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Rekindled Feelings
by Alyssa

After nine months of lost contact, Tina decided to see Dave again. Unexpectedly, they found each other in the same chat room where they had met. They started talking and catching up on the current events of each other's lives. After about an hour of chatting, they decided to meet for old times sake. Tina knew that Stephen, her boyfriend, would not be happy with this idea, but she agreed to go anyway. She didn't feel too guilty considering her only plans for the evening were to get reacquainted with an old friend and maybe get an explanation as to why she was treated the way she was. All in all, she was looking for closure from all of this. But Tina and Dave had a history together. Not a very pleasant one for Tina, considering that she trusted him enough to give her self to Dave.

In return, he brushed her off and treated their night of passion like a one - nightstand. At least she wouldn't be alone in meeting him again. Tina decided that it would be a good idea to have her sister, Jo and her brother-in-law, Dean accompany her to the Sports Bar. Tina, Jo, and Dean all showed up at about 9:30 and Tina hastily scanned the room and she locked eyes with Dave instantly. She couldn't help but be attracted to him. He was 5'11, and had a body so well defined from working out and playing tennis. His dirty blonde hair was kept short and clean, but his sexy, hazel eyes were hidden behind his wire-framed glasses. He walked up to Tina and she nearly melted. Dave couldn't help but stare at Tina. His Asian beauty stood at 5'6, her long black hair was cascading down her shoulders. She had the perfect hourglass figure and her body was so tanned. He smiled and could tell that she had been to the beach. Her cheeks and nose were slightly red, but accented her very well. He loved what she wore, a tight fitting white skirt that showed off her sexy legs, a burgundy tank top that accentuated her 36D breasts, white sandals and to top it off, her perfume smelled like cucumbers and melon. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and hugged her.

"Good to see you again, stranger."

"You too," replied Tina.

Her heart was pounding. Before arriving, she thought to herself that there would be absolutely no reason to feel nervous. Well that thought completely erased from her mind. How could she not be nervous? She could tell that he was trying to seduce her already. She had to stay focused. She had Stephen and was very happy with him.

"This is my sister, Jo and my brother-in-law, Dean."

"Nice to meet you, Jo...Dean. I'm glad that you dragged Tina out here to come see me. I've been asking her to for the longest time."

Dean, being the talkative one out of the two had to add, "Well, she doesn't go out very much. So this is a nice surprise to spend time with her and to meet you. We've heard a little about you."

"Well, don't believe everything you hear!!"

They all shared a good laugh over that and walked over to their table. Jo and Dean laid on the questions pretty thick. Someone could have thought that they were detectives with the third degree questions that they were asking. But Dave handled everything quite well. He definitely liked talking with them and especially stealing glances at Tina. After an enjoyable conversation and a few drinks, Jo and Dean sensed that the two of them wanted to be alone, so they decided to go play a game of pool.

"We'll be back after I kick his ass in a game of nine ball," Jo was saying almost in a slur.

Dave put his hand on Tina's thigh and started to caress it. She looked at him with her seductive but genuine smile.

"God I've missed you, Tina. Whatever happened between us?"

"Well Dave, correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you the one who brushed me off? After all I was the one who drove up four hours to spend a weekend with you."

"You know how nervous I was and besides, you made it sound like you were never coming back up here."

"Why didn't you just talk to me? I'm sure we could have worked something out."

"I know and that's my fault. I regret it, but there's nothing I can do about it now except to say that 'I'm sorry."

His hand wandered up from her thigh to her arms. He rubbed them gently and then cupped her face and he gave her a long, passionate kiss. Tina couldn't help but give in to her desires. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but he had some type of power over her and she just melted into his hands. He started feeling her breasts and down her waist. God did he love that waist!

"Come home with me, Tina."

"I really shouldn't."

"You know you want to. Don't fight it."

Tina was already in too deep to say no. She could feel her panties getting wet and she needed to be fucked in the worst way. She agreed to it and told both her sister and brother-in-law goodbye. Before they got into their separate cars, Dave grabbed Tina by her waist and spun her around and kissed her with more vigor than he had at the table. She melted at his kiss and wrapped her arms around his head. He took her in his strong embrace and his hands felt every inch of her body.

"Sweetheart, the faster we get to your place, the quicker you'll get to do what you've wanted to do all night."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"To fuck the hell out of me, of course."

"Mind reader..."

With that, they both jumped in their cars and raced down the highway. The ride for fifteen minutes in separate cars was torturous. Tina did not think for one minute that this evening would have turned out like this, but for some reason, she couldn't help but give into her desires. She was very happy with Stephen, but she couldn't say no to Dave. They pulled up to his apartment complex and both of them raced up the stairs. Dave flung the door open and pulled Tina right behind him. She remembered the setting all too well. He must have planned that he was going to get far because he had candles burning on either side of his bed. The sheets were already turned down and he started to take his shirt and pants off. He was left with nothing but his boxers where an obvious bulge was showing. Tina had to play the seductive game with him. She started by pulling her hair up, then letting it fall onto her shoulders.

Dave was lying on the bed and he put his hands forward as if her were reaching for her. She took them and he pulled her on top of him. Her body felt wonderful pressed against his. He tugged her shirt off and unhooked her bra. The release of her 36Ds in his face was such a treat. He took the left breast in his mouth, slightly nibbling on it and caressing the right one. All the while Tina just stared at him and enjoyed the attention her tits were getting. He flipped her on her back and his kisses traced from her lips, down to her chest and down to her thighs. He pulled her skirt off so easily along with her soaked thong. He took her panties to his faced and smelled them. They had such an intoxicating aroma and he had to have a taste of that sweet pussy. Tina felt his hot breath on her thighs; she anticipated his velvety tongue on her hardening clit. He of course, teased her a bit to see her writhe underneath him. She couldn't take it any longer so she put her hands on the back of his head and slammed his face onto her hot, wet pussy. His tongue felt so incredible on her clit, he kissed it slowly and then probed his tongue deep into her wet hole. Tina was moaning loudly at his cunnillingual skills. He knew exactly where to lick and when to stop to give her even more pleasure. He inserted two fingers into her and it nearly sent Tina over the edge. Dave could feel the walls of her cunt tighten around his finger and knew that she was close. His licking increased and his fingers fucked her pussy hard and fast.

"Dave, oh God, DAVE!!! Lick my pussy baby, that's it."

He loved it when she would talk to him like that. He could feel his cock hardening, as he knew Tina was about to come all over his mouth and fingers. At that, a few more licks and Tina was screaming "Don't stop baby, please don't stop." Dave kept licking until he tasted the first waves of Tina's orgasm. Her taste was sweet to his tongue and he lapped every last drop of her pussy juices. Tina's body shook at the intense orgasm her ex-lover had just given her.

"Baby, that was so amazing."

Tina didn't want to have all the fun. Dave lied next to her and kissed her. Tina was extremely turned on by tasting her only juices off his lips. Her kiss lead down his gorgeous chest and then down to his trim stomach and onto his thick, sexy cock. She stroked his shaft at first while her other hand caressed his soft balls. She lowered her mouth onto his hard shaft and began to suck him off. The taste of his precome on her tongue was so erotic to her. She loved to suck the sweet come off men's cock. She remembered the taste of his and how she loved sucking on him.

"Oh God, baby, mmmm....feels so damn good." Tina looked up at him to let him enjoy the show. He could tell that she loved to suck cock. She did it so well, she knew when to use her tongue and flick it around the tip and then lick all the way down the shaft and onto his balls. Tina was such a cock-loving slut and he knew that she was all his tonight. He could feel that he was about to explode in her mouth. "Baby, Oh God, I'm coming...." Tina felt the first wad of his hot come shoot into her mouth and she took it all in, but the following wads were too much for her. Dave's sweet come dripped out of the sides of Tina's mouth and dripped on to her breasts.

Unexpectedly, Tina sat up and kissed Dave on the mouth. He tasted his own come on her lips and found it to be very erotic. She broke their embrace and licked off the last drops of come that oozed out of his spent cock. Dave could no longer take it. He pushed Tina back on the bed, spread her legs and slammed his hard cock into her soaked pussy. God, how he loved her pussy, it was always so inviting and so wet. He easily slid in and pumped his tool into her tight hole. She could feel every inch of his cock sliding into her. Her ex-lover brutally slammed her soaked pussy over and over again. Tina bucked her hips to meet his every thrust. Their bodies became hot and sweaty, just added to their intense fucking.

Tina hadn't been fucked like this since she was with Stephen, and although Dave didn't compare to Stephen's fucking, he still had a tremendous stamina and a unique style. Dave could feel his cock stirring again. Tina took advantage of this and started to tighten her pussy walls. She wanted to feel his hot come explode in her cunt. She moaned at both his cock pumping in and out of her and his thumb massaging her clit. Tina's nails were buried deep into Dave's back. She hadn't had such a good fucking in a long time. His thrusts grew faster and harder and he could feel her pussy walls tensing up again, so he knew she was close again. "Fuck me baby, fuck your little slut. OH GOD, DAVE!!! Ohhhhh, ughhhhh.... Ughnnnnnnn!!!!!" Dave was so turned on by her hot talk that it sent him completely over the edge. "Tina, God, Tina baby.......Oohhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhh......"

His cock exploded deep in her pussy. Tina could feel wave after wave of his hot come shoot into her pussy. He came so much in her that most of it was running down her pussy. Dave just sat back and looked at his work. How sexy Tina looked with his come dripping out of her pussy. He was so turned on by the sight that he was ready to have Tina mount on top of him. The night was young and both of them collapsed from exhaustion from their first intense fucking. He couldn't believe that he was finally able to spend another night with his Asian beauty, but this time, he wasn't going to let her go.


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