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Rest Area
by Sourcer

The Interstate went on mile after uneventful mile, a perfect ribbon of black cutting the desert before me. The car's air conditioner kept us cool while outside the world sweltered. Beside me, my wife dozed and in the back seat, my son did the same. If I paid attention to the road and my surroundings, I would go mad with boredom. In the cool comfort of the car I let my mind wander to visions of sexy women, perfect smooth butts, firm flawless tits, and downy soft pubic mounds. I had a raging hardon and my hand would occasionally wander to it and give it a tug or a squeeze.

All the action in my shorts eventually brought on a seething need to relieve my bladder. A sign said there was a rest area in five miles. I needed it. I took the rest area exit, pulling first onto a side road and then into the parking lot at the rest area. My son still slept and my wife opened her eyes, nodded when I said I was going to take a leak, and closed her eyes once again. I got out of the car, locked it and headed toward the men's room.

All of the urinals were full so I walked to the last of five stalls and entered. As I did I noticed a hole in the wall leading into the next stall. Out of curiosity I leaned down a bit to look at the stall's occupant and saw his hand, wet with cum, slowly working over his semi-flaccid wet dick. He must have noticed my leaning because he reached out and ran his finger around the edge of the hole. An invitation if ever I saw one. I dropped my shorts and shoved my dick through the hole. The guy was instantly on his knees, rubbing my dick around his face, which I could feel was wet. I assumed it was with other travelers' cum. He soon tired of this sport and started licking the underside of my cock. I wanted him to suck on my balls as well, but the hole was far to small for my balls to fit into it along with my dick.

He finally opened his mouth and began sucking my dick in earnest. It felt great, but I still had a burning need to fulfill. It stuck me then that most people who would enter this stall were folks like me, who had been on the road for hours and needed to piss really bad. This guy sucking my schlong must realize this as well, so I concentrated and let loose with just a small stream of pee. The guy swallowed and removed my dick from his mouth just long enough for a single word to work its way up from deep within him, "More," before shoving my cock back in.

It had been years since I had peed on or in anyone, never being able to get my wife interested in it. I let loose with a slow steady stream of golden liquid which the freak in the other stall greedily drank. Peeing on someone is a visually exciting thing for me though and the stall wall was in the way, so while I continued to pee I slowly pulled my dick back through the hole in the wall. The guy was freaking, he didn't want to miss a drop and tried to hold onto my dick with his mouth.

"Don't worry," I whispered, "you can have it all, I just want to see it." He seemed to understand and let my dick slowly slide from his mouth, which he pressed against the stall wall, covering the hole. I pulled my dick completely from his lips and watched the yellow stream arch into his open mouth. I watched his mouth fill repeatedly with my piss, then it would close slightly as he opened his throat and swallowed. He loved it, every drop of it and so did I. My bladder had really been full; he must have drank at least a quart of my piss.

The stream began to waiver and wane and I moved my dick back up to the hole and his waiting lips. Finally the golden stream stopped flowing; he licked the end of my dick with relish, kissing the head and trying to ram his tongue up my pisshole then started to move back away from the hole in the wall. I let loose with the small amount of piss I had been saving and, from the sounds he made, I got him right across the face with it. I rasped, "Not so fast slut, wash it down with my cum." He stayed on his knees and sucked my cock back into his hungry mouth.

He nibbled at the underside, ran his tongue around and around the head. He worked his mouth up and down my shaft, turning his head left and right, slobbering over my cock like a real pro. Sooner than I expected I could feel the cum in my balls making its way up the shaft of my dick. I jerked it from his mouth, rapidly stroking it with one hand and fondling my balls with the other as I shot load after load of hot cum into his waiting mouth. After five or six massive spurts I shoved my dripping dick back through the hole and into his mouth, letting him suck the rest of the cum out of me. He kept at it until my dick shrank down to a limp hunk of flesh. I finally eased it from his lips and sat down on the toilet.

I knew I always have to piss soon after cumming and didn't want to have to stop at the next rest area so I waited for the need to overtake me again. By looking at his feet I could tell that my friend in the next stall was sitting down too. I listened closely and could hear people pissing at the urinals. Nothing makes you have to go like the sound of others pissing away. I could feel the urge beginning in me. A minute or two more and I would be ready to piss a decent load.

I suddenly heard dribbling sounds like a woman peeing coming from the stall next to mine. I knew I had seen a dick on this guy so I leaned down to the hole to take a look. He was a guy all right, a young guy in his late teens, maybe early twenties. And he was peeing, but his dick wasn't aimed into the bowl, but rather straight up . He was totally nude and his piss was hitting him in the chest, running down his stomach in golden rivulets, and dripping off his crotch to dribble into the bowl. He must have noticed me at the hole, because he looked up at me, mouthed the words, "Thank you lover," ran his tongue around his lips, and then leaning his head down, began to pee into his own mouth. God, what a sight. My dick was a steel bar again as I pounded it with my fist and watched this guy chow down on his golden fluids. After ten seconds or so, he leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and empties the rest of his bladder onto his chest and stomach.

I sat back down and began pounding my cock in earnest, making loud slapping noises. A few seconds later I noticed a tongue sticking through the hole. I stood up and eased my dick back into that now familiar mouth which I quickly filled again with another load of my cum. I dropped to my knees and shoved my tongue through the hole and into my lover's mouth. He used his tongue to push forward the cum he had not yet swallowed and I lapped it up and swallowed it down. I then began licking around his lips tasting the tangy piss that still coated his face. He pulled his face back from the hole and as he rose to his feet and shoved his dick on through he whispered, "I got a little bit left for you baby." I hungrily sucked his small dick into my mouth as it began to spew forth its golden juice. I swallowed two delicious solid blasts of amber love straight from his sticky cock. I sucked the last dribblings of hot piss from his dick, licked it clean and he pulled it back through the wall. My head was spinning, as I stood up, turned, and emptied my bladder in the toilet, pretending it was my lover's mouth. Finished, I pulled up my shorts and exited the stall.

There were two guys waiting, lined up outside the stall as I left who smiled great big shit-eating grins at me as I opened the door. One was a beautiful, muscular black man with a massive bulge in his shorts I couldn't take my eyes off of. As I tried to move from the door he moved towards it and we bumped into each other. My hand was down by my side and went straight for his crotch, squeezing a wonderful mass of hot meat. I looked into his eyes as he looked into mine. He took my hand in his and pulled me into the stall with him.

He pulled me to him and kissed be hard on the lips, pressing his tongue deep into my mouth, possessing it. My hands found the waistband of his shorts. I pulled them and his silk underwear down. He let loose of me, smiled and reaching down, took his shorts and underwear completely off and set them neatly on top of the toilet. I looked at his cock in a daze. It was beautiful, already long and hard, black as coal except near the head where it lightened a bit. It was a magnificent male tool thrusting out proudly from a patch of wiry black pubic mane. Below it hung a scrotum sac of equal beauty and proportions. I fell to my knees in subservient awe hefting his massive black balls in my insignificant white hands as I opened my mouth in an effort to impale my face with his gorgeous black fuck stick.

He recognized that his proportions were daunting, and tried to go easy on my small throat, but I would have none of that. I shoved that black monster down my throat, gagged, removed it, and shoved it down again. When it hit the back of my throat, I swallowed hard and the head slid in. I pressed forward and felt inch after beautiful thick inch slide delightfully down my gullet. I had no idea how big his dick was, ten inches, twelve inches, I just don't know, but as I buried my nose into his pubic patch I knew it was all inside of me. He looked down at me lustily and whispered, "Suck it sugar, suck it like no bitch can." I did my best, making love to that beautiful ebony phallus with every ounce of strength.

He sat down, just the top of his hard buns on the edge on the toilet, spread his legs wide open for me, placing one leg up on the toilet paper holder. I fell to all fours and licked him from dickhead to balls. I sucked on his balls, taking each one into my mouth, they were as big as hard-boiled eggs at Easter. I licked all around his velvety nut sac, finally lifting it and attacking his tangy puckering asshole with my ravenous tongue. My friend in the next stall had his eye to the hole and was making soft whining sounds in frustration at the opportunity he was missing.

I returned my attention to his magnificent dick, slobbering over it like a ten-cent whore, coating it with my saliva. I scooped up strand after strand of saliva and began fingering my tight asshole with my dripping fingers, working it open as wide as I could. I had to have that black monster dick inside me. I sat up and kissed him hard on the mouth and got to my feet. I turned around, facing away from him and reached back to massage his massive dick. He moved my hand away and unrolled a well-lubricated condom over his monstrous meat. Getting on my tiptoes and aiming the beautiful black head toward my tight butthole I sat back a bit, rubbing his chocolate cock up and down the crack of my ass. It was so big I knew it would rip me open but I just didn't give a fuck. I had never even seen a dick this big before and I wanted it in the worse way, reaming my ass raw.

I started centering the movements of his cock right around my asshole, until I had the head pointing right at it. I leaned back just a bit, feeling the head trying to slide into me. God, just that little bit felt like a telephone pole in my ass. "Now or never baby," I thought, threw caution and common sense to the wind, and sat my ass down as fast as I could. His dick bent hard, trying to not enter such a small opening, then straightened itself and rammed home right up my clenching ass. My black lover shoved his shorts into my mouth just as I opened it to scream in pain, and I bit down hard on the cloth wad. I closed my eyes tightly as tears ran down my face. I knew I had fucked up, that he had ripped me open. I could hardly stand and lost my balance, falling backwards onto more of his tremendous dick. Before I could fall more, I felt his strong hands on both sides of my hips. Like my weight was insignificant to him he slowly lifted me off of his dick. I felt inch after excruciating inch slide out of my tortured asshole. The head of his dick was just about out of me when he began lowering me back down on his thick rod. This time it was easier and even easier the next. Within 30 seconds I was in heaven as he raised and lowered my butt on his torrid dick. As his beautiful cock slid in and out of my ass I began clinching and unclenching by butt muscles, massaging his meat like no pussy ever could.

I could feel his dick getting ever larger in my butt and knew he was not going to hold out much longer. "Where do you want my load, sugar?, " he whispered.

"Not in a condom, in my mouth," I gasped back, as he masterfully fucked me. By this time we had moved to a standing position, me bent at the waist and he behind me slamming his dick in and out of my butt in long strokes. The feeling of being empty and full, empty and full, empty and full was like nothing I had ever felt before. This man was a masterful fucker and I loved every beautiful inch of him.

"It's time," he panted and slid his dick out of my butt. The feeling of loss in my ass was tremendous, but I turned and removed the shit-covered condom from his dick and shoved it through the hole in the wall. From the sounds I could tell my friend in the next stall was chewing on it. I was on my knees and reached for the massive dick in front of me. I stroked its fat base, gently squeezed his hot nut sac and impaled my face once again on his glorious cock. I could feel his cock jump in my hand and I pulled the head out of my mouth and rested it on my lower lip. As I massaged his balls, the head of his cock expanded, his pisshole opened and a wonderful blast of hot sperm painted the roof and back of my mouth. I swallowed and two more gorgeous shots of thick white cum erupted into my eager mouth. God, this man had it all, a cock of legendary proportions and cum that tasted like sweet nectar. After another blast from his cock, I lost my balance and fell backwards. Not missing a beat he turned to the wall and shoved his still spewing cock on through.

As he emptied the rest of his load into my friend's mouth, I scooted over behind him and began licking and kissing the cheeks of his powerful black ass. He pulled back just a bit from the wall and hunched forward. Taking the hint I spread his cheeks and attacked his beautiful asshole with my tongue. Every inch of this man tasted good. He reached back behind him and grabbing me by the hair pulled be to my feet.

"Fuck me, white boy," he rasped, pulling a condom out of his shirt pocket and thrusting it into my hand. I tore it open and rolled it over my dick. My friend in the next stall was still slobbering over his cock as I pulled his asscheeks apart and rammed my dick up his butthole. His ass was boiling hot inside as I violently slammed by dick in and out of his tight black ass. I reached under his shirt squeezing his hard muscled chest, finding his nipples and twisting them. He turned his head to the side and I attacked his face, kissing and licking him all over while I continued to fuck this gorgeous man. The beautiful contractions of his butt muscles were taking its toll on my poor dick. For the third time in less than 20 minutes I let loose with a load of hot cum. My black lover took it all up his wonderful hot ass, clenching his butt muscles to coax all of my hot load out into the condom in his ass.

I was beat, falling back onto the toilet seat, exhausted. I pulled the condom off my dick, staggered to my feet and poured my cum into my black lover's mouth. He drank it all down making smacking noises with his lips as he did. I sat down again and watched him get his cock sucked by my friend in the next stall. After a bit I started to get dressed. As I bent down to tie my shoes I couldn't help but lick my black lover's ass one more time. Man, did he taste wonderful. As I got to my feet and scooted past him toward the stall door, he reached into his pants pocket and fished out a business card, which he handed to me.

"My names Chuck," he said, beginning to pump his once again hard dick into my friend's mouth on the other side of the stall wall. "I'm in Orange County. If you ever get in the area, give me a call. You and I will do my wife if you like." I reached over and kissed him hard on the lips, "I would love to fuck you and your wife, Chuck. I'll be in touch you can rest assured."

With that I left the stall. The other guy waiting outside entered as I left. I went to the sinks and washed up as best I could, trying to get the piss and cum smells off my body. When I got back to the car my wife and boy were both sound asleep. I got in, started the engine and headed off down the road, felling like a million fucking bucks.


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