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Randy Handyman
by Too Tall T

I was in my yard watering the shrubbery when Dina, my lovely divorced next door neighbor, came running out of the house, lush young breasts bouncing enchantingly. She asked me to come quick. A water pipe under her sink had burst. I'm the neighborhood handyman-at-large. I went in and quickly shut off the water at the cutoff under the sink. We cleaned up the water. Her low cut top gave me some marvelous views of her deep cleavage. She caught me looking ,and her lovely face glowed at the looks I gave her.

She offered me a drink, and we chatted for a few minutes. I hadn't really taken a good look at her since she had kicked her no good husband out. She is one good looking lady, with full breasts jiggling under a thin blouse. She came over, took my drink, and set it aside, slipped into my lap and began to kiss me. Minutes later we were naked on the couch and she was sucking my hard cock with enthusiasm. It was her way of thanking me, she said. Her talented mouth felt so good moving up and down my cock.

After a few minutes of her pleasurable lip service, I turned her around and dove into her honeypot.. I love to feast on a woman's sweet pussy. She tasted delicious, and I reveled in making her moan and cry out. We brought each other close to a climax, then I pulled back, and shifted her on to her knees, and slid into her hot opening from behind. She squealed as I slid my thick cock full length inside her. She was so wet I had no trouble sliding deep into her. Her young pussy was hot and tight. I reached forward and captured a firm swaying breast in each hand and stroked and kneaded them gently. I pulled, and rolled her nipples to long hard points. Her firm ass bounced, as I drove into her, my hips slapping against hers. I watched her lovely pussy pulled outward, then pushed back, as I stroked into her. Her small neat asshole winked at me. Maybe later, I thought.

Dina has superb pussy control, and milked my cock as I slid in and out of her firm body. I loved her little quavering cries of passion. Minutes later, our moans and cries filled the room as we climaxed together. We cuddled and kissed for a while, then got dressed. As I was leaving, Katharine, our worldly-wise neighbor, and also a real beauty, drove up. Dina explained I'd been fixing the plumbing, and Katherine got a wicked grin on her face and asked, "Whose plumbing?" Her eyes dwelled at the swollen bulge in my pants.

When I got back to my house, I couldn't wait to tell Ann, my lovely wife what had happened. We have an open marriage, and I didn't hesitate to tell her all the details. She got my cock out of my pants and licked and sucked it until I was hard again, telling me how she loved the smell and taste of Dina's pussy juice on my cock. We wound up fucking on the deep carpeted floor, while Ann had me tell her all about Dina, and every detail of her body. The thought went through my mind, that she was asking a lot of very intimate questions about Dina's body. Could she be interested?

A week later Katherine called me over to her house, to have me show her, where to cut the water off, should a pipe break. I was more than willing to oblige. I showed her the various cutoff valves, and she said she'd have to thank me properly for saving her from possible future water damage. I told her it had been a great week for thank-you's. She smiled and said she'd heard, but that she waned to thank me in advance.

She stood before me and did a slow sexy strip tease. Her breasts are full and rounded with large, long nipples. Her pubic thatch is neatly trimmed. I needed no encouragement to slip out of my clothes. She pushed me back on the couch and moved between my thighs. She stroked my cock with one hand while gently rolling my balls with the other. Then she leaned forward, and took me in her mouth, and gave me a blowjob that curled my toes. She could deep throat with the best, and her tongue moved over my cock, as her throat formed a hot tube for it. When she had gotten me rock hard, I pushed her away and moved down to give her wet slit a going-over with my tongue.

She murmured something about Dina saying what a good pussy eater I was. I found her erect clit, and sucked and licked it, until she exploded with pleasure. I slowly aroused her again, and moved up to slip into her wet spread pussy.. We kissed and I fondled her large breasts. I slid into her and rode her high, pressing against her g-spot. Her pussy muscles squeezed my cock, and it didn't take long for both of us to cum.

We were on the couch kissing and fondling, when the phone rang. Katherine winked, threw me a kiss and disappeared. When she returned she told me to come over anytime and fix her "plumbing". I told her Ann and I had an open marriage, and so I would probably take her up on it. She brightened. She wanted to know if Ann would be interested in a three-way with herself and Dina. I told her that Ann had never experienced sex with another woman, but probably would like to try it. I told her of all the questions she had asked about Dina, and wanting to know every intimate detail of Dina's body. We agreed that it sounded like Ann was sexually interested in women. I was almost as anxious to see Ann try it as Katherine was to make love to her. I really wanted to see my beautiful wife and another woman make love.

I sounded Ann out on the subject as soon as I got home. It set her on fire, and as we fucked hard and fast, I enflamed her by telling her how much Katherine wanted to make love to her, and how Dina could join in. She got hotter than I had seen her in a long time, and I had my answer.

After we finished, I called Katherine, and while Ann listened, told her that Ann was willing to make love with her, and with Dina. Katherine was overjoyed. Ann took the phone away from me, and she and Kath had hot phone sex for almost an hour. When she got off the phone, she was so hot, she pushed me down, mounted me and slid down on my cock, and rode me to several intense climaxes.

The next night, Ann and I went over to Katherine's house. Kath and I together, warmed Ann up, and before long, the two women were wrapped up in each other. I watched from the side, slowly stroking my rock hard erection. Kath eat Ann to several climaxes, then Ann went down on her first woman.

She seemed a natural, and loved the taste and smell of a woman's sex. Her pussy wet smile told it all, as she looked over at me and winked, then buried her face back between Kath's thighs. I let them have several climaxes before I joined them. While they were in a 69, I got behind Katherine and slid into her hot pussy. Ann, on the bottom licked my cock as it moved in and out of Kath's pussy, and sucked and licked Kath's clit. Kath brought Ann to a screaming climax too. I pumped my load deep into Katherine's hot body. When I pulled out, Ann's mouth was there instantly to lick the combined juices dripping from it.

Katherine went out of the room for a couple of minutes, and when she came back, she was grinning wickedly. . About five minutes later, the door bell rang and Dina was there. Almost before the door was closed, she pulled her dress off, and she was beautifully naked. She went over to Ann and embraced her. Kath joined them, and the two beautiful women made a sandwich out of Ann, who certainly didn't complain. The three women made love for a long while. They didn't neglect me. Ann couldn't get enough pussy and alternated between eating Katherine and Dina. All three loved it.

Since then, I've had three other plumbing problems to help take care of, involving the neighborhood women. I haven't had to take care of them all on my own. Ann is my official plumber's helper. She really loves helping me out. I hope word doesn't spread too far. I'm not in the plumber's union.

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