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Road to a Threesome
Part I: The Set Up - We Talk About a 3Some
by Knight Mooves

I firmly believe that most men have at some point in time thought about watching their wives or girlfriends in bed with another man. While some could never act on the fantasy, others live with the anticipation that someday it may actually happen. I fall in the latter category, in fact I get instantly aroused at the mere thought of watching my wife Marie having sex with someone other than myself. It was a fantasy that we had openly discussed over the past few years and one that would inevitably lead to an extremely intense sexual session. The thought of having another man go down on her while her husband watched turned my wife's pussy into a fast flowing stream of juice. Her firm Catholic upbringing however would never allow her to take the lead on this issue. She would instead hint that I be the one to take care of the logistics. What you are about to read is the true story of the unbelievable events that took place on the way to our first threesome. It's somewhat lengthy and detailed but it's the only way I could get you to feel the extreme emotions I felt on that weekend. It was the ultimate voyeur experience.

The master plan started coming together 3 months ago when my best friend Jimmy and his wife came to visit. We hadn't seem them in a little over a year and looked forward to catching up on old times. Jimmy and I were inseparable in high school and college. We often double dated back then and would occasionally end up banging our dates in the same crowded car. He was there the night I first set eyes on the hot woman I would eventually marry. I met my wife at a fundraiser for a local politician and immediately began dating her. Jimmy would often comment on her tight ass, firm 5'5" body and 36C cup size. Marie is today 32 and has long flowing brown hair past her shoulders with exquisite round breasts that always look so inviting. I would sometimes catch my best friend staring at her perky nipples and stocking clad legs. My wife is very much into mini skirts and loves to flaunt her legs by accentuating them in sexy stockings and high heels. I knew I could never leave Jimmy alone with her for any extended period of time. Friend or not, Marie was hot and any guy with a penis would be crazy not to at least attempt a move on her.

So there we were, two couples sitting in the living room recanting wild stories about our college years. Jimmy's wife Nicole was a dedicated lawyer and always wore the professional blue jacket and pants outfit, in and out of court. He has often complained about her working late while he pleasures himself to sleep. She claimed it was a necessary sacrifice that would someday make her partner and solve all their money woes. In the meantime Jimmy had to settle for his hand and whatever sexual fantasies his mind could conjure up. I invited my buddy down to the basement to show him my new stereo. While in the basement he noticed Marie's black laced panties hanging off the side of the dirty laundry bin. "Hummm" he stammered, bet she looks awesome in those.

"Yeah" I said, "she normally wears them with the black stockings she has on tonight". "I guess she knew you were coming to visit and decided to go without panties" I kidded. I could tell he was aroused and frustrated all at the same time.

"I haven't seen pussy in 3 weeks" he complained. "Between work and the kids, Nicole just doesn't have the time or energy for sex". "Unlike you who gets it every night. Man what I wouldn't give for a taste of your wife!" he blurted out. My mind began racing when I heard the comment. Blood started flowing down to my dick at the thought of Jimmy fucking my wife's insatiable pussy. I trusted Marie to not let a threesome get in the way of the loving marriage we developed over the past 9 years. I also knew that my buddy was completely in love with his wife even though he was somewhat frustrated at the moment. This was a perfect fit!

The hottest club in town was throwing their annual summer bash this Friday and I invited Jimmy to join us for drinks. He reminded me that Nicole worked late Friday nights and would be unable to attend. Little did he know this was precisely the reason I chose that night. "Great, I'll have Marie wear her tightest skirt and warn her that she will have two men taking her out on Friday. I guess you'll have more food for your imagination when you jerk off Friday night" I joked.

Marie and I went to bed a few minutes after they left. She was simply pooped but I had the biggest hard on I've ever experienced. I immediately put my hands in between her legs and cupped her bush when she came to bed. "You looked so hot tonight sweety" I remarked. She thanked me for the complement, smiled and then closed her tired eyes. "Jimmy thought you looked great too and claimed he would do anything to get a taste of this" I said as I jammed my hand into her cunt. Well, this woke her right up. "He actually said that!" she asked incredulously. "In those words!"

"Oh sure" I countered, "He's had a hard on for you since the night we met at the fundraising". I instantly felt her panties go damp in between her legs. She began to squirm and reach for my cock while her tongue probed my mouth. "Would I be able to watch?" I asked jokingly. She stared at me with more amazement and asked if I was serious. Without responding to her question I simply told her that Jimmy would be meeting us at the club next Friday and that I wanted her to wear her sexiest outfit. She immediately pulled off her panties and fucked me with reckless abandon. I was intrigued to see how hot she reacted to my buddy's compliments of her. In fact there was an intensity in her love-making that I had never seen before.

The rest of the week was tense to say the least. I could tell Marie was wondering if I was crazy enough to have another man have sex with her. She never asked me directly but kept hinting at what she should wear on Friday. At one point she shrewdly inquired if Nicole would be there with Jimmy. A subtle look of excitement came over her when I reminded her that it would only be the three of us. I did not offer any more details and she was to consumed by the possibilities to ask more questions. That night she truly rocked my world as she fucked me for at least 2 hours, swinging her head and hips back and forth. In the middle of it all I brought her down to me and whispered "do you think you can handle my cock inside you and Jimmy's tongue on your clit?". This drove her over the edge as she let out a lamenting moan and rocked her for an orgasm that shot through her entire body. I could tell she wanted this to happen, badly! We fell asleep when it was over and neither of us mentioned a word about what had happened.

To Be Continued...


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