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Road to a Threesome
Part III: Fantasy Finally Comes True - Or Does It?
by Knight Mooves

Jimmy and I cracked open some cold beer and sat back on the couch side by side. He once again brought up the fact that Marie looked incredibly hot. I noticed you had trouble keeping your eyes as well as your hands off of her" I mentioned. He sheepishly admitted that he did get carried away on the dance floor and asked if I was angry.

"Marie is a beautiful, sexy woman Jim and we are completely devoted to each other. It's a compliment when she turns on a friend like you. Actually, it was down right erotic to watch you two dancing, I just wish you would have done more". Jimmy was taken back by the comment and tried to keep his excitement in check. I could sense he wanted to tell me what was going on but just hadn't built up enough courage to blurt it out. I went upstairs to see what was keeping Marie and found her putting on some lipstick.

"I'll be right down honey, I just needed to freshen up a little" she explained.

I took her in my arms, pulled her to me and looked deep into her eyes. "Is everything thing alright, you looked a little nervous all night. Did dancing with Jimmy make you a little uncomfortable. After all he did have his hands all over you. It looked like he was going to feel you up right there on the dance floor".

"Everything is fine honey" she answered. "I enjoyed that dance with your buddy. He's been a gentleman all night, although there were times when I felt he wanted to ........., well lets say he got a little adventurous".

"Nothing you couldn't handle I assume" was my careful reply.

She uttered, "You know me better than that, I actually enjoyed the attention."

I was trying to see how long she was going to keep the fact that Jimmy had his fingers up her pussy. She innocently looked into the mirror and brushed her long, flowing hair trying not to look into my eyes. I moved behind her, slipped my hands up her thigh and rubbed her clit. She closed her eyes and let out a gentle moan. Her cunt was still dripping but her thighs were now clean and dry.

"I couldn't help but notice how wet you've been all evening. In fact your legs looked liked you had peed all over yourself when you stepped out of the car earlier. Care to elaborate?". She slowly shifted her body towards me, put her arms around my neck and smiled. "As I said, your friend got a little adventurous with me and it made me hot. I was sitting on his laps in the car and could feel his dick get hard under me. Then he began caressing my thighs with his fingertips. I considered stopping him but .............., how much of this do you want to hear? Are you upset?"

"I love you so much. I want you to do whatever comes naturally. Let's have a good time and not hold back". Then I gave her a long passionate kiss.

"You better go downstairs, Jimmy will start thinking we've forgotten about him. I need to make a phone call anyway, just give me about 20 minutes." She wiggled her tight ass away from me and headed for the living room. My voyeurism was getting the best of me and simply needed to see how far she would go in my absence. I used the back staircase to race downstairs and positioned myself behind the door leading to the garage. I was grateful that my business investments had allowed me the luxury of a large home now. I knew it would come in handy some day. I opened the door just a touch, enough to give me a clear view of Marie sitting on the on the couch with Jimmy directly in front of her on the love seat. Not only could I see but the conversation was coming across loud and clear too.

Jimmy was saying "You look so Goddamn hot Marie, those black stockings and pumps will be on my mind for the next month".

"Oh you like the look huh" responded Marie as she lifted her leg out like a dancer with her toes pointed directly at Jimmy. I could see him stare at the leg and then drop his eyes down to the exposed pussy. Realizing she was revealing herself, Marie quickly moved her legs back to a crossed position with the lace at the top of the stocking fully exposed. In a somewhat hushed tone, my buddy asked "Did you like having my fingers on your clit?". Marie moaned, "Your fingers were awesome, I've never come so hard".

"Why don't we treat that hot clit of yours with more finger work" he asked.

"You can't do that now, not with my husband upstairs" she responded in a disappointing tone.

"It doesn't have to be my fingers doll. Why don't you show off some of your talents. C'mon, play with your pussy. I promise not to tell". Jimmy was pushing hard now and refused to let her off the hook. I could see Marie contemplating the idea. She lifted herself up off the chair and pulled the skirt up a little, unveiling the skin above her stockings and part of her bush. She looked up the stairs to see if I was coming down and then brought her right hand to her clit. Her head fell back on the couch and her fingers started moving in a circular motion. Jimmy's gaze was fixed on her pussy. He demanded that she spread her legs wider so he can get a full view. Marie did and was now completely exposed. My sexy wife looked like a hooker performing for her John as her fingers began moving faster and faster. Her breathing was increasing at the same speed as her hand was. I had to pull my dick out of my pants and for the first time tonight finally felt some relief. I played with myself as Marie put on quite the performance for my best friend. He encouraged her to put her fingers deep into her cunt.

"That's a good girl, show me how much you want a tongue on that clit" he said. A moan came out of her at those words and made her hand move a little faster. Jimmy continued "keep that up and I'll have to drop to my knees and ram my hot tongue deep into your cunt. Is that what you want" he asked almost angrily. "C'mon you cock teaser, tell me the truth, do you want your husbands buddy to eat you out while he's on the phone" he stressed.

"Ah pleaseeeee, yessssss, nowwwwwww" she exclaimed almost at the point of no return. Her skirt was now up past her waist and her legs yards apart. "Jimmy I need your tongue so bad, please, ah ...... ahhh .......... Please eat me!!" she begged. I could not believe my eyes, my ears ...... I couldn't believe anything anymore. It was like watching a porno starring my wife. Meanwhile here I was watching the whole scene unfold before my very eyes. My dick felt like it had changed from human tissue to solid matter. An explosion was definitely imminent. I needed to ease up and let my hands drop to my side. My heart was pumping probably as fast as the two people I was spying on, maybe faster. Suddenly Jimmy lunged at her cunt and buried his entire face in between her legs. My wife moaned louder, lifted her hips and moved herself lower on the chair. She dropped her legs on top of his shoulders and placed both her hands on the back of his head. She was not going to let him come up for air. Marie was franticly grinding her pussy against his tongue and moaning uncontrollably. She would sneak a peak up the stairs every so often to see if I was coming down.

"Ahhhhhh .......... , I'm gonna cum Jimmy, don't stop" she groaned.

Much to her surprise, he did just that, STOP! He raised himself and stood in front of her. "How badly do you want to cum" he inquired in a low husky tone.

"You know how badly you bastard, now finish what you started, pleaseeeee" she begged as her fingers worked the same furious pace his tongue had. Jimmy brought his hands to his crouch and began unzipping his pants. Much to my amazement, he pulled his dick out and placed at the tip of my wife's mouth.

"Suck it now and I'll finish you off" he demanded. Marie pleaded that I might come down at any second and wasn't sure how I would react. Jimmy could care less, he was too far-gone. I saw the look of frustration on her face and realized she was thinking about stopping. I immediately headed upstairs from the back staircase. I ran across the hallway, stopped at the top of the stairs and still breathing hard screamed down "I'll be ten more minutes honey, I don't want to lose this overseas line".

"That's fine, were just having a few drinks" she managed to get out.

This I felt would provide her with enough courage to put Jim's cock in her mouth. I hurried back to my position behind the door and sure enough, Marie had taken Jim whole. She was blowing my buddy with reckless abandon while her finger continued to massage her pink clit. He had his eyes closed and was letting out a controlled groan. Jimmy looked like he had died and gone to heaven. Marie kept sliding her mouth back and forth on his dick while her right hand held his balls tightly. Her left hand still hadn't moved from her pussy that was by now on fire. I was overtaken with a mix of guilt and sheer excitement. My body was stiff with shock and my mind simply went numb. The emotion was one I will carry with me for the rest of my days. Then I did something nasty. To this day I still don't know why or what possessed me to react so maliciously. I ran back around the house, to the top of the stairs and began coughing wanting them to know that I was coming down.

"Sorry it took so long honey, I'll be down in a few seconds" I hollered. I counted up to ten and began my decent into the living room. Jim was sitting on the couch, his shaking hand holding his drink and breathing quickly. His fast pumping heart seemed like it was about to burst through his shirt. Marie was quickly walking towards the kitchen and shouted that she was going to get some snacks. She said this on the run without looking back. She obviously could not recompose herself in the few seconds I had given them. For some reason I wanted to prolong the drama and not allow them the orgasm they so desperately needed. I was becoming addicted to the power I held over this whole situation.

I made small talk with Jimmy but his mind was not in the conversation at all. He kept looking out towards the kitchen and providing one-word answers to my hollow questions. Marie re-entered the living room holding a tray of peanuts and chips. She had beads of sweat on her forehead and her pretty new skirt was ruffled, almost like someone had sat on it. I gave her a peck on the lips as she sat next to me and could feel her steady panting. She looked everywhere except into my eyes.

I put my arm around her shoulders and hoped that she was not feeling any guilt over something that was providing me with the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced. I slid my hand down to her leg and up to her thigh where I once again found the top of her stocking dripping wet. "Did you spill something on yourself honey? Your all wet" I inquired. She finally turned to me, looked at Jimmy and then excused herself. "I'm feeling very lightheaded, may be it was the booze. Good night Jimmy". She kissed me and ran upstairs. I was speechless, what could have happened. Jimmy then got up claiming it was late and borrowed my car to go home. Just like that my fantasy evening came to an end. I rushed upstairs to see if Marie was alright and found her weeping on the bed. I ran my hand across he back and tried to comfort her.

"What's the matter honey, are you OK?".

"I don't think your going to be very happy with me dear. I want to tell you everything but before I do I want you to know I'll do anything to make it up to you". Marie continued "I got carried away tonight and I don't want something so stupid getting in the way of the love we have for each other".

Anything, I thought to myself? This had possibilities. I went along with the moment. "What do you mean, got carried away. I did ask you to do anything that came natural tonight, we were supposed to have fun remember? So you danced a little close with Jimmy, that's no big deal" I added. "I know you would never get carried away more than that and if you did you would tell me, right?".

"Well I did get carried away" she responded "And it was more than the dancing. I had sex with your friend! In fact he even made me cum a couple of times". I pretended to be surprised. How was that possible I asked, when, how. I should have been nominated for an Oscar for this performance.

She went on to explain what had happened in the Club when I left to go see my "acquaintance". He had slipped his hand on her clit and his tongue in her ear, all of which led to her first orgasm. Then she described the entire scene in the car in great detail. Damn, I was reliving the moment and getting hard all over again. Jimmy apparently had his fingers buried deep into her pussy throughout the drive home. This she claimed led to her second orgasm. I got off the bed and took a seat on the chair in our bedroom looking somewhat stunned. "Is there more" I asked trying to keep a straight face.

"Oh yeah, there sure is. Please don't be angry" she pleaded.

"Honey, I'm just a little surprised that you would do this when I wasn't there. You could have waited or at least let me in on what was going on. I just don't want to look like a fool in front of my friend" I replied.

"Jimmy would never do anything to hurt you and you know that. He just got as carried away as I did. Besides, you know he's had the hots for me since the day we first met" she argued. "Anyway, I really feel bad about what happened while you were on the phone". She sobbed a little as she spoke. "We were sitting downstairs and I began to play with myself in front of him. One thing led to another and I wound up ............ suc ........ sucking his dick" and began crying out loud this time. I did not move to comfort her. I could only say in a dominant tone "You gave him a Blow Job!".

"No" she exclaimed, "I only sucked him for a few minutes. We were both out of our minds. Please forgive me sweetie, I ....... I.......". Her eyes were begging me to hold her and tell her that all was forgiven. I moved back to the bed, put my arms around her shoulders and held her tight. "It's partly my fault". I never should have put you in that position. I can't blame Jimmy all that much either. You are an incredibly beautiful woman. It's just that my faith in you is somewhat shaken." My mind was racing again as she began to beg for forgiveness. "How can you ever make this up to me?" I questioned.

Marie again reiterated "Anything you want baby. I love you too much to have you lose faith in me. How can I show my dedication to you and make up for this lapse in judgement".

I told her we would discuss it in the morning as I needed time to plan her punishment for Saturday night. Oh what a weekend this was turning out to be! She ripped my clothes off and fucked me good before we fell asleep. Poor girl needed to get off, she had her pussy eaten and was about cum when I interrupted her fun. I pleasured her pussy and could still taste Jimmy all over her cunt. I couldn't explain the sensations I was experiencing. Here I was eating her, wild over the fact that I could taste my buddy's saliva all over her. She still hadn't removed her stockings, which gave me a chance to see just how wet they were at the top. It was like she had soaked them in a sink of water. I really put her through the ringer tonight I thought to myself. This was nothing compared for what I had in mind as punishment for her being naughty.

To Be Continued...


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