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Roommate's Ravishing
by Catisfaction

A few weeks had gone by since my initial sexual encounter with my roommates. I was exhausted, every day I'd arrive home from college to find they had yet another surprise in store for me. I'd been fucked by both of them in every which way I could imagine possible, but today I was to discover just how wrong I could be.

As I walked through the front door I heard Gillian call me.

"Come here slave, Tony's out and I need a good fucking."

I threw down my bag and entered her room. She was lying on her bed watching the video. I had no idea how many times she had seen it since they had made the recording when they had first raped me, but I figured they kept it on to remind me what they'd do with it if I was ever disobedient. "yes mistress" I said, " What pleasures of the flesh can I give you today?" She pointed to a huge strap on dildo and told me to fuck her until she told me to stop.

"yes mistress" I replied as I removed my clothes and put on the strap on. I walked over to the bed and reached out to her cunt. I could feel it already dripping with juices and from the big black dildo beside her it was evident that she hadn't waited for me to begin.

I knelt between her legs and spread them, raising her knees slightly. For a moment I looked at her pick, wet, pussy as I gently traced the contours of her glistening lips with my fingers. Suddenly I slipped two fingers inside her, feeling for her g-spot. Thrusting and squeezing as she let out small gasps of pleasure. My thumb came to rest on her large engorged clit and as I rubbed and stroked her little love button I removed my fingers from her cunt and shoved the strap on deep inside her.

She let out a little scream at this , she hadn't expected the invasion so soon. God how I love to here my mistress scream, Here I am supposedly the slave, but little does she know that right now, if only for a few minutes, I am the one in control. I stretched my hand up to her breast, squeezing and pinching her nipple as I pounded the huge fake prick into her wet pussy. I twisted her nipple and scratched the flesh as she yelped and tried to twist out of my grasp. I looked down at the dildo as I pounded it into her harder and faster. It was massive, I was always surprised she could take it all, but not nearly as surprised as when I thought about all the times she had relentlessly hammered it into my pussy.

She began bucking her hips to meet my thrusts, urgently seeking more of this giant plastic intrusion. Her hands were clutching great wads of bed sheets as I plunged into her and held it deep within her while she convulsed in a wild orgasm. I pulled out of her and removed the strap on.

"lick it clean," she said, "and lick me clean too."

I sucked the juices off the fake prick then lowered my head to her pussy, slowly licking and sucking the juices out of her, She rolled over and stuck her ass in the air, I pulled her cheeks apart and lapped up the juice that had flowed along her crack.

"slave, your work for now is done, you are free to leave the room. But be prepared for later, Tony is bringing you a surprise."

I picked up my clothes and walked into my own room. I couldn't get dressed as it was forbidden for me to wear clothes in the house, easier access they said.

After the session with Gillian I had fallen asleep in my room, as I awoke I had no idea of how long I'd been asleep. I checked the clock, it was 8.15. I could hear noises coming from the living room, but it sounded like Tony and Gillian had guests and as I wasn't allowed to dress I decided not to go out there. A few minutes later Gillian came into my room.

"well well" she said, "the slave is awake, it's time for you to do some work."

She placed a blindfold on me, tied leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles and led me into the other room. As we entered I heard a multitude of whoops and cheers, all male voices, I had no idea how many there were but I hoped for my sakes it wasn't too many. Someone picked me up and sat me on the edge of a table, I felt my ankle cuffs being attached to the table legs, this had the effect of spreading my legs as far apart as possible displaying my pink wet pussy for all to see. I heard catcalls and shouts of 'me first' and 'god, wait till I get in her, she'll scream for mercy'. I was pushed back onto the table till my head was hanging over the end and my hands were also tied down. My blindfold was removed and I saw Tony looming above me, his huge stiff prick inches from my face. As I moved my eyes I saw a group of about ten guys standing at the other end of the table, all hungrily eyeing my cunt.

The first man moved towards me, he ran his fingers along my slit then suddenly rammed two of them into me, as he finger fucked me he undid his belt with the other hand and let his trousers fall to the floor. From where I was I couldn't see his cock, but I could feel it, as he pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed his prick into my slit, it felt so hot, and from what I could tell it was pretty big too. Suddenly he rammed it into me, I yelled in pain, despite the finger fucking my cunt was not ready for this invasion and the dryness made it hurt more, with every stroke sending waves of pain through my body. I screamed again, but all I could hear were jeers and laughter coming from the other men, no doubt they enjoyed seeing a woman being fucked in pain. As he pumped his shaft deeper inside of me, I felt his hand close on my breast sending a fresh bolt of pain right down my spine, I tried to wriggle out of his iron grip, but I couldn't move for the bonds. My pussy was wet now, and I could no longer feel the agony of this huge prick inside of me, but the way he was twisting and pinching my nipples still made me scream out.

The man started pumping into me harder and faster, grabbing hold of my waist, trying to Impale me further and further onto his cock, until with one last thrust he was spurting his cum deep inside of me. He pulled out of me and walked to my head, he shoved his now limp prick into my mouth telling me to lick it clean, just as I began sucking the cum off him I was suddenly penetrated by another huge, fat, cock. I could feel it stretching the sides of my cunt, I felt so full I felt sure I would burst... One by one each of the men brutalised my body, taking whatever they wanted, each screwing me, filling me with their seed, each one touching me, clawing at me, hurting me until my brain shut my body off and I decided to stop wishing it was over, and just concentrate on planning my revenge.

As the last man pushed his limp cum covered cock into my mouth I heaved a sigh of relief, figuring that tonight's ordeal must be nearly over, but as I sucked the last drop of cum from him, I felt me bonds being untied, I was lifted and set on the floor, facing the table. Tony knelt behind me and pushed my legs apart, he shoved his head between them and sucked at the men's cum that had started pouring out if my pussy, as he stopped he tied my ankles to the table legs, he stood and pushed me forward, securing my hands above me.

I felt someone fondle my arse and yelped as a finger was suddenly thrust into me, this was quickly joined by a second, then a third. I began to beg for them to stop until I realised how futile it was, I was a slave, I did what my masters wanted, there was no other way, well not yet anyway. Someone began spreading my arse cheeks, and I felt the tip of a big hot prick touching my little arse hole. Tony and Gillian had forced me to have anal sex before, so I was prepared for the pain, but this man's cock must have been bigger than anything that had been driven up there before, the pain was excruciating, I screamed like a tortured animal as I felt this enormous penetration fill my anus in one hard thrust. The man continued thrusting into me, pulling his cock out so that just the tip was still inside, then pounding deeper inside me, as my arse muscles began to relax, I detached myself from the situation, and again began thinking of revenge. One again each man fucked me, filling my arse hole with creamy cum, each one coming to me mouth to be licked clean, it disgusted me to think that I was licking something that has come out of my arse, but I had no choice, no choice... that would soon be a different story.

Finally it was over, with one last man jerking off all over my back, they left the room and I heard them all thank Tony for a good time, Gillian came in and untied me, leading me out of the room and into the bedroom. I could feel cum dripping out of my arse and as we walked Gillian reached between my arse cheeks and stuck her finger into my hole.

"we must save that" she said, "it's my turn to taste it now."

She laid me face down on the bed and lowered her tongue to my arse, sucking and licking all the cum out of it, slowly she turned me over and thrust a double headed dildo into my cunt, she climbed on top of it and began fucking me. She reached out her hand to my aching clit, and began massaging it, teasing it, rubbing it, I could feel my body responding to her touch.

" you can cum now" she said, "you've done your work for the day, now you may feel some pleasure yourself."

Suddenly my body erupted in orgasm, sending tingles throughout my bones. Gillian came too then pulled the dildo out of my cunt and left the room, as I fell into a deeply troubled sleep.

(if you haven't read my first story yet go take a look, the third part is already on it's way, keep writing me with feedback it's great to hear how i've done.)
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