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Romantic Love
by Stump

A single yellow rose arrives at the office for you, along with an envelope. Inside the envelope are a key and a note. The note reads: "Your presence is requested promptly at 7pm tonight. Don't be late or suffer the consequences."

At the appointed time you arrive at a hotel room with a note on the door telling you to follow the yellow brick road. When you walk in the door a room full of candles and a bed full of yellow rose petals greets you. There is another single yellow rose on the pillow. As you look around the room you find rose petals in a trail on the floor. You begin to follow the path of petals when you come across another note. This one tells you to pick up the remote on the table and press play. Soft love songs begin to play from somewhere in the distance.

You finally come to the end of the yellow brick road, which has brought you to another door and a note. This one reads: "Welcome to Fantasy Island, please come in and make yourself comfortable." When you open the door you are greeted by you lover in a tub full of bubbles and a bowl of grapes, which I have already peeled for you.

I invite you to join me, if you dare. Of course, you take the dare and rush to join me. Before you get in the tub I tell you that once you get in there is no turning back. You look a little confused, but take a chance anyway and join me in the tub. Once you are in the bubbles up to your neck, I tell you that I am in complete control this evening and as long as you cooperate I will fulfill your every desire and satisfy your every need before the night is over.

I kneel in the tub between you legs and tell you that you mustn't touch anything but the tub. We start by me feeding you the grapes, which I hold with my lips. You start to raise your arms to put them around me; I firmly place them back at your sides, and tell you that's strike one. After a few minutes I put a hand on your breast, the nipple is starting to get hard. I caress it slowly and firmly. As soon as I feel you body tense, I stop and tell you it is time to get out of the tub.

We dry each other and go back into the room. At this time "Lady in Red" is playing and I ask you to dance with Mme. I tell you that you can put your arms around me and kiss me but nothing else. While we are dancing I am caressing your wonderfully naked body. You start to moan because you want to do the same but I still wont let you do anything. When the song ends I tell you to go lie on the bed. I go to the chair and retrieve the scarf that I placed there before you arrived.

I return to the bed and tell you to sit up, and then I get on the bed behind you and tie the scarf over your eyes. You begin to protest, but I silence you with a kiss and tell you to lay back. I straddle your body and pick up the rose lying next to you. I begin to very lightly brush the rose over you lips, neck and chest. The rose is alternated with my lips and tongue doing the same thing.

You begin to squirm trying to switch our positions, but I tell you that you must lie still. This is strike two; you only have one left. You are getting very excited and very frustrated, but you do as I wish and try to lie still. I decide to release a little of your tension, so I move down your body to your now very wet pussy. I begin to kiss it very softly, and run the tip of my tongue over it. I change my mind about giving you any release at this time and resume the light kisses. You moan in you frustration because you are trying your best to abide by my wishes, but it is getting more difficult with each kiss.

By now my desire and hunger for you has built up to a point that I don't want to wait any longer and you have been tortured enough. Once again I move up to straddle you, but this time I position myself so that I can take you. Slowly I begin to move up and down, holding your hands at your sides. You beg me to please release your hands so that you can hold me. After a few more minutes of you begging to be released, I tell you that it is now time to fulfill your desires. At that you waste no time flipping me over so that you can take control of our lovemaking. Your pace is fast and hard. You tell me that it is because of the way I teased you to distraction. After we both reach our orgasm at the same time, we lie in each other's arms, not wanting to move so we don't break the spell we are under.

After a while I begin rubbing your body all over. I whisper in your ear "please make love to me." You again obey my wishes, but this time we go very slow enjoying each step to fulfillment once again. The scent of crushed rose petals all around us adds to the fire of passion already burning deep and very brightly in our hearts.

After we make love, I get up from the bed. You take my arm to keep me with you, but I tell you I will be back in just a moment. I blow out all of the candles then open the curtains and the door to the balcony just slightly. I return to the bed and join you under the covers. The light from the moon and stars falls on us as we fall asleep holding each other with similes of delight and satisfaction.

In the morning we awake to the most breath-taking sunrise over the water we have ever seen.


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