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Road to a Threesome
Part IV: The Punishment
by Knight Mooves

First thing I did Saturday when I got up was to phone Jimmy and let him know that all was fine. He apologized profusely and claimed to be feeling very guilty about what had happened. I laughed and told him to cut the bullshit. He probably had wet dreams thinking about Marie's lips wrapped around his dick. He started to laugh and sheepishly admitted that it was a mind-blowing feeling. His only disappointment was that he never finished what he started and missed out on his opportunity.

"I wanted to speak to you about that Jim," I said. "Are you free tonight around 11PM?" A dead silence came over the phone as he slowly acknowledged that he had tickets to the ball game Saturday night. He would however be free by that time and then inquired what I had in mind. "If you're nice I may give you the chance to taste a little more of Marie's juices" I added nervously. He couldn't believe what I was proposing and eagerly begged me to tell him more. "Let's just say you still need to return my car and I expect you to bring it back here tonight after the game, around 11" I concluded. Needless to say Jimmy was happy to oblige.

Marie was in the kitchen preparing a late breakfast wearing her flimsy sleeping tea shirt. I sneaked up behind her and cupped her tits as my dick rubbed up against her virgin ass. We hadn't been shopping in a while and asked if she cared to visit the mall after we ate. She agreed and seemed pleased that I was in such a good mood. I turned her around so she could face me and explained that today was payback for her behavior the previous night. She smiled and asked what I had in mind. I only explained that after her shower, she was to put on the denim mini skirt that hugged her ass so tightly along with skin coloured stockings and red pumps. Her favorite white chiffon blouse was to be added to the attire with no bra and absolutely no panties.

"No bra and panties!" she exclaimed. "In a mall in the middle of the day, what exactly do you have in mind".

"Ah ah" I said. "The guilty have no say over their punishment. Just do as your told, that's if you were serious about regaining my faith". She melted in my arms and reminded me that she would do anything. My cock went hard at the sound of those words. My loving wife was unknowingly about to become my slave for the day.

She showered, dressed and came down to apply her lipstick. The somewhat raunchy red stiletto's looked awesome with her skin coloured stockings. Her blouse left little to the imagination as her nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy material. Marie's areolas were clinging against the shirt for anyone to see. Once again my wife had a "come fuck me" look about her. I slid my hands up her skirt to check for panties as she walked by and was happy to see that she had followed instructions. All I felt was the soft warm skin of her behind. We got into the car and headed for the Mall for some "shopping".

On the way over I stopped for gas and asked that she do the honors. Marie stepped out of the car and into the warm Saturday afternoon sunshine. My wife's pussy was in full view for everyone to see anytime she moved in and out of the car. She leaned against our van and held the gas pump nozzle tightly as she filled up. I could see a couple of guys doing double takes and straining their necks to get a glimpse of her legs. One particular stud had his eyes riveted to her ass. I turned to Marie and handed her a pack of cigarettes.

"What's this for" she asked.

"Part of your punishment" I replied. "When you're done with the gas, go over to that guy next to the black Mustang and ask him for a light. Oh and, kiss him on the cheek when your done". She gave me a devilish grin and did just as I asked.

I could tell he was beginning to fidget as she walked towards him and initiated a conversation. I looked at them from the corner of my eye as the attendant handed me the bill. She giggled as she moved the lit cigarette from one hand to another. The well-built guy must have been in his mid twenties and carefully looked over every inch of her as they spoke. Marie planted a kiss on his cheek and said "maybe later tonight if were there" and walked back towards us. She made sure to expose her all her legs to him and more as she took her place in the passenger seat. Marie looked at the stud as we drove off and gave him a teasing goodbye wave.

"You had him going didn't you" I said as my hand began caressing her thighs. You could always tell how turned on she was by the size of her nipples and they were certainly pointing through her blouse now. I reached in and sucked one nipple through her shirt just before I drove off. This left a huge wet spot right over her left breast, which added to her trashy look.

"God did he ever want to fuck me" she chuckled. "Rob wanted me to meet him for drinks tonight at The Glass House. I told him I was married and laughed, stating that married women were his favorite. Poor guy, I could see his hard on too".

"Well honey" I responded, "Who knows where we will be tonight. The Glass House is a hot club, maybe we will visit tonight" and winked at her as I said that. I felt her pussy and it was certainly damp. Marie obviously enjoyed playing games. Now I wanted to see how far she would go. Even cock teasers have to perform every now and then.

I turned into the Mall parking lot, shut the engine off and began kissing my wife all over. She put her back up against the passenger door facing me and begged to have her pussy eaten. I dove right in and sucked her pink clit deep into my mouth. My tongue slithered into her cunt and was driving as deep as it possibly can. I pulled out just as she began to moan and breathe heavily.

"No" she screamed. "Not again. Please baby don't do this to me again. I have to cum" she pleaded referring back to last night when she had to push Jimmy away.

"Oh you'll cum sweetheart, not yet and not with my tongue" I commanded. Her engines were running now, I could tell from the way she squeezed her thighs together when we entered the Mall. The cool breeze from the air conditioning went straight to her moist pussy. We walked through the Mall with my hand up her ass and occasionally stopped to look at the latest fashion. At one point I slid my middle finger up her butt whole as we stood in front of a shoe store. Her eyes were closed and she let out a gentle moan. I noticed a young salesman in the store standing around waiting for his next customer. I told Marie to head straight for the good-looking 20-year-old and tell him you're looking for some new pumps. Get him down on his knees and have him help you try on some shoes. Once again a devilish grin came over her.

"If this is punishment I want more" she whispered as she headed into the store.

I sat on a bench facing the store and had a perfect view of Marie flirting with the salesman. They engaged in a friendly chat and she seemed to point to a few open toed, high heel shoes. He looked at his buddies who were standing near the cash register as he headed for the storeroom. The guys had saliva dripping down the sides of their mouth and were motionless as they watched Marie sit and wait for her servant to attend to her feet. He came back with 5 boxes in his arms and knelt in front of Marie. He began to speak then suddenly stopped as he looked at Marie. She had opened her legs just enough to show him her dripping pussy. His hands shook terribly as he tried to fit the first shoe on to her foot. I got so hard watching her place her stockinged foot into his open hand. I swear he held it for 5 seconds and just stared helplessly. His buddies eyed his reaction and all began to giggle at his plight. I'm sure they would have traded places with him at the drop of a dime. Marie got up to model the shoes and walked from one end of the store and back. Some of the husbands shopping with their wives stopped to stare and grab their crouch as they watched. One woman reprimanded her man for being so obvious and then gave Marie a dirty stare. My wife was loving this. On the way back she pretended to stumble and placed her hands on the salesman's shoulders for leverage. She landed her boobs right on to his unsuspecting chest. He had to put his arm around her waist to hold her up. What a performance! She sat down again to have him remove the shoes and slip on another pair. I pulled my cell phone out of my jacket and called my wife on hers. Marie was surprised to hear the ringing sound coming from her purse.

"Having fun sweetheart" I said as she turned her head to the hallway to see where I was. "Don't talk, just listen. I want you to take one of your feet and place it on his lap while he kneels down in front of you". She did and the poor salesman was stunned. He was trying hard to replace the shoes she just tried back into the box and place a new pair on her feet. I could see the fabric of her stocking rubbing against his thigh ever so slowly.

"Good Girl" I continued. Now I want you to lean in and whisper in his ear that you want to meet him at the coffee shop at the end of the Mall in 5 minutes. She threw me a frown and said asked if I was sure about this. "Don't ask, just do as your told. Remember you're the one who sucked Jimmy's cock when I wasn't looking". She put the phone back in her purse, leaned forward and gave the salesman the message. Marie quickly exited the store and headed towards the food court where I met up with her.

"What do you want me to do now love. Teasing is one thing, meeting with him is another" she said in a puzzled tone. I pulled her into a quite corner of the mall and put my hand up her wet cunt. I told her to take him by the hand and lead him to the van. Once there she was to undo his pants and suck his cock until he came in her mouth. She stopped walking and looked at me in amazement.

"Honey don't get me wrong, I'd love to give this handsome boy a licking he'll never forget. I just want to make sure you are comfortable with this. Besides, I thought you wanted to watch anything I did". I explained that I would in fact be close by and how this was turning me on to no end. She was truly proving her love for me.

"There is one thing you need to remember. I will call you on the cellular when it's time to meet me back here. When that phone rings, I expect you to be back here within minutes or the whole thing is off. Can you do that?" I asked. She squeezed my cock and replied "Anything, remember?" and walked away to carry out her task. "Oh and one more thing, he is not allowed to touch your pussy" I commanded. She smiled and pretended not to listen. I ran outside and headed for the van where I positioned myself behind the third row of seats. I figured this extra room would come in handy some day. I laid down and began contemplating what I was doing. Why was I finding this so erotic. I was lying down in the back seat of the van looking forward to listening my wife blow some twenty-year-old.

Suddenly the side doors flew open and Marie entered with the stud that would soon fill my wife's mouth with hot cum. They sat in the second row of seats and immediately began necking. "I only have 15 minutes" he mumbled with his tongue in Marie's mouth. "Sweetheart" Marie said as she undid the zipper of his pants. "When was the last time you had a 32 year old woman give you head". "Never" he exclaimed now breathing very heavily. Suddenly the van went silent and all I heard was the squishing sound of her saliva working his cock in and out of her mouth. "Oh Billy, you have one awesome cock for an 18 year old" she said in between licks. Eighteen I thought to myself. Oh my God. He's just a boy. I pulled my dick out of my pants and began masturbating as Marie gave this kid the thrill of a lifetime.

"Oh fuck, of Jesus, oh shit this is good" he began moaning.

I could see from underneath the seats that Marie had removed her shoes. Her dangling feet seemed to be moving to the rhythm of her sucking. She had assumed a kneeling position in front of the boy who was lying back on the seat. Marie's moans reverberated through the van. "Billy, I could feel your cock pulsating. You're about cum aren't you. Would you like me to finish?" she teased.

"Oh please Mrs. Watson, yessssss, please don't stop" he begged.

"On one condition, you eat me after I blow you" she demanded.

"Anything, please put your tongue back on my cock". The little bitch was thinking of having her pussy eaten after I specifically asked that she not be touched. Man she made me hot! Billy's grunts became louder and louder as the van started to rock. Someone was bound to notice the moving van. Just then I heard him scream "I .... I ..... I'm cumminggggg ........... ahhh ............. Don't stop".

This kid must have come for at least a minute. I couldn't see but I could hear Marie swallowing the whole time. "My Billy, not bad for an 18 year old" she said smacking her lips. "My husband never cums like that. Do all guys your age cum that hard baby" she asked as she placed her back up against the side door. I couldn't stop playing with myself, to hear her satisfaction was overwhelming. There was business to attend to however. First that comment about me not cumming like her toy boy and then her wanting to be eaten. I picked up the cell phone and was about to hit the speed dial with her number on it. Then I held back. Let him eat her out and I'll call just as she is about to cum. I'll show her who's boss.

"Come on Billy, take care of Mrs. Watson. Show me what you know about pleasing a woman" she said in an erratic breath. She was playing with herself as she spoke. Her feet were no longer visible from below. I knew she was the one laying back now with her skirt up to her waist.

"I'll do my best, it's not like I've done this all that often" responded Billy to her appeal.

"Not to worry, I'll lead you through it" she ordered. "Start by placing your finger up my soaked cunt sweetie. That's it, oooooh that's it, deeper. Now bend over and bury your tongue in my clit." So help me God I don't know what kept me from cumming right then and there. The bitch was looking to double her pleasure with a total stranger. This was too much. Just a few more seconds I thought. I wanted her right there before I called.

"Ohhhhh that's it, that's the spot Billy. Godamn you eat pussy like a man. Are you sure your only 18" she wailed. "Oh come on faster, make me proud of you".

I had to handed to Billy, he sounded like he was putting in an honest effort. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I hit the speed dial and within seconds the startling sound blasted from her purse. "Oh nooooooooooo " she whined "the bastard is going to drive me out of my mind." I let it ring 3 times and then hung up.

"What happened" asked Billy as Marie began to pull her skirt down and put her shoes back on. She explained that she needed to be somewhere and planted a hot passionate kiss on his lips. "I promise to visit you the next time I need shoes, or anything else" she purred.

They stepped out of the van and I followed the second they were out of sight. I ran back to our meeting place and asked Marie how it went. She kissed me hard and left a trace of Billy in my mouth. I complemented her on a job well done and asked if she let him touch her. Her story was that he had tried but she remained true to my wishes and asked him to stop. He he, it was nice to see my wife have uncontrollable urges. It felt like I was unleashing an animal this weekend. Where had she been hiding all this sexual energy. When we got back to the van Marie pinned me against it, grabbed by dick and demanded that I put it inside her pussy. I put my hand up her wet cunt and said "Hum, very moist pussy. Are you sure he didn't get his hands on this. It feels like there's more than your juice in here, in fact it feels like you have saliva dripping down your leg. Any idea where that came from?" I asked sarcastically. She started to laugh and claimed that I knew her too well. With that we drove off to a fashionable boutique that had the sexiest ladies garments in town. She would have to pay for not following my instructions.

To Be Continued...


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