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Ruth Pt. III
by Patrick

So there I was, naked on my bed, with dad's huge cock jammed up tight inside me, and mom walks in the door. There was a moment when dad and I froze, both expecting some kind of outburst, but when it didn't come and mom instead indicated that she'd been listening to us fucking for quite some time, I felt dad relax, but he still shocked me by inviting mom to join us, and she shocked me even more by slipping off her robe and walking naked over to the bed with the hottest, horniest smile on her face that I'd ever seen.

As she came close to the bed, dad started to slide his cock from my pussy, and I groaned in disappointment, "Don't worry, honey, I'll be back, but I think your mom needs this more right now"

"I sure do" said mom "hearing you two fucking has turned me on like never before"

She slid onto the bed, and immediately dad started sucking and licking on her large, firm tits, and she started moaning in pleasure. Wow, I'd never watched anyone getting it on before, especially not my parents, so I moved back a little to observe better. It wasn't long before dad was sliding his cock into mom's welcoming pussy and she was shivering and shuddering like crazy, but immediately I noticed that she was holding back and dad was holding back too, and I could see why, dad's cock was only about three quarters deep into her pussy, and he was having to take things very gently. But obviously, over the years they'd learned to accept that and it wasn't long before both of them were yelling out as they brought each other to a massive climax. Then I learned something new about myself, watching them fuck had really, really turned me on! my pussy was on fire and just dying to feel dad's massive cock in it again.

But I had to wait a while, and as I waited dad told mom how it had all come about that he was in bed fucking me, and how much he wanted to fuck me again. Mom just grinned and turned to me "So, you decided to get your sex education with Derek, I'm glad, I like him a lot and I'm sure he looked after you real good"

"Oh yes, mom, he's been fantastic - then a sudden thought came into my head and I decided to take a risk - he's not as big as daddy, but he does have an absolutely beautiful cock, and he sure knows how to use it!"

I saw an immediate flicker of interest in mom's eyes, and I'm sure dad saw it too, as he grinned widely, "Well Elsie, what do you think? you've always had a problem with my size, and you know it's been one of my favorite fantasies to see you with someone else, why don't we invite Derek over for a foursome?"

Mom blushed! yes, she actually blushed, "Oh I don't know if I could, I mean I've never, I mean Derek's with Ruthy at the moment, I mean I don't know how, oh Jack, I don't know what I mean!"

Dad's grin widened even more, "Elsie, you've been saying for months what a good looking man Derek is and isn't it a shame that he hasn't got a woman in his life, can you look me in the eye and tell me honestly that you've never once thought what it would be like to make it with him, fantasized about having sex with him?"

Mom's face got even redder and she couldn't look dad in the eye, so we both knew what the answer was, then dad turned to me, "Well Ruth, I guess at the moment Derek's your man, so how do you feel about your mom having sex with him, and how do you think he'll react?"

I thought for a moment, trying to imagine the scene in my mind, and it turned me on like crazy! me with dad and Derek with mom, Wow! "Derek is horny, very. very horny, and I'd think he'd take one look at mom's gorgeous body and start to drool, but it mightn't be easy to move things on from there - I laughed - I certainly found it hard to seduce him! but as for my feelings, as long as we get to swap around and mom and I both get to taste both of you, I would love it to happen!"

I glanced at mom, and even through the blushing I could see the grin on her face and the nod of agreement. Dad sat back on his haunches looking from Mom to me and back, and almost absent mindedly stroking his semi erect cock, "I wont lie to either of you, it will excite me like hell to see Derek's cock plunging in to Elsie's pussy, and excite me even more to know that Derek is watching me fuck my gorgeous daughter, and it will excite me again to fuck my wife in front of another man, so I want it to happen, and I think I know how we can overcome any hesitation on Derek's part, but there's only one opportunity for any of us to back out and that's now, because once it's set in motion, there's no turning back, what you do say, go or no!"

This time there wasn't any hesitation from mom, she sat up and reached forward and took hold of Dad's rapidly stiffening cock, "OK, no lies! we both know I've had problems with your size, and although we've always had good sex, we've both always had to hold back, we haven't been able to really let ourselves go fully, but that's not the case with you and Ruth, I notice she had no problem with taking all of your huge cock inside her, so she could really let go, and for the first time so could you, and I think that's fantastic, but I want to experience that fully letting go too, and if Derek's cock is as beautiful as Ruth says, then maybe I can let go with his cock inside me. Yes I do think he's pretty gorgeous, and yes I have fantasized about fucking with him, but I would never have taken it any further on my own, but with you present! god yes, I want it!"

Dad grinned hugely, and his cock was now rock hard, "OK, then it's a go, and the quicker the better, I'll ring him right now and invite him over for dinner tomorrow night, and after dinner I'll suggest we play some cards, and of course it will be strip poker! and we'll let the natural beauty of you two beautiful, horny ladies take over! I don't think Derek's got a chance!" we all burst out laughing and started to hug each other, and one thing led to another and it was an hour later before dad got to make the phone call, with a well fucked mother and daughter still licking and slurping on his huge cock as he spoke on the phone. Derek agreed after a little persuasion - perhaps he was feeling a little embarrassed because he was fucking me! - but as I dropped off to sleep that night, my mind was firmly focussed on what lay ahead, another step in my sex educational process!

The next day was busy, mom announced at breakfast that she and I were going shopping and that dad should practice his card skills - he'd been an amateur magician in his younger days and had literally made cards talk, but he was way out of practice. On the way in to town in the car mom reminded me that in strip poker you very soon got down to the basics of bra and pants, so it was important that they be as exotic and erotic as possible. We had a ball wandering from shop to shop, but couldn't find anything suitable until mom spotted an Adult store, and with a quick look round to make sure there was no one we knew around, we popped in, giggling like two school girls.

Our eyes just about popped out of out heads when we saw the array of saucy and sexy lingerie, and we had a fun time trying various outfits on, a fun time and a sexy time, I was quite stunned to find myself getting turned on at the sight of mom slipping in and out of these sexy costumes, and at one stage I just couldn't help myself, I just reached out and caressed her breast, a shiver ran through her and she looked at me with a shocked expression on her face, but then the look crumpled and she pulled me into her arms and we kissed deeply, our almost naked bodies writhing against each other, then she pulled away, "We mustn't, we really mustn't" she groaned and grabbed the next item of clothing to be tried on, and I did the same, because I was shocked as well at what had happened and what I'd felt.

But we did end up with some great outfits, mom's in red and mine in deep blue, they were sort of finely woven net bras with a hole in them for the nipple to poke through, and similar panties with a slit where the crotch should be. We thought they were very daring and very sexy and couldn't wait to see how the men reacted. I don't think I'd ever seen mom so excited as we drove home, once she'd made the decision , it was like she was a teenager again going on her first date, a date that was pre-destined to end up in a fuck fest! if dad had recaptured his card skills.

Dinner was light and fun, dad was in top form with his jokes and Derek soon lost his initial nervousness, mom and I, of course looked radiant! a couple of drinks with dinner made everyone very mellow, so when dad suggested a game of cards afterwards we all agreed, when he suggested strip poker, however, I saw Derek flush a little and look quickly at me, then at mom, "Wow" mom said "It's a long time since we played strip Poker Jack, it sounds like fun, but we don't want to embarrass Derek, do we? he may have religious problems with it or something"

"Oh no" said Derek quickly "I don't have any problems like that, but what about Ruth?"

It was dad's turn to jump in " oh dear, if you were hinting that Ruth isn't grown up enough yet, you'd better duck, she's thumped people for less than that!"

That made us all laugh, "Hey, it's ok with me, I think mom and I are going to beat the pants off you!" I said, and that drew even louder laughter, and the ice was well and truly broken. As dad had taught me a bit about his magic tricks, it only took a couple of hands for me to realise that his old skills were well and truly back and he was directing the game like a traffic cop. Mom and I were quickly down to our brand new bra and panties and there were gasps all round when they came into view. Mom was sitting directly opposite Derek and I was sitting opposite dad, so every time Derek looked up his eyes were feasting on mom's gorgeous tits with her nipples poking through, nipples that were already as hard as bullets.

Then dad arranged for us to win for a while and for he and Derek to lose, until they were down to just their boxers. Then Mom lost again, and after a small hesitation she unhooked and removed her bra. I was watching Derek from the corner of my eye and saw his eyes widen and his jaw drop a little as her magnificent breasts came completely into sight. Dad seemed to take an age to gather up the cards and deal the next hand, giving Derek plenty of time to drool. I saw him glance quickly at me, but I pretended not to notice as I grinned at Dad and teased him about his clumsiness with the cards, which he suddenly seemed to be dropping all over the place. But he soon had them in order and dealt them, and surprise, surprise, I was the loser, and both dad and Derek stared hotly at me as I unhooked and removed my bra and proudly jutted my naked breasts out for their inspection "Wow Honey" said dad, "I didn't realised you were that grown up, you have fantastic tits, doesn't she Derek?"

That really put Derek on the spot, and I saw the colour rise into his face, "Yeah, fantastic" he finally muttered, then glanced over at Mom, "But so does Elsie" he said, and flushed again.

"Oh thank you Derek" said mom "I was hoping you'd like them"

I saw Derek gulp, and dad grin, and then the cards were in front of us again. And to my surprise, dad arranged for himself to lose, but the surprise didn't last long as mom and I cheered and clapped and cried "Stand up, get them off, get them off, we win". So dad stood up and removed his boxers to reveal his large, semi erect cock, and we applauded even louder, he took a quick bow and then sat back down. I think I detected a relieved grin on Derek's face that he hadn't been the first, but then the cards were out again, and this time it was mom that lost. Dad took up the chant that we had put up for him "Stand up, get them off, get them off", and both Derek and I joined in, and we clapped and clapped until a slightly red faced mom got up and peeled down her panties to reveal her naked pussy, about 3 feet away and directly at eye level with Derek! Dad and I kept up the noise, but Derek's clapping slowed to a stop as he gazed fixedly at mom's pussy. Her legs were slightly apart and you could see the pink of her pussy lips through her golden thatch of pussy hair, and he stared and stared until mom finally sat down.

I knew straight away that I wasn't going to lose the next game, Derek was clearly turned on by the sight of mom naked and dad wasn't going to detract from that, it was where he wanted Derek's focus to be, so it was Derek himself that lost the hand, and once again the chant went up, this time from mom, dad and me, but Derek hesitated a long ,long time, and I was beginning to think that he'd chicken out, when with an audible groan he pushed himself to his feet, leaned over and pealed down his boxers and stood up straight. The reason for his hesitation was immediately clear, his cock was rock hard, jutting firmly from his body, almost into mom's face. She stared at it from no more than a foot or so, with a stunned expression on her face ( she later told me this was only the second erect cock she'd ever seen in the flesh! ), a stunned expression that slowly began to change into a hot, horny expression. Our clapping and cheering had faded away as dad and I watched this silent interplay between mom and Derek, then to every body's amazement mom reached up and cupped her hands round his swollen cock, and began to stroke it, "Oh yes, oh yes, such a beautiful cock, so big, so hard, and it's hard for me isn't it Derek, it's hard for me?"

A shudder seemed to run through Derek and he turned a haunted face first towards dad and then towards me, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" he groaned, "I just can't help it" and he leaned down and lifted mom to her feet and began to fondle her breasts, "God, you're so beautiful, so incredibly sexy, and I want you so badly"

Dad had moved back slightly and was staring up at them, with a slightly bemused smile on his face, and his own cock was now standing rock hard too. Mom glanced across at dad and I saw him nod slightly, and she immediately dropped to her knees and took Derek's cock into her mouth, every last inch of it! and I saw dad's grin expand. Derek's eyes had closed tight as soon as mom had taken his cock in her mouth, and I took that opportunity to slide over and wrap my lips around dad's huge cock, making sure not to get in the way of him watching Derek and mom, in fact I was taking lots of peeks at them too, and watching mom run her tongue over and around Derek's cock and sucking on his balls was really turning me on.

Then mom let go of his cock and stretched out next to the table, "I want you too, Derek, I want you so much, Please fuck me , fuck me good"

I felt dad jerk when he heard that and his cock swelled even more, and I could tell this was really exciting him. His hands were now caressing my naked breasts and slipping down to rub my pussy through the slit in the panties that I hadn't yet got to take off.. I wondered at the extended silence and I looked up, Derek was looking at us, a half haunted, half surprised look on his face, "Yes Derek" I heard dad say, "Elsie really needs your cock inside her, needs it real bad, fuck her, fuck her hard, fuck her good"

Then Derek glanced down at me, my tongue still curling around dad's cock, "Yes Derek, fuck mommy, fuck her hot, juicy pussy, you know you want to, you know you've always wanted to!" and with a groan Derek turned away and dropped down between Mom's legs and slammed his cock right into her, right to the hilt! and mom screamed, but it wasn't a scream of pain, it was a scream of pure delight as she felt his balls bang against her ass cheeks and knew that she was taking his cock in its entirety.

Well, to say they fucked up a storm would have been an understatement, and we watched the whole thing, watched mom cum and cum and cum as she screamed out her joy, but then some of it might have been my own screams I was hearing, because I'd quickly removed my panties, and realising that daddy wanted to watch mom being fucked, suggested that I go on my knees facing them and he fuck his massive cock into me from behind. Which dad proceeded to do with great gusto, and I loved it, getting fucked and watching mom and Derek fuck was just the biggest turn on ever. I lost count of how many times I exploded or that mom exploded, but I do know that dad drenched my pussy with the biggest amount of cum juice ever, when he finally shot his load.

Afterwards we all sat around fondling and cuddling each other, sometimes Derek and me, sometimes Derek and mom, sometimes me and dad and sometimes dad and mom, and once, when we were out in the kitchen refreshing the drinks it was mom and me cuddling and fondling each other's bodies, and that felt really great. But we were soon back with the men and soon getting happily fucked all over again! and loving it! and the wonderful thing about it was the realization that there was much more of this to come, much more of the four of us together! much more of fucking Derek and of fucking my dad, and who knows, it might even develop some more with mom some day - I can't wait.


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