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Road to a Threesome
Part IX: Foursome
by Knight Mooves

My best friend and I were deep in thought as we sat patiently in room 106 waiting for our wives to walk in with the two young studs they met at DB'S Bar. We didn't talk, we didn't move. Occasionally the sound of people opening and closing their doors echoed in the distance. Still our subconscious was lost in the imagery of what was about to take place before our very eyes. While the doubts had not been verbalised, I could tell Jimmy was thinking the same thing I was. What if things got out of hand and the two men got rough with the ladies? On the other hand, what if our wives enjoyed the experience so much that they wanted to make this a habit.

Suddenly we heard car doors slamming along with a mix of loud male and female voices. The laughter and clamour of the group kept getting closer and closer. The door handle to room 107 jiggled and in walked Todd, James, Nicole and my wife. Marie's red lace blouse was riding so high that her black bra underneath was slightly exposed.

"Did you see the look on that old man when Todd flashed my tits at him" roared Marie. "I thought he was going to have a heart attack!" Drunken laughter filled the room.

"It's amazing you still had your clothes on when you got out of the car" howled Nicole. "I thought for sure you two were going to end up having sex right there in the back seat," she said looking at Todd and my wife.

"Actually' it's the first time I shot my load into a woman's mouth while the car was still moving. You ladies are fucking hot," added Todd as he took Marie into his arms and rammed his tongue down her throat.

"Uhm" swooned Marie, pulling away and looking at James. "Come here handsome, I want you to taste the flavour your friend left in my mouth". She approached him and drove her tongue into his mouth. We could see traces of Marie's tongue moving from one side of James's cheeks to another. Almost like she was licking the inside of his mouth.

Nicole dropped to her knees in front of Todd and began unzipping his pants. "Well if you don't mind I am going to get a taste of what's left of that residue". She pulled what was an enormous cock out of his briefs and moaned "Oh baby. I can see why Marie felt she needed to do you in the car. This is one huge cock". With that she began sucking incessantly without a care in the world.

I looked at Jimmy next to me and realised all the blood in his body had shot to his red face. "Son of a Bitch! Son of a Bitch!!" he whispered loudly. "My wife is... she's going to..." I thought I was about to lose him. I don't think he was prepared to see Nicole swallow a total strangers cock with such passion. I grabbed him by the shoulders firmly and stared deep into his eyes. "It's just sex Jimmy, just sex" I barked. "You're the one she loves. Was it any different when you forced my wife to swallow your cock, in my own living room. Get a grip and be a man about this, it's just sex!"

"Yeah" he sighed still a little sceptical. "It's just sex" he repeated to himself. We refocused our attention on to the two-way mirror that overlooked the sex filled room. James had wrapped Marie's legs around his waste and was carrying her across the room. Their lips were still locked in a raging embrace, her arms around his neck and his hands squeezing her ass. He set her down on the dresser right next to the mirror we were looking through. She raised her blouse, popped her breasts out of the cups and begged him to take her nipples. James dove for her tits and began mauling her nipples. His hand was underneath her skirt grinding against her cunt. My wife leaned her head back and slammed it against the wall, rattling the mirror. It was unbridled lust as James prepared to fuck my wife and Todd hurled his cock against the back of Nicole's throat. I think it was a combination of the flirting, dancing and alcohol that got the best of everyone. I noticed my buddy, who was sitting next to me begin to rub his dick through his pants. "Don't let me get in the way of you wanting to pleasure yourself" I remarked.

"Not in front of you buddy," he said breathing hard. "I can't do it in this context, with you sitting there. Damn I'm tempted though. I've never seen my wife in this light. It's just so incredibly erotic to watch her getting it on with another man. I never expected the tidal wave of emotions I am feeling right now."

"You might change your mind about that later" I laughed. You may have no choice but to masturbate , just to release the pressure". Suddenly Todd lifted Nicole's tight, white dress up and over her head. My buddy's wife was standing in the middle of the room with nothing on but tan coloured stockings and black high heels. "You let your wife got out with no bra and panties?" I inquired.

A speechless Jimmy looked on and mumbled "I had no idea..." Todd then picked her up, carried her to the large (and only) bed in the room and carefully placed her on her back. Then he dropped his pants and briefs. The well-hung stud finally positioned himself in between her legs and placed his saliva soaked cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"What are you waiting for" begged Nicole. "Ram that delicious cock into me now and don't stop until I tell you to. We may be here all night lover". Todd thrust his first stroke into her with such force that the whole bed shook, knocking an overhead painting off the wall and on to the floor. Jimmy's wife closed her eyes, opened her mouth and let out a silent scream. She seemed overwhelmed by the size of the cock filling her insides.

"Yes, yes, yes" she screamed. "I'll have to fuck young studs more often".

Marie and James stopped what they were doing and stared at the action on the bed. They seemed just as amazed as we were with the lust coming out of the two on the bed. Marie began to undress and asked her man to do the same. She tore off her blouse, skirt, bra and led a naked James on to the bed. She then positioned herself next to Nicole but at the opposite end. Her face was right next to Todd's cock, which was pounding Nicole's pussy. The men were sort of facing each other while the women lay at opposite ends of the bed.

"I want all of us to come together" moaned Marie as James slipped his rock hard cock into her. On that note all we heard for the next 10 minutes were the sounds of the boys' thighs slapping against the our wives pussy's. Marie was begging James to kiss her as they fucked while Nicole tried feverishly to meet Todd's every thrust. She was going to be one bruised lady at the end of this evening.

I momentarily took my eyes off the two-way mirror to see how Jimmy was feeling and noticed that he had pulled his dick out of his pants and was stroking it very slowly. "Sorry" he said. "I hope I'm not embarrassing you but I just couldn't help myself. It's staggering to see how much Nicole is actually enjoying this, and your wife for that matter. I chuckled and focused my attention back to Marie who was taking a pounding from James.

"Awww, yes James. I can feel it throbbing inside me. Christ, you're going to cum aren't you!"

"So... am... I..." stammered Todd as he began to slow his pace down. Nicole closed her eyes shut and wrapped her arms firmly around her man's neck. Marie on the other hand pulled James down to her so she could kiss him while he came. She once told me how much she enjoyed feeling my tongue flutter in her mouth as my cock exploded inside her.

Suddenly Todd ordered his friend to pull out and cum in Nicole's mouth while he slid his cock on to my wife's tongue. This sudden exchange of partners was unexpected but welcomed by all it seemed. Their faces contorted as streams of cum spewed down the ladies throats.

"Aww, that's it... girls. Take it...all in. Don't...lose a drop" exploded James.

It was incredible watching these two guys cumming simultaneously. A bomb could have gone off in the room and neither would have noticed. Marie began fingering her clit while she sucked the remaining juices out of Todd. Her body began to shudder as an orgasm ripped through her cunt. Todd took Nicole's hand and placed it on her pussy. She began fingering herself with James still in her mouth. Jimmy was stunned to see her cum with such intensity.

Nicole was the first to stumble out of bed and said "That's the second time you shot your load into my mouth Todd. Don't get me wrong, you taste great but my husband is sure to sense the aftertaste" she giggled.

"Hey Marie" replied James. "You haven't tasted my juices yet and I know just how you can get a mouthful of me". He pulled Nicole out from under Todd's waist and led her next to my wife. Placing his arms around their waists, James proceeded to line them up facing each other, nipples to nipples. "Now put your tongues in each other's mouths and share our juices."

The girls looked at each other, wanting the other to make the first move. Jimmy and I held our breaths. "Oh what the hell" said Marie as she locked lips with Nicole. At first they seemed somewhat tentative, keeping their hands to themselves. Then Nicole started running her hands through Marie's hair and swaying her head from side to side as they kissed. My wife returned the affection by caressing her ass softly. The boys seemed in awe as the ladies exchanged sperm residue from one mouth to another. Meanwhile the husbands in room 106 were simply riveted to the two-way mirror. We were not expecting this added bonus.

The kiss went on for at least 5 minutes when Todd finally pulled Marie away from Nicole. He sat on the couch and moved my wife on to his laps while Nicole joined James on the bed. They all lay there motionless with the girls resting their heads on the boy's respective chests. The cuddling went on for about 10 minutes and everyone exchanged romantic, soft kisses.

I turned my head just in time to hear Jimmy whisper "shit". His hand was full of thick white sperm that was beginning to leak on to his pants. I laughed as he ran to the bathroom to clean up the mess.

"How about a little anal ladies" asked a very relaxed Todd as he stroked Marie's hair.

"Uhm that sounds like fun" replied Marie as James nodded his head in agreement.

"Uh, uh. I'm not into pain. I'll just sit and watch" announced Nicole.

"You better get over hear Jim. This is getting interesting again" I murmured.

Marie asked Nicole how it was possible that she had never had anal sex. "You don't know what you're missing. I take my husband up the ass at least once a month and we both love it" She wasn't kidding, I thought to myself. "Not me" responded Nicole. "That sort of thing doesn't go on in my bedroom" she sighed.

"Well there is no time like the present," added Todd as he lifted himself up off the couch. He went straight for Nicole, turned her over on her stomach and began spreading her legs. Jimmy's wife started to protest and fought to shake Todd's grip. James then went for her arms and surprisingly, Marie moved to Nicole's feet.

"Sorry to have to gang up on you this way Hun, but you'll thank me later" laughed Marie.

"No please. I don't want you to rip my ass to shreds" she pleaded. Once again Jimmy was stunned with the turn of events. He truly did not know how to react in this situation.

Todd explained that he had no intention of inflicting any pain on her. In fact he added, he wanted to see her cum like she never came before. "How about a little lube job" he asked Marie, pointing to his semi-hard cock. My wife quickly dove for hid rod and sucked until he was completely erect. She was careful to leave plenty of saliva on his dick for lubrication.

Then it happened. Todd spread her cheeks and lined his dick up to her hole. "No, no, no" wailed a helpless Nicole. Todd moved forward a half inch. "Aww, that hurts" cried Nicole.

"Jesus Christ. What are they doing to her" mumbled Jimmy.

"Relax buddy, she'll be alright. Within seconds you are going to see you wife go from a little pain to extreme pleasure. Trust me" I reassured him. We watched Todd move his cock another inch into her. She continued to struggle as James and Marie held her limbs down.

"Come on Todd" growled Marie. "You're prolonging the pain by going too slow. Slide it all in!"

With that he pushed three quarters of his 8-inch tool into Nicole's virgin ass and then froze to allow her time to adjust to the sensation. Nicole had tears streaming down her face but was also beginning to let out very subdued moans.

"Ohhhhhh" she winced. "Ohhhhhh...awww". Her eyes were closed and mouth wide open. We couldn't tell what she was feeling.

"I'm gonna pull out" announced Todd. "I don't think she's enjoying this".

"No... no...don't pull out". Nicole struggled to get her words out. "I ... like...ohhhh... I like it. Keep going... gently". James gave Marie the signal to release Nicole who was becoming a willing participant. They sat on the couch where Marie caressed his cock with her hands as they watched Todd take Nicole's virginity.

"That should have been mine" mumbled Jimmy next to me. "I should have been the one to break her ass".

"Jimmy, after tonight there will be no going back for you and Nicole. You will find yourself making love to her everyday of the week. In fact you'll probably have trouble keeping up with her now that she's discovered the joy of power orgasms" I explained.

Todd was by now sliding his dick in and out of her lubricated ass at will. Nicole moaned in a way that Jimmy claimed he had never heard. "Ohhh please don't stop Todd" she begged.

"Are you going to cum"? he asked.

"Honey I've been cumming since you slid that massive cock of yours all the way in. I... I can't stop cumming" she managed to get out. Todd then rolled both of them to the side maintaining his hold on her butt. "James" he called to his buddy. "Eat her clit".

His friend eagerly dove his tongue into Nicole's pussy and sipped the nectar out of it. Poor Nicole quivered in shock as wave after wave of mind-blowing orgasms rocked her body. James then got up and slid his cock into her cunt. The boys struggled at first to get into a rhythm but were soon moving in and out in perfect time.

Words are not enough to describe the intense sensations Nicole was feeling as the two men pounded her. The non-stop orgasm had sapped all the strength from her. Cold sweat poured out body as her helpless legs dangled violently in the air. Her mouth hung open but emitted no sound as she revelled in the thrill of having two men fill her up. It was a good 15 minutes before one of the boys announced he was about to cum. The other quickly followed suit and both shot their loads into Nicole's depleted body.

Marie moved onto the bed once the boys pulled out to comfort her exhausted friend. She held Nicole's face against her breasts and asked if she enjoyed the experience.

"Thank...thank...thank you" mumbled Nicole. "It was... breathe... a breathtaking fuck. I owe you honey".

The boys laughed as they put their clothes back on. "We never expected things to get this hot girls. How can we ever thank you:.

"How about great big good bye kisses" answered Marie. Todd approached her while James took Nicole. The 4 exchanged passionate kisses for a couple of minutes and then switched partners for another round of kisses.

I could see Nicole give Todd an extra special kiss. "Thanks for the awesome ass fuck" she whispered as she stroked his chest. "I'll never forget what you gave me tonight" and placed her tongue back into his mouth. Then she stunned everyone by asking him for his phone number. A surprised Todd scrambled to find paper and write the number down.

"What the hell is this" growled my buddy next to me. "I thought this was a one time thing"

"I'm sure she'll forget the number when she gets up in the morning" I reassured him. If she doesn't, you'll have to make her forget this evening ever happened".

"How do I do that". I told him from now on he would have to screw his wife everyday in all sorts of positions. She had her eyes opened tonight in a way she never thought possible and the pressure was now on him to satisfy her new cravings.

The boys left the room and headed home while the girls sat half dressed on the couch. "This was an unbelievable night" moaned Nicole. "I never thought I would take Jimmy's words literally when he told me to do anything I wanted. Christ it was good".

"Do we tell our husbands" inquired Marie. "No way. Jimmy's a little insecure and would never understand. This better stay between us. Marie you have to promise not to tell Eric, even though you two have such a trusting relationship. I just don't know how Jimmy would react. Besides I love him to much to put our marriage on the line".

"You got it" replied Marie as she got up to get her clothes. They showered, dressed and within minutes were on their way back home.

I looked at my watch and realized it was almost 2 AM. "We'll give them a few minutes so they get home before we do" I said. "How did you like it" I sighed looking at Jimmy.

"Phew. I'm almost as worn out as my wife is. The sex, the talk, the cheating! I never thought I could be such a voyeur and enjoy it. You're right, things will never be the same. My marriage has changed, for the better".

I smiled, put my arms around my buddy's shoulders and walked him out. "Let's go see the girls at home. They have some explaining to do. Its time they paid for what went on here tonight". Jimmy was stunned with that comment and wondered what I had in mind now.

To Be Continued...


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