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Ruth Pt. II
by Patrick

Having reached the ripe old age of 18 just before College broke up for the holidays, I'd made the monumental decision to continue my Schooling during the summer months. Not through the traditional Summer Camps, or even in the traditional educational subjects, I'd decided instead to pursue my sadly lacking sexual education this summer!

In the privacy of my bedroom I checked off all the guys I knew from College and realised that they were probably every bit as ignorant as I was, so I wasn't going to learn much from them, what I needed was a more mature man, someone who knew what sex was all about. It was actually mom that put me on to Derek, when she and dad came back from a meal at his place one night and she expressed her sadness that such a handsome man didn't have a regular woman in his life.

Well, I thought, Derek was still pretty young, mid forties probably and still very good looking, and he had been married, so he was bound to know something about sex, and he had invited us to use his pool whenever we wanted to. It seemed almost a gift wrapped situation for what I had in mind, so the very next day I set out to seduce Derek. I have to admit it wasn't as easy as I'd expected, all you had to do with the guys at College was show a bit of thigh or a bit of tit, or even bat your eyes at them and they were all over you like a rash, trying to get into your pants. Derek was different, oh I knew that he wanted me, right from the start, I could see it smoldering in his eyes and the bulge that made regular appearances in his pants, but he held back and held back as if afraid to touch me, and I almost lost faith in myself and my ability to attract men. But I persevered, and grew bolder and bolder until the day I presented myself to him totally naked, and he could no longer hold his desires back.

Well, sex with Derek exceeded my wildest dreams, he was gentle and tender and caring - all the things a young virgin really needed - but at the same time incredibly forceful and inventive, and he really fucked me up a storm! after that first incredible night when he fucked me in just about every room and just about every position, and even fucked me in the ass - God! I really, really loved being fucked in the ass! - I was back at his house every day learning more and more about what pleased me and what pleased him, it was turning out to be the best Summer I'd ever had.

But tonight I was at home, in my room and feeling a little horny from thinking about what had been happening with Derek. Mom had gone out to some meeting or other and dad was once again locked up in his study come office. He was a computer programmer and worked a lot from home, though we rarely saw him, and when we did he was warm and friendly, but exceedingly quiet, in fact it was something of a family joke that if we wanted to speak to dad it was easier to send him a message on the computer, in fact he'd set up a special program that linked all the computers in the house and he and I would often have fun by sending silly messages to each other. It therefore wasn't a surprise when I heard the little beep from my computer telling me that I had a message. However, when I moved to the computer and read it, I was quite puzzled, it said simply

"People in glass houses ought to keep their curtains closed!"

Thinking perhaps this was the start of one of his really silly stories, I typed back

"Sounds like good advice to me, but what's the punch line?"

Back came the immediate response, "I was out for a walk in the woods today, so I think you know what I mean"

A sudden cold feeling swept over me, because I realised immediately what he'd meant, he'd seen Derek and I! with some trepidation I typed

"How much did you see?"

"EVERYTHING" he shot back in bold letters, and I groaned inwardly, feeling the embarrassment racing through me, but then something else raced through me as well, to see everything meant he had stayed around a long time, he hadn't rushed in and yelled at me or punched Derek out, he hadn't even stopped us. Suddenly a strange heat started to radiate from my breasts and from my pussy, and I found myself smiling as I responded.

"To see everything would mean that you were either frozen with shock for a very long time, or so turned on by what you were seeing that you couldn't drag yourself away! which was it?"

There was a long, long hesitation before the words "Fifth amendment" appeared, and my grin became a chuckle, and the heat flowing through my body became quite intense because I knew without a doubt that the scene had indeed turned dad on, and now I was determined to turn that to my advantage.

"I guess you want an explanation?"

"Yes" came back immediately

"OK, I decided this summer I would devote to learning about sex! I chose Derek because he's mature and would know more than the kids at College, and I set out to seduce him. It wasn't as easy as you might think, but eventually I succeeded, and I have no regrets, he's been a fantastic lover, and I've learned a lot. Of course I realise there's still lots more to learn and experience, and I may need other teachers, but I have no regrets about what's happened so far"

"No regrets and no shame?" he asked

"None at all! it's right for me at this time, and it's my choice and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!" I responded

Again there was another lengthy hesitation, "So who's the next teacher going to be?" he asked.

"I'm not sure yet, it would have to be someone I know, someone I'm comfortable with, someone mature who knows enough about sex to advance my education, someone who could bring an extra dimension of pleasure, some special thrill to the lessons, and someone who was every bit as horny as me!" I answered

"And you don't have anyone specific in mind?" he asked again.

I was really enjoying this now, there was a little game being played and both of us knew it, as we'd played these sorts of word games before, but never with sex as the theme. I guess if we'd been face to face we'd have both been too embarrassed to speak like this, but over the computer, boldness ruled!

"Well, there is one person that comes to mind that would fit the criteria I've given, but of course I have no idea if he's horny at all, much less as horny as me, and I'm not sure how I'd find that out" I said

"Mmm, I can understand that might be a problem, but all men are only ever a heart beat away from being horny"

"Even married men?"

"Of course! horny isn't about how much or how little sex you're getting, it's about how you feel when you see someone, or think about someone, or dream about someone or fantasize about someone"

"So it's just a question of starting them thinking about me in a sexy way?"

"Yes, and that isn't going to be difficult for someone as beautiful and sexy as you"

"Oh!, do you think I'm beautiful and sexy?"

"Fifth amendment!"

I giggled, really feeling the heat in me now, "So if I was communicating with them now, I could start with something as seemingly innocent as asking them what they're wearing?"

"Yes, and they'd probably respond, a T Shirt and shorts"

"What, no underpants?"

"Of course underpants, well, boxers actually"

"On a night as hot as this, wouldn't you feel more comfortable if you took your T Shirt off?"

A slight hesitation, "Mmm I just did, and you're right, it does feel more comfortable"

"Wouldn't you feel even more comfortable if your shorts and boxers went the same way?"

A slightly longer delay, and I found myself holding my breath, "Yeah, that is much, much better"

I let my breath out with a rush, "Are you really, truly naked?" I asked, a shiver running through my body at the thought of it

"Bare assed naked!, but how about you? what are you wearing tonight?"

"The usual, T Shirt, shorts, pants and bra" I said, realising that we'd momentarily lost that third person style of writing

"Aren't you hot?"

"Oh yes, I'm incredibly hot, - I waited a moment, then quickly slipped out of some of my clothes - Mmm that's better, I've taken off my T Shirt and my shorts, but I'm still feeling incredibly hot"

"Guess you'll just have to remove the rest"

I unhooked my bra and took it off, noticing how incredibly hard my nipples were, then slipped out of my pants, noticing how wet they'd become, so I was completely naked too. I guess I must have mused a little too much, or taken too long.

"Are you still there?" came his urgent message on the screen

"Yes! sorry about the delay, I decided it would be best if I closed the curtains before removing my bra and pants, after all you never know who might be watching!"

"Good idea, and have you?"

"Oh yes, I'm now sitting here totally naked, but I'm still feeling hot, and a little strange, my nipples are all stiff and swollen, could I be coming down with the flu or something?"

"Groan! if you are, it must be spreading awfully quickly!"

"Oh, have you become stiff and swollen too?" the thought of daddy naked, stiff and swollen was sending waves of lust through me.

" I shouldn't really answer that question, but when you're naked it's impossible to hide the situation, Yes, I'm as stiff and swollen and hard as I've ever been in my life, and I'm not at all sure how to handle it!"

I giggled to myself, "You shouldn't handle it yourself, it's always much. much better if someone else looks after it for you"

"I agree! but who! and what about you, if you're hot and hard and swollen too, then you shouldn't be handling it yourself either!"

"Mmmm, what a dilemma, two people stiff, swollen and hot - and getting hotter every minute - needing someone else to resolve their problem, I don't know what the answer could be, guess I'll have to think about it in bed. Yes, that's it, I'll close off at the computer and go and lie naked on my bed and imagine that any moment the door will open and someone will come in with just the right tool to fix my problem, someone eager and willing to help"

"And you'd really welcome him in? even without knowing who it might be?"

"Oh yes, oh yes indeed, you see I believe that if you want something enough it will happen, so I know it will be the person in my mind, my next teacher"

"And you really want him?"

"Oh yes, want him, need him, have to have him right now!, there's a fire raging right through my body, and I need him to deal with it straight away, so I have to go, I have to lie on my bed naked and wait for him, I know he'll come, I just know it!!"

And I closed down my computer and spread myself naked on my bed waiting. But I didn't have to wait for long, my bedroom door opened and there he stood, a slightly hesitant look upon his face, but then I didn't spend too much time looking at that, he was totally naked, and totally aroused, and my God he was HUGE! I'd thought Derek's cock was a good size ( and it was ) but this one was a good three to four inches longer and much, much thicker, I couldn't prevent the loud gasp that came from my throat, "DADDY"

"I wasn't sure" he stammered.

"Oh yes, daddy, yes, come over here, bring that BIG beautiful cock to your horny daughter" and I was totally, totally horny at the sight of his huge dick, I couldn't wait to feel it inside me, and from the hungry, horny look that came on to his face, he was feeling the same. So he came to me, eager, hot and horny and slipped between my legs until the tip of his monster cock was brushing against the mouth of my pussy, and I was moaning already in anticipation.

"Are you sure, absolutely sure?" he whispered into my ears.

"Oh yes, daddy, yes, I want you to fill me, I want you to fuck your big dick into my hot pussy, I want you to fuck me, fuck me FUCK me"

And as I screamed the last word he lunged forward, ramming his big cock deep into my pussy, then deeper, then even deeper still, forcing my legs wider and wider apart until I thought he'd split me wide open, but there wasn't any pain, just pure delight and pleasure. Then I felt his heavy balls bang against my ass cheeks and I knew I'd taken every inch of his massive cock.

"My God, I'm right in, you've taken the whole bloody lot! my whole cock!, no one's ever done that before!" He gasped loudly.

I grinned, delighted that I'd already done something with daddy that no one else had, now I knew I was going to please him as much as he was going to please me. "Oh daddy, daddy, you're so big and so hard, and you fill me so much, fuck me, please fuck your little girl! FUCK ME NOW!"

So he did, slowly at first, very aware of his size, but once he realized I was totally comfortable with it, he began to increase the pace, and almost immediately I started to explode, small orgasms at first, but each one building in intensity, as his cock stroke increased. God he was just soooo tight, the friction with the walls of my pussy was unbelievable. If this was designed to cure my heat problem, it wasn't working, I was getting hotter and hotter, crying out in my ecstasy, urging him on, "Fuck me, harder, harder, deeper, deeper, fuck me daddy, fuck me!" and he was groaning and howling too as the tightness of my pussy really worked his overheated pole, "Oh yes honey, you're so hot, so tight, it's so good, so good to be inside you, oh, if you only knew how long I've wanted this, ached for this, dreamed of this, dreamed of ramming my dick into my daughter's juicy pussy! and now I'm doing it, now I'm fucking her good!"

And he increased the tempo, slamming his cock into me so hard we were in danger of bouncing off the bed, and all the time I was cumming, one orgasm after another. Then I felt his cock start to swell even more, I couldn't believe he could possibly get any bigger and thicker, but he was!, filling me up even more, and I knew he was on the verge of cumming himself, "Yes DADDY!" I screamed "Fill me up, shoot your juices into my pussy, come on, come on, CUM ON!!"

Then he was cumming, shooting wads of hot cum juice deep into my writhing pussy, unloading all his frustrations and desires itno me, and I lifted to receive his frantic thrusts, my pussy walls milking his big cock for all it was worth, sucking out every drop of his cum juice. And he was howling so loud, even Derek probably heard! As for me, I was almost off the Planet, the pleasure was so intense, and I stayed that way as his frantic thrustings started to slow, then stopped altogether, and he lay trembling above me, his elbows holding his weight off my body.

As I came back into focus, I realised that despite all the gallons of juice he seemed to have shot into my pussy, his cock hadn't softened at all! he was still rock hard, still jammed deep into my sopping wet pussy. When I commented on that, her grinned, "You don't honestly think that once is going to be enough, do you?" I guess my eyes must have flicked momentarily to the door, "Don't worry" he said, "Your mother will be at least another couple of hours, plenty of time for a second opinion on our mutual heat problem! perhaps even a third and fourth opinion! - then he glanced down at my body - my God, you do have fantastic tits, totally, totally suckable!" and he proceeded to do just that, licking and sucking on my breasts and my hard, hard nipples, and I felt the heat starting to rise in me again, and I began to move my pussy around his massive cock.

"My, my, what a fascinating sight" said this almost disembodied voice, and we both froze! then I shifted my head and glanced over at the open door and there stood Mom, not dressed for her meeting, but wearing a green sating bath robe, My God, how long had she been home? it was almost as if she heard my question, and a half smile came to her face. "Oh yes, I've been home quite a while, but I guess you were both too busy to notice, my, you do cum loudly Ruthy!" I felt the colour rush to my face and couldn't say a thing. Then I felt daddy move, but not to withdraw from me as I thought, he just twisted around and I could see a surprising grin on his face,

"Hi darling, just in time, I'm just about ready to go again, why don't you join us?"

I gasped with shock, and expected some kind of blast from Mom, but nothing came, and when I glanced over at her she was smiling widely and slipping off her satin robe - and she was completely naked underneath! and I couldn't help noticing what a fantastic body she had, and a new and different heat began to course through my body. Then she moved towards us, hips swaying, large, firm tits bouncing and the hottest, horniest grin on her face that I'd ever seen! - But that's another story, isn't it!!


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