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Rape As Retribution
by Everything James

I've spent my life respecting and consoling women. I've spent it alone, devoid of any physical gratification. I'm not unattractive, if anything, I should be a magnet for my blonde hair, blue eyes and athletic build. But I'm what the French call "homme rose". The kind, gentle, subtle type. Or at least, was. Until I got tired of being a victim.

Victim might seem like a strong word, but it applies. I saw the love of my life dump me before we ever were an item for a guy who swore at her, practically raped her on their first date (she came crying to me about it) and basically told her up front he wanted to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. You know, a real bad-ass - leather jacket and all. Well she went to him. She went and got hurt, but never looked back. And so I was left with a broken heart and a scar that just dug deeper with every passing year.

I'm 26 now. Single. I've had dates and even a few steady girlfriends, but it's always been too clean for my taste. Problem is, I've never been able to openly hunt down a girl. I get to know them first, become a friend. Nice and boring. Well, a few months ago, I snapped. Having been without sex for far too long, I decided to shove my reputation and clean demeanor out the window and just go out there and bag me a bitch. That's what they want, isn't it? Just to get fucked hard by some trash-talking guy? Well, I decided I'd find out. Luckily, that same day, an opportunity arose that would change my outlook on life forever.

I work as a systems analyst for a small firm outside St-Louis. I've been there for around three years, which makes me one of the elders, if you will. It's the type of high-tech company which offers rapid advancement because of rapid expansion. But you have to show that you have an edge over the next guy - or in this case, girl - or else you're passed over. Well, after having paid my dues and taken night classes to better fit eventual openings, I was pretty much primed for a raise in social stature.

That's until Julie waltzed into the picture. She was young - 23 - and a knockout. 5'6" with maybe 34C breasts and a very efficient push-up bra. Top it off with v-neck, mini skirt and heels and you have a kitten. But she was more than pretty and sexy. She was ambitious. And in a world where men are still kings, she knew exactly how to play her cards.

Julie had little experience, less formal training and no contacts when she joined the company. But in two months, she got three promotions and was instantaneously placed as my equal on the floor. She did this, we all knew, by openly flirting and probably (although no one had proof) sleeping with the bosses (yes, plural). Anyway, when that spot open-end up in the front office, I was more than confident that I'd get it. I mean I'd practically founded this company and had yet to call in sick... You'll understand, then, my frustration when I learned that they'd chosen Julie over me based on her "personnel relations" expertise. Yeah. Well that was all I needed to act. How I learned of the deception is what clinched it. But I'm ahead of myself.

See another thing about Julie: She's really nice to you until you're of no use to her. Then she drops you like yesterday's news. Well, since I'd never held a position of authority over her, she'd never given me the time of day. All that would change, however. On that fateful Monday morning, as I walked from the vestibule to my office, I noticed through the window that one of the major partner's car was parked out back, as was Julie's. Since I often start my day early and am used to opening up the place, this came as a shock. Until, that is, I saw Julie walk out of the boss's office with a huge grin on her face. She turned slowly and proceeded towards the front of the building - on an intercept path with me. We'd been told the decision on the promotion would be taken that afternoon, but I could tell from her demeanor that she'd already had the game fixed. As we walked towards each other, I asked her aloud (since no one else was around and the boss's door was safely shut) "what are you grinning about, Jules?"

Her response? "You'd better get used to calling me Ms.Smith, Mr.Cooper."

"What?" I didn't even try to hide my shock.

"You heard me. Better luck next time, eh champ"! The condescension in her voice was a dagger in my gut. Then she capped it all off with a vindictive laugh and whispered as she strolled by: "you men are so fucking easy". Well, that did it.

Without even thinking it over, I shifted my momentum directly into her and shoved her into an open office to my left. The shove was so violent that she stumbled to the floor of the office. She was mad, but I was furious. I slammed the door behind me and locked it. As she got up, she yelled "what the fuck are you doing, Cooper"? She had the edge, since my job was now in her hands. Career advancement, however, was the last thing on my mind. I wanted revenge. For all the repressed sexual desire, all the abuse I'd taken while trying to be the socially responsible and politically correct man of the ninety's. Well fuck it. A new millenium, a new direction. I was going to fuck this slut. I laid in to her as I walked aggressively towards her:

"You've been fucking your way to the top, haven't you. You've just used your sex-appeal to get ahead while sidestepping better and more deserving candidates? Well I got news for you. You wanted to get ahead? You're going to get a head. This one!" With that I grabbed my crotch and kept moving in on her.

Her arrogance persisted, nonetheless, and she snapped back: "Lay one hand on me and you'll be out of work and in jail before you fucking know it ass hole."

"Yeah?" I retorted, "well how are you going to prove rape when you're already full of semen you cocksucking whore? Cause I KNOW Dirkovic didn't give you the prize without taking you in the cunt! And that's another thing - you're probably wet enough with his cum for me to fuck you without leaving a trace! Looks like you lose this one Jules!" By now, I'd backed her into the corner of the office, a safe angle from the window and leaving her with no other option than to fight, or submit. At last, I saw some fear in her eyes. But it was too little, too late. Nothing could deter me now. She raised her hands as if to keep me a safe distance from her. I pounced.

Grabbing each wrist, I slammed her arms against the intersecting walls and jumped forward, pressing my groin against hers. This way, she had no room to raise a knee or even budge. She was mine. And she was scared. But I wasn't going to take any chances. "Look into my eyes, whore. Do you see how angry I am"? I squeezed her wrists even tighter, making her whimper. "I know I'm losing my job, and I know you'll do everything in your power to put me in jail, so I've got nothing to lose. Even if I stopped now, you'd bust my ass."

I knew she'd beg. That was the entire point. "No, I swear I'd..."

I didn't let her finish and snapped. "Oh, I have NO intention of stopping now. You're cold-hearted, manipulative and a tease. This is what happens when you mistreat nice guys. They become MEAN!" As I spoke, I quickly released her right arm and reached my left hand up her skirt, tearing her underwear off with one stroke. She yelped in pain. I then slammed my entire weight against her, pinning her in the crevice of the corner while I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing erection. This was going to be so fucking sweet.

She begged again: "nnnooo..." But it was too late, I crutched down and wrestling-like picked her up by the knees, pulling her out from the wall slightly and therefore making her torso fall back into the corner. She was powerless. A trapped animal. Shocked by the speed of my manoeuvre and trying desperately to keep herself from falling backwards to the floor, she held out both her arms in a V, pushing off the wall to keep her body at least at a horizontal level. There was no fighting back.

Now for the crowning glory. I spoke with as much spite as I could muster, in as vile and raspy a voice as I had in me: "You like to tease men like me, right? We're harmless, little geeks. Losers. Well guess what, princess. I've had it with you. You ask for cock everyday..." I lifted her bottom even higher, positioning myself under her cunt "...well here it is, bitch...", and in one violent thrust, I dropped her onto my erect cock, penetrating every inch into her, all the way to my balls. "Is THIS what you wanted, you slut? Huh? Huh?".

She cried in pain, I yelled in ecstasy. Thrust after tearing thrust. It only took seconds before I shot load after load into her tight cunt, swearing obscenities at her in the process, banging her head against the intersecting walls with each jolt. Orgasm is too soft a word to express the vindication I felt. I was soon spent, though, and did what I never would have even imagined. I dropped her - literally - onto the floor and walked towards the door, without looking back. Me, the cuddler. The soft-caressing fore-playing and after-playing gentle boy scout. I'd just had a woman, and god damned if it didn't feel good. She curled herself up in the corner, sobbing.

I left the office and walked right out of the building. As the reality of what I had just done settled in, I realized I'd have to move fast. I went home, dumped all my valuables in my car and left for the East coast. See being a loner all these years had its perks. I could disappear and not be missed so much.

Since that day, I've been very active sexually. I'm more confident, and more blunt. I'll walk up to a woman and say: "Hi. I find you really hot and was wondering if you would maybe consider a night of free-wheeling sexual debauchery with me and any lady friend you might want to invite...". See now, I've become aware that this is all a sick game that men and women play. It's all about power and control. And so for once, I play along. And I'm happy doing so.

Julie quit that job also, apparently. I don't know the details, but I heard through the grapevine that a work-related incident had rendered her unable to function properly within the company. My guess? She saw herself as the slut she was and couldn't go on prostituting herself. Now I must specify that I don't condone rape... most of the time. In this case, however, it was justice well served and the fuck of my life...


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