returning his attention to the task at hand, Sam finished drying himself off, wrapped the towel around his waist as best he could, and opened the bathroom door. Gwen was standing out in the hallway, waiting for him. She looked so good, her cutoff T-shirt showcased her breasts very nicely, her legs disappeared into those tight jean shorts, her calves were well shaped, and her thighs looked so succulent.

Sam could barely control his excitement over seeing his friend's wife; he noticed a slight stirring in his loins. Gwen smiled seductively at him, then slowly walked over. Without saying a word, she pulled his towel from his loose grasp, and lowered herself to her knees before him. Sam's cock was growing harder by the second, and it shot up to attention as Gwen took it in her hand and kissed it gently. Sam inhaled slowly, unable to speak as he watched Gwen pull off her shirt and unhook her bra, freeing her magnificent breasts. Cupping them in her hands, she rubbed his cock in her cleavage, then kissed the tip of his swollen shaft. Gwen leaned back, rubbing her nipples between her fingers, then went down on him again, opening her lips to take him into her mouth. She sucked down on him slowly, teasingly, taking the shaft slowly into her mouth while she reached for his balls.

Her movements were slow and deliberate as she started to suck him, taking every inch of him into her, then slowly pulling him out of her mouth. Her hand wrapped around the base of his cock, and she used it to stoke him as she sucked. Gasping at the wonderful sensation of her mouth, Sam slumped back against the wall. While watching his cock disappear into her hot mouth, he slowly slid down the wall; Gwen backed off on her knees, following his motion. She glanced up at him, withdrawing his cock from her mouth. A light kiss on the tip revealed a sticky string of his precome; she licked it off him, savoring the taste. Sam pulled her up towards him, catching her wondrous tits in his mouth. His hands ran all over them; fingers rolling her hard nipples as her sucked and caressed those gorgeous mounds of flesh.

Gwen moaned her approval of his actions, closing her eyes and enjoying his movements. Still, she knew that she hadn't much time, and reluctantly, she withdrew her breasts from his grasp. Sam allowed his hands to linger, as the hot blonde lowered her mouth onto his cock again. This time, she sucked harder and faster, her actions more deliberate. She had teased him before he had gotten a hold of her breasts, now she was sucking for all she was worth. His stiff shaft slid into her mouth, she pumped him vigorously with her hand. His groans increased as she sucked him, harder and faster. As they grew louder and louder, she caressed his balls, feeling them constricting. With renewed vigor, she squeezed his cock and stroked faster, harder, tasting the drops of his pre-come as they flowed from him. Suddenly, with one final gasp, Sam came for her. His cum shot into her mouth, down her throat.

Gwen swallowed every drop that she could, stroking him to milk every bit out of him. Sam managed to pull his cock out from between her lips, a final spasm shooting his pearly droplets across her face, and he rubbed his spent cock against her face. She smiled as he caressed her, and she brushed his cum off of her, back onto his cock, then she licked him clean.

Still smiling at him, she cooed in his ear, "That was great baby, I hope you're up for some more later." With that, she collected her top and disappeared into her bedroom. Sam quickly made his way to the guestroom and got dressed, emerging just as Matt returned home. Gwen was already downstairs, ready to meet him. Greeting her husband with a kiss, she enticed him to follow her up the stairs. Matt smiled as he did, never taking his eyes off her gorgeous ass as she wiggled up the stairs into the bedroom. What happened next was a surprise that both shocked and intrigued him.

Once they were in their room, Gwen shut the door. Before Matt could ask what was going on, she started. "Matt, dear, you always wanted to have me in a 3-way, didn't you?" He had to agree often while they were fucking, both he and Gwen would fantasize about how another cock would make for an interesting time. "Well, honey, if I can convince him, do you think Sam would be game? After all, he had a tough break tonight with his car, maybe this would cheer him up a bit," she continued.

Matt thought about it for a moment. Sure, it had been a great fantasy, but now, Gwen was calling him on it, offering to boff his best friend while he watched. While the idea was intriguing, he wasn't sure about whether or not he really wanted to see his lovely young wife pleasuring another man. Little did he know that she already had a taste of Sam, and wanted more. As he expressed his concerns to her, she snuggled up next to him and purred seductively into his ear.

"You can have any fantasy you want tonight, baby. You want me to fuck, suck anything. I can be a good girl tonight, or I can be your whore. You decide." That was enough for Matt, he realized that this opportunity may never come again, and he agreed. Kissing his wife to seal the bargain, he reached around for her ass and gave it a squeeze. She reassured him that she would do her best to make Sam want her, and before they went downstairs, she dipped a finger into her sopping wet cunt, and gave her husband a lick, just to provide him the barest taste of what lay ahead.

Sam was downstairs, watching TV when Gwen and Matt joined him. They spent time that night, sharing some drinks and watching TV, while trying to steer the topic of their conversation to sex. Sam's nervousness at what transpired between he and Gwen was apparent, to her at least, and she did what she could to ease his consciousness. With Matt's unspoken approval, she sidled up to Sam, letting her hands fall on his thigh, caressing him absentmindedly. Matt had reached behind her, and was bold enough to snake a finger up the leg of her shorts, so that he could play with her pussy. Gwen moaned as her husband began manipulating her, grinding her hips against him.

Pretending to lose her balance, she fell forward, catching herself by grabbing onto Sam. She smiled as she felt his cock hardening beneath his shorts; he smiled back nervously as she stroked him gently. "Sam," she purred softly, "I bet I know what would make you forget all about your car."

"What's that?" he asked.

"Well, Matt's been fingering my cunt and making me all horny," she cooed. "And I bet he'd love to watch me suck your cock, wouldn't you?" Sam gulped a bit at her boldness, but saw the approving look his friend gave him. Leaning back against the couch, he closed his eyes and breathed out a long, slow breath as her fingers wandered into his shorts. He gasped slightly as they found his cock once again, and she drew him up out of his confinement. With a quick tug, Gwen pulled his cock free, and smiling, lowered her head down towards him. In the meantime, Matt was pulling her tight cutoffs down, exposing her lovely ass and the brown bush of her pussy. Gwen picked her hips up, and positioned herself on all fours as she began to suck Sam's cock once again. Her motions were intensified this time, as Matt continued to rub his fingers against her moist pussy lips. He was clearly enjoying watching his wife's head bobbing up and down in Sam's lap. As he slid a finger inside her, she quickened her pace. Sam was thoroughly enjoying his blowjob.

Gwen already had her hand wrapped around his cock, stroking furiously. Her hot mouth took him in as deep as she could as she tasted that wonderful cock again. He was already treating her to the sweet taste of his precome, bringing back memories of the wad that he shot down her throat a few hours before. Gwen moaned as Matt slid a second finger inside her. Her cunt was so wet from the workout he was giving her, and the sensation of having Sam's swollen cock in her mouth. Matt grabbed her ass as he slid his fingers deep inside her, pumping away at her faster and faster. Her motions were a blur, as she rocked her hips against his hand, all the while taking Sam into her mouth. Matt slid down beneath her, and lightly tongued her hardening clit.

Damn she tasted so good; her juices dripping out over his hand as he continued to finger fuck her. Her pussy was contracting against him, firming up her grip as he ravaged her clit with his tongue. The wondrous waves of an orgasm were coursing through Gwen's body as she sucked, and sucked, and sucked. Suddenly, without warning, she was up on Sam, forcing her tits into his face again. As his mouth closed around her nipple, she screamed with delight as Matt greedily sucked on her pussy. Sweet cunt juices were running down his face as he sucked, his hands spreading her thighs and pussy as Sam hungrily sucked on her tits and grabbed her ass. It was all too much for Gwen. She couldn't wait any longer. Reaching down to grab Sam's slick cock, she slid it up against her wet snatch. Matt slipped out of the way as Gwen slammed her hips down onto Sam, forcing his cock deep inside her.

His eyes opened wide with surprise as she merrily began to ride him. He continued to suck those magnificent hooters as she impaled herself repeatedly on his cock. Matt sat back and watched. Here was his buxom young wife, who's fine pussy he'd just eaten, riding on his best friend's cock. Better yet, she really seemed to enjoy sucking him right before letting him ram his cock into her, over and over again. Sam was really into it now, thrusting his hips up to meet her as his hands ran over her breasts, squeezing those fleshy mounds and rolling those firm nipples. Gwen was riding him hard and fast now, her breasts bouncing wildly as she slammed herself down on Sam's cock over and over again. Her cries of pleasure rang out through the room; she climaxed as Sam continued to thrust his cock up into her cunt.

As she draped herself over him, spent from her wild ride, he lay her down on her back, spreading her legs to allow himself access. Wordlessly, Sam thrust deep inside her slick pussy, filling her fuck hole with his cock. She moaned softly as he built up his rhythm. Matt watched gleefully as Sam reamed her cunt with his thick member. His thrusts grew harder and faster, his balls slapped against her ass as he drove himself deep inside her waiting pussy. Sam's gasps grew shorter and louder as he forced his cock inside her, he grunted and groaned as he finally let go, filling her up with his hot cum. Lying on top of her, he gave her a quick peck on the lips before rolling off of her, giving way to Matt. Matt lost no time in continuing where Sam left off. In an instant, his cock was slipping inside Gwen's well-fucked pussy.

It squished in between her pink lips, a mixture of her pussy juices and Sam's cum lubricating its path. Gwen was begging for more, demanding another hard fucking. And that's what Matt intended to give her. He slid in and out of her cunt slowly, deliberately, at first. She had her eyes closed, her pale skin flushed red from her previous exertions, yet her cunt still held a tight grip on his cock as he fucked her. Matt had never felt her so wet before. Sam's cum was literally dripping out of her as he started to quicken his tempo, sliding into her faster and faster now. Gwen's ample breasts jiggled as her husband's cock slammed into her.

Her moans of pleasure intensified. She begged him for more. Matt knew that he wasn't going to last long, not this time anyway, as he thrust into her harder and harder. Her pussy felt so good, so wet as his cock slid deeper and deeper inside. While they had fucked each other quite often, Sam was a good deal thicker than Matt and Gwen's pussy felt a bit stretched out and used after he had his way with her. That loose pussy was turning Matt on even more as he continued to drive inside her. Her moans and gasps intensified, with a few more ferocious strokes; Matt drove her over the edge yet again, her cry of passion filling his ears once again. They served to electrify him as he pounded away at her. His cock was sliding so deep inside her now; her slick pussy opened up to take him in.

He wondered how good she was going to feel when the night was through, and he and Sam had done her repeatedly, but for now, Matt enjoyed the sensation of his cum shooting off inside her cunt, mingling with Sam's load from before. His hips bucked up against her as he fired off every last drop deep inside Gwen's pussy. As he softened, and climbed up off of her, the slut kept her legs spread in anticipation of Sam's next move. She wanted that thick cock fucking her once again. It wasn't long in coming, and before the night was through, Gwen knew that her well-worn cunt would get more than it's fair share of cock and cum for the evening.

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