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Road to a Threesome
Part II: Fantasy Becomes Reality
by Knight Mooves

Friday was by far the longest day I ever had. It seemed to go on forever. Marie who normally calls me at the office at least 3 times per day was no where to be found. She finally called at 4 PM and explained she was out shopping for some clothes and getting her hair done for the Bash at Maximes Club.

"That outfit better be sexy and revealing" I kidded. "Oh I will make you so proud honey" she replied. "You and your buddy will have the hottest date there". That last comment went straight to my dick and made the last couple of hours at the office seem even longer.

I rushed home to find Marie locked in the bathroom applying the final touches of make up to her face. I decided to shower downstairs and not rush her. My cock refused to go down that day and was now standing more erect than ever. I couldn't wait to see what she was wearing. I wrapped a towel around me and went upstairs to get dressed when I finally saw Marie walking out of the bedroom. I stopped dead in my tracks and almost had an orgasm right there. My lovely wife had a black, skintight mini skirt that barely covered her bush combined with a pair of black stockings with lace tops that she exposed every time she moved. Her feet adorned a new pair of black pumps that added a good 3 inches to her wanting frame. Marie also had on a shear, red lacey blouse that left little to the imagination. In fact I could clearly see her black bra underneath. My 32-year-old wife looked like she wanted to get fucked in the worst way. She then turned, pushed her cute ass at me and lifted her skirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Do you approve?" she asked with a smile on her face. I drove my tongue deep into her mouth to show my approval. She then broke the kiss and whispered "do you think Jimmy will approve"? I slid my hand underneath her skirt, felt her moist clit and asked "Are you hoping to turn on my buddy?» She smiled and said "honey were you serious about .............". I cut her off and told her I needed to get dressed. This was no time to start talking about whom, what and where. The best thing was to let nature take its course.

The drive over to Maximes was fairly silent. I could sense Marie's need to discuss the possibility of a threesome. There certainly were questions going through my mind like how far should she would go, who would bring up the subject and what if Jimmy was not up for the challenge. The latter was the least of my concerns, as Jimmy would cream his pants if he knew what I had in mind. I gently caressed her thighs and slipped my hands underneath her skirt as I drove. The sensation helped her relax and took her mind off of things. We got to Maximes Night Club, left the Porsche with the valet and found our way through the heavy crowd. I put my hands up Marie's skirt and squeezed her cheeks as we cleared a path through the mass of people in the bar area. We found Jimmy sitting at a table sipping a Bloody Mary and eyeing the pretty women on the dance floor.

"Do you see anything you like out there?" I said as we approached the table. Jimmy stared at my wife's breasts and replied "I do now". He moved over gaving Marie a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "You look incredibly hot Marie, just smoking" he said with disbelief. I could tell she was flattered and relieved that he approved of her look. We sat down, ordered a drink and took in some of the sights and sounds of the new club. I continued to caress her shoulders and feel the thin lace blouse as we all tried to speak over the blaring music. "Can't keep your hands off of her huh" kidded Jimmy. "What's the matter, you can't handle watching me touch my sexy wife" I responded. Marie had positioned herself in a seat directly in front of Jimmy. He had a clear view of her legs as she crossed and shifted them from one position to another. He just couldn't keep his eyes off of her. I could swear she tried to give him a glimpse of her pussy. When my buddy couldn't take it any longer he asked Marie to join him on the dance floor. She invited me but I preferred to sit this one out and just watch. The two moved to a fast paced beat that had them both in a trance. Marie would casually move up close to Jimmy and rub the front of her body against his hips. At one point he placed his hands on her ass and pulled her up against his groin.

They continued in this position for a few seconds with neither making a move to break it off. There was obviously some heat emanating from her pussy and Jimmy wanted to feel it up against his hardening cock. The song ended and a slow love song came on as they walked back to the table. "What happened, how come your back,» I asked. "Well" Marie said innocently, "the music changed and I thought .....". Jimmy grabbed her hand, "What the hell" he exclaimed as he walked her back to the dance floor. He pulled her up close and placed his hands around her waist. She politely put her hands on his shoulders and together they swayed to the slow music with their bodies grinding against each other. It wasn't long before Jimmy dropped his hands from her waist to her ass and began to mildly squeeze her firm buns. She cautiously looked over my way to see if this was OK. My smile was all the encouragement she needed and proceeded to wrap her arms around his neck. They were now locked in a very intense hold and seemed oblivious to everything else around them. I could see them chatting as he continued to grind his dick into her. I walked over to the bar to get some much-needed air and fetch us some drinks. On my way back to the table I decided to sit in the chair and leave the loveseat open for them. They soon showed up, his arm still around her waist. Marie noticed the change in seating arrangement and sent an approving smile at me as she sat. Her face was flushed and I could sense her heart was pounding uncontrollably from the activity on the dance floor. We chatted and drank some more as I now had the privilege of observing my wife's black stocking's outlining her legs. I asked Marie where she purchased her stockings and mentioned that I really liked the soft feel. I then looked for Jimmy's opinion on the subject and encouraged him to feel the material. He nervously placed his hand just above her knee and prudently rubbed her leg. Marie closed her eyes for a few seconds and slowly shifted her leg in Jimmy's direction. "Nice" he replied as he continued to stroke it.

"I really like the black lace at the top of the stockings honey, in fact I don't think I've ever seen you in something like that before" I said. "What do you think Jimmy". He moved his fingers to the hem of Marie's skirt and pulled it up a little to reveal the fancy lace holding up the garment. Marie was by now fidgeting with her drink. The excitement of having another man's hands so close to her pussy was really getting to her. Jimmy was simply tongued tied and just sat there scrutinizing her attire. The bulge in his pants was growing and he had to shift in his seat to readjust his dick. I excused myself and explained that I saw someone I knew. "I'll be back in 20 minutes" and left to find a hidden corner of the bar where I could watch them but they couldn't see me. Jim's hands never left her legs and were by now caressing her upper thigh. Marie didn't do anything to discourage him and tried to control her excitement by looking away and sipping her drink. He moved in closer and I suddenly lost sight of his hand. Could it be I thought, is his hand underneath her skirt. My cock tried to tear a whole through my pants as this whole seen unfolded before my very eyes. I could see Marie now turn her head towards my buddy's face and whisper something in his ear. Jimmy took the drink out of her hands and placed it on the table. He then reached for her hand and placed it on his groin while he pushed his other hand deeper into her thighs. Marie opened her legs slightly to allow him some more room. I thought he was now whispering something back but soon realized that his mouth was over her ear way too long for a simple whisper. He obviously had his tongue deep into Marie's ear while his hand continued to caress the skin over her stockings. Marie dropped her head back and within seconds began to shudder with what seemed to be a fairly intense orgasm.

Perfect, I thought to myself as my heart raced uncontrollably. I had just witnessed my best friend give my wife an orgasm. I casually walked back to the table and asked Marie to dance. She seemed a little wobbly as she stood to walk with me. It was a slow song, which allowed me a chance to now grind my cock into her.

"Are you having a good time? I asked. She turned and put her tongue deep into my mouth while pressing her pussy against me. I slid my hand underneath her skirt and found her entire thigh dripping wet! My fingers moved to what was a very hot and wet clit. "I'm so horny I could make love to you right here on the dance floor" she said. I don't ever remember feeling her this soaked in a public place before. He obviously made her cum long and hard. Maybe it was time to get back to the house and invite my friend to come along for a nightcap. Marie needless to say found the idea very appealing. She looked into my eyes and mentioned "Can you feel how wet I am? In this state I'm libel to do anything". I tried to encourage her and said "Do whatever you little heart desires honey, I love you and love watching you just as much". Again she melted in my arms and we embraced for the duration of the song.

Jimmy had mentioned that his wife would have the car this evening and planned to let us drive him home. He accepted the invitation to join us for a drink, eagerly and looked forward to having a few extra hours of watching Marie in her hot outfit. She took us both by the arm and led the way to our car.

I needed to make my next move now. "Honey I've been hearing some squeaking sound coming from the back seat of the car" I said. I hope it's not the glass on the hatchback coming loose again. Can you sit back there for a few blocks and see if it bounces while I drive" I asked. She smiled as we continued walking to car and replied "Sure, that's if Jimmy doesn't mind me cramming in there with him. The back seat of a Porsche can be tight you know". Jimmy cautiously agreed that he had no problem with Marie sitting on his laps for a few blocks. Damn, I thought to myself. This was working out perfectly.

I held the door open as Jimmy took his place in the back seat and then watched my wife's skirt ride up to her waist as she squirmed into the tight squeeze. She moved frantically to pull her skirt back down as she positioned herself on top of his laps. Just as I was about to close the door behind them I mentioned that I had neglected to say goodbye to the owner of the club who would never forgive me if I left that way. "I'll be right back". With that I pretended to head in the direction of the club but abruptly turned into a row of parked cars and headed back towards my own. I crawled slowly and finally knelt down behind the bumper of my Porsche. I could hear the low mumbles coming from inside the car. Suddenly the talking stopped and I saw my wife drop her head towards Jimmy and put her tongue in his mouth. Once again I could feel my cock wanting to explode out of my pants.

I steadied my breath and tried to remain calm as I watched them necking and stirring like two animals in heat. "Suck my nipples Jimmy, please" I could hear Marie squeal. I could see the shadow of Jimmy's head drop to her chest and Marie hold it there with her hands as the heavy breathing continued to fog up the windows. Five minutes later I scrambled back and entered my car making sure to make as much noise as possible when I reached to unlock the door. "All comfy back there" I said as I started the ignition. My wife who was breathing heavily managed to say that they were both fine. While the kissing had stopped, I could still see his hand caressing her legs from underneath. A quick adjustment to the rear view mirror gave me all the view I needed to watch Jimmy stroke her legs.

Marie was very silent throughout the drive as Jim and I chatted about my Porsche. He mentioned that the sound coming from the back was certainly not from a loose glass. My eyes carefully moved to the rear view mirror as we spoke. At one point he was brazen enough to slide his hand up her thigh from the front, feverishly looking for her clit. I never once turned my head back as this could certainly make them nervous and bring the action to an abrupt end. I nonchalantly inquired if she was now prepared to move back to the front. I looked up to the mirror when she failed to answer and found her eyes closed and mouth open as her head swayed to the rhythm of the road. Jimmy's hand was rubbing her underneath her skirt when suddenly Marie's body started to shiver somewhat. I saw her bury her nails into his arm and bite her upper lip as Jimmy made an effort to reply for her. My very hot, very wet wife was having her second orgasm of the evening at the hands of another man. "Did you say something honey" she mumbled as she removed Jimmy's hand from her pussy. I could see his glistening fingers from my mirror moving back onto his lap. The image of my best friends fingers soaked with Marie's love juices was again making my heart pound and my dick grow uncontrollably. I needed to get us home in the worst way.

I pulled into the driveway and stepped over to the passenger side and helped Marie out of the car. She tried to keep her skirt from riding high as she came out but it was too late. Even in the dim evening light I could see her drenched thighs. Her stockings were the only things keeping the moisture from running down her leg. She had that wanting look in her eyes that she normally got just before she begged me to fuck her. Jim was now stepping out of the cramped back seat and I immediately apologized for putting him through that. He smiled and mentioned that Marie was not very heavy. We headed straight for the living room when we entered the house except for my wife who visited the bathroom. I expect she had some cleaning up to do. This evening was far from over. In fact it was time for me to watch my wife have sex with my friend.

To Be Continued...


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