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Rain Lust
by NRX

The rain was just beginning to hit the windshield in front of me. That is what we saw as we drove down the road, anticipating what the evening would bring. We had planned this for months, but due to extenuating circumstance and the fickle weather, we hadn't gone through with our plan. But tonight was the night. As soon as we saw the storm clouds approaching we quickly changed and raced to the car. MY beautiful girlfriend Ann was seated next to me, already breathing heavy. I noticed that she had drawn her skirt up and had a hand between her legs, massaging parts I couldn't wait to see. As we exited the main road and found the gravel path, she began to unbutton her sun-dress.

I tried to keep my eyes on the wet path in front of me but the sight of Ann's skin revealing itself inch by inch distracted me. In a few moments I found out that she was without underwear, and was sitting there, naked, beautiful, and incredibly sexy. She reached over and felt trough my shorts to me erection, already straining from her little show. Involuntarily I sped up, wanted the ride to be over as fast as possible. I reached over and took and nipple between my fingers and she sighed. I drew my fingers down to her sex lightly touching the wet lips I found there. She was so aroused that there was a puddle on the leather seat. At last we reached our destination. As I parked the car, I looked into my wife's eyes, and I saw the look of raw animal lust I hoped would be there. She opened the door and stepped out into the rain, letting the water bathe her sweet body. I ripped off my clothed, without regard for their condition and joined her. The rain felt incredible, to say the least. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, savoring the moment, until I felt Ann's body against my back. She reached around and started to stroke my already rigid member. Her skin felt cool and wet against mine, and it made me even hotter than I already was. I turned around and kissed her roughly, and pushed her against the back of my car.

It had been our fantasy since we first had sex, to do it in the rain, outside. We had many heated session just talking about what it would be like. She pushed me away enough to life her leg onto the bumper. There would be no preliminaries this time. She looked so raw and animal that way, mouth open in lust, eyes begging me to enter her. I could not resist her and entered her, with complete ease. She was so wet I felt like slickened velvet on my cock. She held my back hard with her hands, and kissed me with her tongues as far as it would go. I had hoped that we would be alone, but at that point I would have loved for someone to see us. I would have loved to step out of my body and watch us. I moved in and out as hard as I could, increasing my speed as I went. I heard her cry out over my shoulder in the fit of a tremendous orgasm. I knew I couldn't last much longer, but I did my best. After a few more thrusts I heard her increases her moaning again, and I knew it was time. I felt as if I had entered paradise. I came with a fury that I had never felt before. We were both screaming in pleasure as I filled her. Our orgasms last almost a minutes that time, and afterward we pressed together against the car, barely able to stand, breathing as we had just run a mile.

Ann looked at me, lovingly and lustfully, and thanked me for the experience. I was still breathless and could only nod in thanks. She kissed me gently and rubbed my back not realized that it was now covered in bruises. I leaned back a bit and smiled, to which she gave me a questioning look. I kissed her cheek, down to her neck, where I nibbled at the wet flesh I found there. The taste of her skin and the rain was like nectar. I felt myself become more excited again, and I continued my journey to the valley between her breasts. The rain streamed down her chests and over her stomach. I suckled on her nipples alternating from one to other, to which I received and generous dose of sighing and gentle moaning. Ann was running her fingers through my wet hair, pressing my closer to her mounds.

I stepped away, and she tried to bring me back, but I stepped away, looking down. She followed my gaze, and her eyes opened wide. I was hard again and I knew that I wanted her, more than the first time. Without hesitation I picked her up, and pressed her against me. My cock managed to find its way to her sex and went inside. I was in complete control and by the grunting that Ann was doing, I could tell it was doing the trick. I pressed her against the car again, this time pumping slowly and deliberately. I wanted this one to build until the heights we reached were unimaginable. She was mumbling my name in between gasps. She had never seen me this hungry for her, or this aggressive. I knew she loved every minute of it. She came in bunches, one orgasm flowing into the other. I could feel her vaginal muscle milking me for my seed, but I would not let them be satisfied, not until my Ann had the pleasure she deserved. After several minutes I could feel my balls twinge. I could not stop this one. It slowly built up through my cock, like gas ready to explode. Soon her primal screams were combined with mine and the orgasm we shared is still beyond my comprehension. I cannot describe it because it was beyond anything I had ever felt. We felt to the ground, completely exhausted and happy, holding each other still connected at the hip. Eventually we regained our senses and got in the car. We had brought towels, but we decided to remain wet, savoring the feeling of the rain against our skin. We drove home and found our way into bed, and fell asleep, with her body resting against mine.

I knew then that we had to fulfill our other fantasies as well. There could be no end to the pleasure that we could find together.
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