The Best Erotic Stories.

Ron's Encounter #4
by Ron AsPenned

As males enjoy female exhibitionists and, it seems, females are offended by male exhibitionists, as a male I am wary of getting caught, even though I keep trim.

My ladyfriend is unaware of my exhibitionist tendencies. We were vacationing at a condo in Florida a couple of weeks ago and my views came up in conversation near the end of our stay. I said I could prove it and dared her to go along with my scheme. I had noticed that every day, on the deck of the condo directly across from ours, four men met for coffee early in the morning, I presume preceding a golf game. And later in the morning four women met for coffee, I presume preceding going shopping. My proposal was for my ladyfriend to exhibit herself to the men and I would exhibit myself to the women and we would see their reactions.

So the next day, we opened the drapes and when the men were there, my ladyfriend pretended to be busy making breakfast, naked. Well, the men noticed and moved their chairs to ensure a good view. My lady friend loved the attention. Then it was my turn. When the women were there, I pretended to be cleaning up the kitchen. The women motioned in my direction, looked serious, and went back into the condo.

We went back into the condo and finished packing, as we were leaving the next morning. Later that day, two officers came to the door and said there was a complaint about a nude man exposing himself. I said something like I was doing laundry because we were leaving in the morning and must have forgotten to close the drapes. I apologized profusely and they said they would not press charges, as we were leaving. But don't come back!

Well, that proved my point. I wonder why there is such a difference between the attitudes of men and women regarding exhibitionism. I guess I'll have to stop before I get thrown in jail and jeopardize my career. Too bad, I was enjoying it.


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