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Ron's Encounter #2
by Ron AsPenned

As males enjoy female exhibitionists and, it seems, females are offended by male exhibitionists, as a male I am wary of getting caught, even though I keep trim.

My house is in a residential section of town and when you walk along the sidewalk you can look directly into my front door. I have a stairway running down from the second floor almost directly across from the door.

After my first encounter, I looked for another way to exhibit myself, reasonably safely. I noticed a young lady, early twenties, delivering pamphlets. I was hooked as she would be coming to my front door. I quickly wetted my hair and put on my housecoat so she would think I just got out of the shower. I left the coat belt off so it would easily fall open. I was descending the stairs just as she was getting to the mailbox. When she saw me, she knocked on the door. I was caught. I went to the door and she asked if she could talk to me about driveway sealing. I opened the door and let her step in. She proceeded to tell me about the reliability of her employers sealing job. I let my prick peek out of the housecoat and I could see her looking at it. She stopped talking, pointed at me and cleared her throat, so I covered up. She went on talking and produced a pamphlet for me to look at. Of course, taking it took one of my hands. I decided to ask a question about an item in the pamphlet and pointed it out to her. And that took the other hand and the housecoat completely opened. She didn't say anything but did move closer to look at what I was pointing out and she brushed against my parts with her hand. We eventually concluded the conversation and she smiled and left. I didn't even buy the service!

Man, I'll have to try this again.


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