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Randi and Josie
by Amee

Randi and Josie first met in kindergarten, and were rarely apart from then on. Close friends often begin to resemble each other, and in their case that was not only true but amazing as they were astonishingly pretty girls. They seemed to absorb each other's most attractive qualities, both in looks and personality, until they became the most fantasized about girls in their school. Though Josie was a blonde and Randi had auburn hair, no one could deny the similarities in the way they walked, the way they dressed, even how they wore their hair. Quite the sight they made walking to the beach in their cutoff jean shorts and bikini tops, still too young to know exactly why men stared at them hungrily from their cars, and still too young to really care.

All through grade school and junior high, the girls did everything together. When Randi decided to try softball in fifth grade, Josie played center field. When Josie tried out for the junior high swim team, Randi signed up with her. Hardly a day passed without seeing each other, or at least talking to each other on the phone, usually for hours (to the great annoyance of both sets of parents).

It all changed with Greg and college.

Three years older than the girls, Greg couldn't take his eyes off them - especially Josie - when he first spotted their lovely legs walking across the lawn to the college cafeteria. Freshman weren't usually his taste, but he couldn't resist Josie's amazing oval face, almond eyes, and athletic body. She fell equally as hard for him, stunned that a senior (as well as a varsity swimmer) would give her the time of day. He sent flowers to her house, took her to the movies and for long car rides down the beach. It was with him, in his convertible MG parked one evening by the ocean, where Greg tenderly introduced Josie to the wonders of sex. Straddling him in her miniskirt as he sucked her breasts, she knew that she'd finally what she'd yearned for all her life - completely and unblemished pleasure.

None of this pleased Randi. Instead of taking the bus home with her, Josie preferred to be driven home by Greg. Ever the gentleman, he offered to take Randi home as well (pleased at the prospect of being seen with two gorgeous girls in his car) but Randi refused on general principle. She would not support Josie in this craziness. Eventually, Randi believed, Josie would see what a moron he was despite his cologne and his car and his cock, and she'd be back to hanging out with Randi again.

Josie wasn't coming to her senses anytime soon. A month passed - a month Randi spent alone on the city bus, alone on weekends, waiting impatiently for Josie's brief late night post-date phone calls. Instead of growing use to her time alone, Randi grew sadder and more lonely as she listened to Josie's explicit descriptions of her wild romps. So, when Josie offered to set her up with a friend of Greg's, Randi told herself she'd accepted to teach Josie a lesson - to show her that she wasn't the only girl on the planet who could get wrapped up in a guy, and to make her suffer the same feelings of jealousy she'd suffered. In reality, she'd agreed on the date because being with Josie in a crowd of people was better than not being with Josie at all.

The four of them - Josie and Greg, and Randi and Allen - went to Edwards and caught a movie, then ate at the pizza place next door to the theater. Halfway through dinner it became all too obvious that Randi and Allen were not getting along. Randi didn't help the situation by sulking and making sarcastic remarks, but Allen was far from sensitive. They drove to Greg's house to take advantage of his parent's absence. Allen - oblivious of Randi's dislike of him - tried to grope her as they sat alone in the living room listening to Greg and Josie make out in his bedroom. Randi slapped him, which prompted him to call her a nasty name and slam the door on his way out of the house. Now, in the cold, dimly lit living room, she felt more alone than ever, and she started to cry.

Like every other time in her life when she'd felt sad or angry, Randi went to Josie. She knocked on Greg's door. After a silence, she heard Greg's voice: "What?"

"I need to talk to Josie," Randi tried not to sob, but the tears flowed again. She heard them whisper angrily at each other, then Josie opened the door. She wore an annoyed expression, which dissolved when she saw Randi's tear-streaked cheeks.

"Oh, honey!" Josie put her arm around her friend, guided her to the bed, and laid her down, stroking her hair maternally. "Did Allen hurt you?"

"Nuh-no. I just miss you," Randi answered poutily. Greg, at first irritated by the interruption, found himself growing excited by the sight of the two young girls in short tank dresses stroking each other.

"There, there," Greg soothed, taking Randi's hand. Josie beamed at Greg, unaware that his motives went beyond comforting young Randi. As the two of them rubbed her, Randi grew flushed and tingly. Her breathing, quick and shallow, excited Greg. He rolled her onto her stomach, slipped the sleeves of her dress from her shoulders in the guise of giving her a "massage". The look of shock on Josie's face wasn't lost on Randi, who moaned softly in delight, just to rub it in. Greg noticed also; he took Josie's face in his hand delicately and kissed her deep, loving the taste of her mouth and the sweetness of her body spray. He had her lay down next to Randi, positioned himself between them, and moved his hands up and over their soft, tan necks, smooth backs, and tight asses, amazed at his luck.

Jealousy shot through Josie like lightning, a feeling quickly followed by an insatiable arousal. Before Randi had interrupted them, Greg had been eating her pussy with his expert tongue and mouth, but she hadn't yet been satisfied. Greg lifted Randi so she sat on her knees on the big soft bed. From behind her, he pulled her summer dress to her waist. He grasped her small, perfectly round breasts, tugging lightly at her pink nipples while he kiss-licked the back of her neck. Not to be outdone, Josie, positioned herself behind Greg, sliding her hands over his back, down his stomach to his Levi's, which she quickly unfastened. His penis was swollen with excitement; "Oh, Josie," he purred as she massaged his cock and his balls.

Greg turned to Josie. Her eyes were alight with thoughts of sex, but within their pale blueness he recognized a spark of anxiety. He smiled a comforting smile, and laid her on the bed. He laid Randi beside her. With one hand (and their help), he removed each of the girl's panties, then proceeded to part their legs and rub their pinknesses. His hands found both girls to be very ready; Randi's pussy, a sweet shade of pink, with a nicely shaped clit and tiny slit, moistened as he slid his finger over her lips and upwards to smear her juice over her clit. Josie's lovely cunt - lighter pubic hair, but still the same near-innocent shade - glistened in the lamplight with her moisture and his saliva. So hard was his cock with the prospect of boning these two incredible young girls that he felt a bit dizzy. In all his experience, he'd never had anything like this before, and he didn't want to blow it before he got a chance to get his cock inside both girls.

Careful to not neglect either girl, he took turns with each girl's pussy, licking and sucking one while furiously fingering the other. They moaned ecstatically, trying to watch each other without the other knowing they were watching, but each aware of the other's attentions and excited all the more. Josie's eyes met Greg's with a "me first!" pleading glance, but Greg only smiled and shook his head. When Josie frowned prettily, Greg whispered into her ear, "I want to save it for you!" She smiled, satisfied with his explanation.

He lifted Randi up until her soft wet pussy was level with his cock. Her fiery hazel eyes dared him to take her, begged him to have her. Josie had told him Randi was a virgin, so he knew that he would have to work slow, but that the payoff - having his penis inside that tight virgin slit - would make it all worth while. Josie, excited to the point of dizziness, began to lick and suck Randi's nipples, looking up to make sure Greg saw. Randi reached up, combing Josie's long blonde hair with her fingers. "Oh, Jesus," Greg uttered disbelievingly as he watched Josie's pink tongue dart over Randi's nipples, her neck, and into Randi's permissive mouth.

He rubbed the tip of his cock over her slit, causing amazing sensations all over both of their bodies. He moved until he found her entrance, then gently pushed himself inside her. She tensed slightly, unsure, but then he was all the way in. He looked down, watching his dick move in and out of her slick pussy. He watched Josie as she french kissed and fondled Randi, all the while stroking herself with her legs spread wide so he could see every movement of her fingers. Near orgasm, he remembered his promise to Josie. He regretfully slipped his cock out of Randi - she stopped moaning and looked puzzled - then laid on his back. Josie quickly straddled him, sliding expertly down his pre-moistened cock.

Greg smiled at Randi's unrequited lust, motioned for her to come closer. He positioned her so she straddled his face, then began to lick and suck her pussy lips and clit. Looking up, he could see her breasts sway prettily as she approached orgasm. Her back arched, and his face was soaked as she came loudly. She slid off and watched as Josie slid up and down his cock. He cupped Josie's breasts in his hands, squeezing. Randi spread her legs to him, rubbing her clit while rubbing Josie's clit at the same time. Josie looked down on Randi, and the sight of her friend, the movement on her clit, and the pounding of Greg's cock inside her overpowered her, She sighed, and came harder than ever. Greg, unable to hold out any longer, thrust deep inside her and gave her everything he had.

They laid on the bed for a half hour. Randi told Josie how lonely she'd felt these last weeks. Josie said she was sorry, that she never meant to hurt her, that no one should come between them. They'd always done everything together, they reasoned, and should continue as such. Greg, satisfied and exhausted, smiled and agreed.

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