The Best Erotic Stories.

Ron's Encounter #3
by Ron AsPenned

As males enjoy female exhibitionists and, it seems, females are offended by male exhibitionists, as a male I am wary of getting caught, even though I keep trim.

My house is in a residential section and my kitchen door is on the side of the house. Directly across from the door is the kitchen window of my neighbor. My neighbors have a very nice looking teenage daughter.

One day, early evening, I saw her parents leave, but not her. I wondered if this was an opportunity. I turned on the kitchen lights and watched the window from another room. Not only did I see her, but two of her female friends, no guys. When they were in the kitchen, I screwed up my courage and walked into my kitchen, naked. I walked around a few minutes and then looked out the other room window at theirs.

The three of them were at the window, giggling and laughing. I then went back into my kitchen and pretended to be reading a cookbook, but the only thing cooking was me. When their light went out I thought it was over, but I could make out their silhouettes, and, it appeared, they were using binoculars! Wow, they must be getting a good look!

After about ten minutes of moving about the kitchen I thought I wouldn't stretch my luck, turned out the light and left the kitchen.

Nothing was ever said about the incident, but I sure wanted to try something else.


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